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Goosebumps – Goosebumps are either a symbol of fear or coldness. If you dream about having goosebumps because you are cold, it means only that something cold is about to happen. See Cold. If you dream about having goosebumps because of being afraid it could mean two things. The first and most common is that there is a fear of something happening, especially regarding another person.

Perhaps you fear that you will be attacked in some way by another person. These are many times true in character, but not in reality. In other words, while a person might be creepy, they probably will never hurt you in reality. The other thing that this dream could be is that you could be in real danger.

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  1. Had a dream about sleeping in my younger sisters bed, I heard laughter and felt cold, I stood up sitting on her bed, looking across to my grandparents bed, (we share a room and I sleep on the top bunk while my sister on the bottom) and in the hed was my sister, mom and grandma. I got goosebumps and felt a cold, unrelaxing feeling. I felt breatheless and terrified. I wanted to be in the conversation but they kept making small talk, laughing, and looking up to the ceiling, I felt that chill again as if someone was next to me, staring but no one was so I ran to the bed where they were, blinked fast because I was so scared, and was in the same room but the lights were off and my sister, mom and grandma were tucked into bed. I desperately swayed my grandma to wake up because she was in the corner not by the wall and told her to wake up. (end) –Then my alarm clock went off for school and woke up shivering but I was hulled up with my polar blanket.

  2. i had a dream that there was a truck that had just delivered sand and bricks at the office, so when i got inside the building i found my older sister standing by my office door so i went closer by and she was talking to some guy who had occupied my office as a bedroom and she was helping him pick an outfit but there was a very deep voice that i kept on hearing also commenting, so i turned to my sister and asked if she could hear the voice too and she laughed and said it was the guy’s baby boy talking. when i looked where she pointed out there was a baby the size of a 2litre bottle but boy did he have a huge head, it was actually scary so i was like ok lemme go back from where i come from cause you guys are sick to call that thing a baby (pointing at this weird looking baby) and as i walked away i had this terrible goosebumps that even had some white things sticking out on my chest like black heads. pls assist on the meaning of this dream

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