Grandfather Clock Dream Symbol


Grandfather Clock – Grandfather Clocks, as clocks are symbols of time. However, traditional grandfather clocks have to be wound and are, therefore, a symbol of your personal connection with the passing of time. If you dream about the pendulum on a grandfather clock it is a sign that you are wasting time. If you dream about a grandfather clock that is no longer telling the correct time, it is a symbol of losing track of time in an important project.

Check all your calendars for important dates to make sure you are not forgetting and important deadline or meeting. Grandfather clocks might also represent family ties, especially when they are connected to a real life heirloom.

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  1. I had nightmares repeatedly of a huge grandfather clock crashing through the roof of a home and what scared me about it was the imagery of the grandfather clock actually falling over like that. I can’t figure out what it could mean.

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