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Government – Government is a symbol of many things. Among these meanings are: law, leadership, corruption, false promises, spying, enforcement. If you dream about the government it is important that you pay close attention to exactly what the circumstances that are present in your dream. If you are a fugitive from the government and yet you know that you have not done anything wrong, then it is a symbol of distrust in your government.

If you are afraid of your government or any of its officials, it is a sign that your government is corrupt and should not be trusted. There was a time when the police could be actually trusted to serve and protect. Not anymore. They are simply a cog in the machine, or at least that is what that dream might mean.

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  1. I’ve had like about 3 Intense Government Dreams so vivid But this last one was very symbolic. So my dream was that my family and I were Hanging out then suddenly we reacted to all the lights going out. The whole neighborhood was blacked out, we all went outside to see what was going on. Then I see soilders, But not Our Typical Green Uniform kind. They all turned on this Genartor Light at the corner end of every block. They all somehow knew what to do, like taking orders from someone powerful On this Huge Phone. We all had phones but non worked. Then i saw that they had a List and I had ask If the Ranch side of Town was out of light too and he Agreed, Then some Old lady tapped my right shoulder meanwhile I was hold a light, purple, torn pieces missing Bible. Then she asked, “ hey darling are you going to use that,” . I replied,”No, you can have it”.
    So I was walking down the street, looking all around, then I was hearing people shouting out 50$-100$ selling their light,food,shelter, ect. It felt like I was in a movie, my heart racing so fast, I can feel my anxiety eating me up. I went back to my house with my family and then I woke up

  2. Bhavana Kharbanda on

    I saw my husband has switched to government job after doing business for 30 years , though he is just not qualified for that.
    In real life ,we are on the verge of separation and he has cheated and dominated me all this time.

  3. I dreamt that humanity was coming to an end. People mutated into monsters and you had to stay inside or the monsters would try to kill you or eat you. Animals also mutated. It was the end of march in my dream and on the tv government officials were warning us to stay in. They said if you breathe the air, we could die or turn to monsters too. Monsters would attack if they seen or heard you. I went outside and the whole place was decayed and there was red skies and green clouds and smoke. I said, maybe the government will say it was all just a prank on april fools. 20 years later, things are just as bad if not worse. we are barely surviving and so i decided to try to find food or supplies. an alarm went off and i started being attacked. then i woke up to my alarm on my phone.

    • Me too!! Exactly that. Last night though i had a dream that government and law enforcement were holding people hostage at a concert. But said it was a false flag. Next thing you know they electricuted a swimming pool full of people and possibly all who attended concert.. Me and some people were in a different pool and all we saw were wires everywhere and corpses

  4. Nichole King on

    I had a dream that I was visiting my friend at her house, and I had to leave to go to the store. So as I left, somehow I ended up downtown on the Las Vegas strip, and it was more packed than usual. The scenario changed from the strip to an event going on inside of a convention center. It was about 5 different black men dressed in expensive fur trench coats ranging from colors such as red, purple, blue, orange, and black. There were police officers, people that were important to the government. I was walking around at first, and the guys in the fur coat kept their eyes on me no matter how far or close I was to them. I was trying to escape them, one of them attempted to grab me but I broke free. So I found an open door that led to this room, because those guys were following me trying to kidnap me, as I entered the room, i saw a black man dressed in all white ( he looked similar to Rick James) laying there on the bed passed out. So I ignored it and went into the bathroom. As I locked the bathroom door, I heard a cry for help coming from a child, so I immediately ran out. The room had changed again to 3 daughters and a mother who was drugged out. She woke up, and said something I can’t remember. But we all left the room together, and ended up in this hallway. We were facing these big bold metal doors that led to the outside. Somehow my friend appeared next to me, and I thought everything was normal.
    There was a sniper in the back dressed in Navy Blue, and shot a man with some sort of needle in his forehead and he fell to the ground, the sniper was pretending to be on our side and be concerned but after everyone started freaking out, he disappeared. Then as we all tried to open the metal doors, a huge explosion came through but we didn’t die. I still ended up outside somehow looking at a couple of SUV trucks, and I was kind of on a cliff.

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