Gorilla Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Gorilla Dream Symbol – Gorillas are symbols of power and nature. If you dream about gorillas then you will have power and status laid before you in the near future. It could come in the form of a job promotion. It might come in the form of finally being asked out on a date by that guy you have been eyeing.

Gorillas might also be your totem animal and secret spirit guide. If you dream about them it is important to know that gorillas are some of the most intelligent and peaceful animals on the earth. They are one of humankind’s closest relatives and have even been taught to communicate via sign language.

Gorilla dreamGorillas are active, over the top creatures almost always on the go. They like to demonstrate their power by beating their chests. When gorilla visits your dreams it can mean you are taking on this behavior. Maybe you have trouble controlling your excitement, or over compensating for nervousness or shyness. Are you acting in an over the top manner? Who or what around you provokes you to act this way? It may be a time to tone your behavior down.

Gorilla can also symbolize the wild side of your nature and suppressed sexual energy when he is running and jumping around. Beating his chest to attract attention. You may need to take action. Have you been procrastinating lately? Do you expect to work hard for success or do you wait for it to come to you? Who or what drives your sexual passion?

When Gorilla crosses your Path

Gorilla can cross your path to let you know you are a leader. You can lead with compassion and kindness, and bring balance to everything around you. You show there are better ways than violence and hurtful words.

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  1. I dreamed that a baby gorilla came up to me in my pasture and then I noticed its family in some oak trees.


    Mine dream was a little werid the gorilla in my dream was kinda destroying property. I saw my cousin in the dream as well , she told me that she doesn’t want to get involved today. I’m not sure why we was trying to hide. The gorilla in my dreams had friends or followers that are people- trying to find me, when they found me.. The gorilla approached me and instantly I felt safe and loved as well as protected. The gorilla in my dreams was trying to turn me into a gorilla as well…. ( I know it’s sounds werid – like it’s some werewolf thing).

  3. I had a dream that I was in some kind of warehouse or the back stockroom for a big wholesale store or something. As I’m walking amongst through the aisles by the racks, I come across a more than typically open rack in which there is a massive gorilla sitting there. There is also 3 other men working just beside the gorilla restocking/restacking canned goods on a pallet in the same rack bay as the gorilla. The gorilla was massive, at least 15 feet, maybe 20 feet, tall and every bit of the proportional weight of the height. He’s not aggressive and the workers nearby seem to not even notice the animal as it calmly watches them. As soon as I come into view of the gorilla it stops watching them and starts watching me as I approach closer and closer. Again, he’s not aggressive, but his size is naturally intimidating especially considering that he is not restrain in any measure. As I pass, now trying to avoid bumping into the stocking workers, I feel a serious pull on my shoulder. I look back and the gorilla has placed a single finger on me to get me to look at him; he offers his finger out as if to say, “hello, shake my finger.” So, I put my hand on this massive finger and the gorilla in turn wraps his hand around my whole forearm. I move my arm up and down with a nervous smile to make a “shake hands,” motion and then turn to walk away. However, the gorilla will not let my arm go; he does let it slide somewhat out of his hand a bit as if he understood that I was leaving, but then grasped my arm once more before I could. Even though he’s only holding half of my forearm now it’s evident that the only way I’m going to be able to leave is if he lets me go because his strength is undeniable. I smile nervously again and nod, but then try to pull my arm away. The gorilla doesn’t pull back, doesn’t grip tighter (he doesn’t need to), just remains there breathing calmly looking me in the eyes…just sitting there intimidating the Hell outta me. The dream comes to a close with me trying to not upset the gorilla, but still trying to pull my arm free while quietly exclaiming to the nearby workers, “Uh guys…a little help here? Guys? Hello? This thing’s got my arm pretty tight. Guys? Help?” And even though I know they hear me and should be replying, they don’t alter their behavior and the gorilla doesn’t either. My life, hanging by an impulse, is at the complete mercy of this gorilla and it’s like no one notices or cares.

    It’s a very disturbing dream, but again, he’s not aggressive and the thing that is more pronounced more than anything (even more than my helplessness) is the gorilla’s calm and powerful strength.

  4. Today I have a dream that I’m the only human on the scene with almost hundreds of gorillas.. I’m on the way to somewhere by road in my bike. as we daily see people on roads side walking gorillas all over on streets like them.. Even I don’t feel anything different and just casually riding.. In the same dream a single gorilla crossed my way and I shouted at it like we normally do to a stranger in streets.. I have zero feel of something strange going on.. I’m the only human and I saw almost hundreds of them WALKING IN TWO LEGS LIKE PEOPLE.. u have any answers for it??????

  5. I dreamed my daughter got snatched by a gorilla while sleeping in a car..I fought the gorilla hard but still he got her..

  6. In my dream I discovered my ex husband and his friend doing drugs and I had to get away from them and I had 2 children and a gorilla the size of a 5 year old child. I was desperately looking through cupboards in a house that was not mine for diapers and supplies to care for them. I carried the gorilla and felt love for it. The children around ages 2 and maybe 7 or 8 were with me as I raced through the house. I’ve never dreamt of a gorilla before and wonder what this may all mean. I am perplexed as I left the 2 year old to run with the older child while I carried the gorilla and felt very protective of it. I believe both children and gorilla were all female.
    I do have 3 grown girls in real life but these were not them in the dream but I was definitely responsible for them all. I had this dream 5 days ago and I can’t shake the feeling that there is something important about the meaning of it.

  7. I saw a gorilla at my fathers backyard trying to forcefully trying to enter tru the back door i was at the door stopping him from entering into the house he finally gain access to enter tru the back door and ran inside to escape tru the front door and he ran away.

    • Hi, Heather! I run the same way in my dreams
      😀 It’s actually funny. When I run like a normal person, I stay behind everyone else and I’m slow.
      But when I put my fists down and push myself forward just like a gorilla, I move so fast… and faster then anyone. 😀
      At the start I have to grab on to the ground or grass or whatever I can and then I become faster.

  8. Danielle N Tharp on

    There is war happening and towns taken over town I’m in to many ppl so start killing us brutally and I’m scared my son doesn’t listen and I’m spending most of the dream trying to find him keep him with me. Gorillas running the street like officers I cant find him it’s after dark. The gorillas are eating people out. I need my son I’m running thru trailer park a gorilla is running toward me and I scream out his name there is a beating and screaming on a window to my left. The gorillas change direction and tear door off I hear screaming and when I get to the door gorillas Run out I’m scared they just ate my son. I walk in my son is scared and is crying I hold him he had peed his pants.

  9. Last night I had a dream their was a lot of gorillas outside my house , thru were all very calm and just eating the grass and being curious about a lot one came inside my room and I was laying on my bed and it approached me calm with curiosity . but in my dream I was scared. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and out of all my dreams this one makes me want to understand more. Please help!

  10. I’m looking through interpretations for what a gorilla might mean for me but most descriptions don’t seem to line up with my real life but then again maybe I’m not seeing something.

    In my dream I was running with a gorilla and people were trying to get to me and finally the people closest to me told me that the gorilla is in my head and it doesn’t really exists. I was given a pill to make the gorilla go away. In the dream I felt odd that I saw something so clearly that wasn’t there but I still felt that the gorilla still existed.

  11. I dreamed that I was laying on the ground and grizzly bear and a gorilla were fighting over me. I gotta away and told everyone to make sure they keep the doors closed so bears can’t get in. LOL

  12. Could really use some help with this one……Last night in my dream, a gentle, unknown male approached me from behind and aroused me sexually. He had all the right moves and it was intoxicating. Just before he was about to enter me, I turned around and realized it was a gorilla! That isn’t even the most messed up thing; although I was slightly horrified, I was also so aroused (like I have never been before) that I couldn’t stop and I let him! Interpretation HELP please! Sheesh!

  13. Demetra Rainey on

    Last night I dreamed that I was at church and this woman came and said do you remember me. I said no. She said OK someone want to see you at the end of the escalator. I walked and looked and there’s a gorilla at the bottom. Then it started to chase me. And I ran to the elevator. Then gotten to my car and the gorilla jumped on my car and busted my window. What does that mean.

    • Anthony Hargrove on

      Just woke up from dream of gorilla attempting to smash my car with huge sledgehammer while I am pulling off. Then gorilla is following or chasing me and my brother through woods but we have a big lead over him. I found what gorilla symbolizes but not being chased.

  14. I dreamed 2 gorilla walked into my room and I was being hugged by the female then when I stopped patting her the male chased me

  15. Last night i dreamt of gorillas crossing the road whlie i was driving a car on a rocky hill side.. The scene was dry and sunny yellowish mode.. They were not aggressive, .. Just that they were crossing the road. Some of them were sitting on the rock.

  16. I dreamed last night that I thought I saw a gorilla–it turned out to be a man holding a toy gorilla in his hand.

  17. I dreamed that gorillas were attacking my city (and possibly the world (at least it felt like it at the time)) and chasing me to my house along with a lion who got in my house. I already know what the lion dream meant (this website is very helpful) but I don’t understand what the gorillas were supposed to represent.

    • Phyllis Baird on

      Did you ever figure out the meaning behind this?That’s almost identical to my dream last night, the gorillas were taking over and I was trying to figure out where to go or how to survive without them attacking me and a group of people with me….

      • 1st i was with friends playing and deeped in a swamp filled with grasss i can say it was dirty though not stinky…. then surprisingly we noticed a white creature.. in the bush.. then we thought it was a white deer or rabbit so we started storning it and suddenly as a way of hunting it down.. but wen it turned looked back at us we noticed it was a gorilla.. and this time it wasnt one … they were upto something like close to 11 or more of a herd.. so we decided to get out of the water and return to a shed nearby surprisingly this time the water had become purely clean.. with no grasss nor papyrus in it..at that moment we were really hungry and starving.. so we headed to the shelter lucky enough we found a house.. in which we got in to with friends.. and noticed various staff (not food though)..that had been left by the owners of the place before they had left..while in the house .. through the window we realised the gorillas coming to our direction and we were really scared.. so i had to lock the door with the help of a friend which was a success.. there after when it was silent..we had to peep to see if they had gone..only to realise they were still around this time but in the mango trees outside the house we were.. so when i tried to scare them away.. they left the trees freeeing into the wildernesss… but leaving mangoes behind falling offf from the trees..its the same mangoes we had to feast on

  18. Britannia Jones on

    I dream that a gorilla was at my bed room window trying to get in. He wasn’t mad or anything he was looking at me and I was looking at him. I went to get my daughter and showed her that a gorilla was at my window and that’s all that happen.

  19. I dreamt last nite that a gorilla was encircling my house . It was constantly looking at my house and walking peacefully but with curiosity .
    I was watching all dis from behind the curtains of the huge windows that my house have

  20. My dream seemed to last all night and was very vivid and real. I was in my home in the woods. I had the home tore down but I still own the property. There were gorillas raging in the yard in a frenzy around the yard. A toddler gorilla was on my hip in human clothes. I was afraid and tried to take it back outside but was seemingly frozen in place by this toddler gorilla. I’m not leaving….. but no word spoken. First dream ever about gorillas and I don’t dream as often anymore dream due to a sleep disorder.

  21. I dreamed that I was interacting with a deaf female gorilla. Often she and I would press cheeks to one another as I would talk, as I did not know enough sign language, but this seemed to help her understand me. We were very comfortable with one another and a strong bond developed immediately between her and I. Afterwards, her caregivers and I spoke about how intensely this female gorilla and I had bonded, and I pleaded with them to hire me to be a caregiver of the gorilla. They eventually consented.

  22. Thanks for the explanation about gorillas symbols. I had a very clear dream. I was Walking on east europe (I live in Brazil) and Saw an orthodox church. I entered interested in take a picture. Suddenly I felt a hand on my arm. It was a man, wearing a gray glove. And looked like a cartoon character. We spoke english. (I speak Portuguese!) I Said: I am from here. (My family is Romenian and I am orthodox) He said. Lucky you! When I started to follow him dozens of strong and excited gorillas was on the right side. There was not Walls between us. They were under some rules and couldnt atrack me. Suddenly I flew across the church above them and entered in a room. There was a boy about ten years. We were in a deep hug and I was crazy craying. He said. Stop sister! I have no siblings. And woke up. Amazing isnt?

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