Grandchild Dream Symbol


Grandchild – Dreaming about a grandchild can be a sign that you need to spend time with such a person. If you have no grandchildren it might mean that you should take a child under your wing and help them along in life as if they were your grandchild. If the dream was extremely vivid and you have no grandchildren it might actually be a premonition of a future grandchild that will be very important to the world or to you specifically.

Grandchildren are considered by many cultures to be the ultimate blessing. They should always be thought about, even if you are young.  We need to keep the world in such an order that we will be proud to hand it off to our grandchildren.

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  1. Jo Ann Goff on

    I know my daughter is having a boy, my grandson, we have been picking names for weeks now. Last night I dreamt we were picking girl names, I was so excited because one name kept sticking out so prominently, Hazel, not a name I would have normally picked, but in my dream it was a special name. Still, we are having a boy!?

  2. I had a dream my Grandson I’m not “allowed” to see was begging me to help him get away from the parents.. (a year ago I had to evict the mom& dad (not my son) & both kids (broke my heart) because they stole ALL my gold & diamond jewelry to support their drug habit… Grandson & I were VERY CLOSE… I’M HEARTBROKEN after this dream…

    • Yolanda BAUTISTA on

      Why, did you evict the children? All it takes is one wrong person to like to kill also. most drug addicts sex traffick their children for drugs. If you knew that the parents were drug addicts, why would you let your grandchildren live with them? So diamond no gold, could have set an alarm for me to throw my grandchildren out. If I found out that the parents were addicts I would have taken custody of the children. Every city has an agency to help grandparents with this situation. Report the abuse.


    I had a dream that my grandson was born…in my dream I’m even writing his birth on the calendar…thing is my daughter doesn’t know what she’s having

  4. I dream of both my grandson and granddaughter falling in deep well bridges veranders any heights never landing sometimes it can happen during waking hours why is this happening it’s very stressing

  5. Miranda Mcgregor on

    My grandmother is dreaming of my unborn son I’ll be delivering him in 3 months she only remembers us being in the hospital and seeing all his hair she never dreamed of my first child usually theyou sayou dreaming of birth means death so I’m worried

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