Graduation Dream Symbol


Graduation Dream Symbol – Dreaming about graduation is a symbol of great achievement in your life. Even if you have never graduated, this sign means that you will soon reach a huge goal in your life and finally ‘arrive’ in life. If however, the graduation is scary in some way, it could mean something different.

For example, if you dream that you are naked at a graduation, it might represent that you are nervous about an upcoming speech or achievement. The best thing to do with these types of dreams is to not let them get at you. Focusing too much on something like this is likely to affect your life more than intended.

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  1. I’m suppose to graduate college this year in healthcare administration and I had a dream that I arrived at the ceremony and everyone has on caps and gowns. To my understanding we were suppose to pick up cap and gowns day of ceremony but that wasn’t true. I was devastated I then went to talk to someone and they said oh you don’t have enough classes so you can’t walk with us. I was hurt so badly and I felt like the people around me I let down so bad. What in the world could this mean anxiety or what… Help!

    • I had dream about I am having my graduation although I already graduated last year, and the graduation I had dream of is very horrible, like we were be having to pass the test which is the survival, and there a 50% chance you will finished that alive or death, then after that challenge, a very very long queue of students marching and I dont know where should I go, because I dont want to be the last student on that very long line. and Im so curious about why does Im the only one who passed the last challenge longer than everybody else, that makes me the last student on that queue? Help!

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