Goose Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Goose Dream Symbol – Geese bring feelings of joy, contentment, hunger, love, and surprise. They can visit your dreams to remind you to listen to your intuition. It is a time when you should follow your own instincts. Geese can also symbolize friendships and life partnerships bringing messages that you are loved and never alone. Family and friends are important and you spend many happy hours in their company. Maybe there are issues or arguments among friends or family.

Do you need to spend more time enjoying the company of those you love?

A flock of geese in flight foretells of an omen you need to be prepared for. Something new is about to impact your life so you had better get ready. It can also mean your current approach to a situation needs a new perspective. If you continue in this direction you will take yourself on a ‘wild goose chase’.

goose dreamPeople who love their home and gardens can have a goose visit their dreams. You may be a single female of independent means and goose has come as a warning. Be careful about who you let close. Watch out for ulterior motives in others they may be cultivating your friendship by creating illusions. It can also mean it is time to take time out. Relax. Take a vacation.

Dreaming of a fat goose can be a sign of success and prosperity, or that any trouble in your life will resolve. It can also symbolize eating in excess, and seeking praise and silly compliments. Have you been eating too much lately? Do you care too much about how you look? Do you have a balanced view of yourself?

Seeing goslings or a goose egg in your dreams, may mean you have a new family member arriving or you will enjoy the company of young spirits. This does not necessarily mean you are having a child. It may be a new pet will join your household, or someone around you has a new baby or pet you can spend hours enjoying.

Alternative Meanings

Geese, like ducks are a symbol of abundance and prosperity. Geese are commonly used in stories and fairy tales laying golden eggs and otherwise being certain bringers of prosperity. To dream about a goose is a very good sign that something big is going to happen in your life for which you will have every reason to celebrate.

If you dream about eating a goose it is a sign that you are going to enjoy very happy family circumstances.If you dream that you are hunting geese, it is a sign that you are on the right track to success. If you dream that you have caught a goose, it means that you have success in your fingertips.

When Goose crosses your Path

Goose crosses your path to remind you to look deeper at the direction in which you are heading. If there are many frustrating challenges along the way, this may mean you need to change directions to find another way.

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  1. Rosie Davidson on

    I dreamt that l was given a peaked cap to wear l was happy smiling trying it on until it looked just right it was a shade of purple there was a little gold colour on it and it had 2 emblems of flying geese on it …….
    I wonder about the meaning

  2. I dreamt that I needed to go check on my Geese that were in an elegant room that was hardly visited or known about. I opened the double doors and one was on each side sitting in a large disk with eggs underneath. These geese were very large and loving and felt like the were guarding the entrance of this grand room. I woke up happy but never dreamt of Geese before.

  3. I dreamed that i was walking in a river like animal sanctuary with children, along the way there were turtles and other reptiles that i can’t quite remember, also tiny little foxes or dogs almost like puppies and we were collecting them. Along the way i seen a goose but it was just the head and the neck and i think it was dying, and considerably more further ahead of our walk i seen it’s headless body searching for its head we wanted to help it but couldn’t.. Im curious as to what this could mean

  4. I had a dream that there was a gray venomous snake inside a house, the kids were playing in the livingroom and I was nervous the snake would bite them because we didn’t know where it was hiding. Then one of the small kids walked behind the couch in between it and the curtains. So I told the kids not to do that. Then I saw the snake behind the curtains. We let the kids out as we were leaving the house. I opened the door behing me and saw the snake was right there so I opened it more and stepped aside, letting it out of the house. The snake then rushed out and instantly bit and killed a goose right outside the door.
    What could that mean?!

  5. Had a dream that a romantic interest of mine was putting a jigsaw puzzle piece into the curved neck of a goose..and the puzzle piece fit perfectly into that spot on the neck of the goose and blended in with the color and plumage of the goose so it no longer looked like a puzzle piece. The gooses neck was completely turned into a u shape pointing down. What does this mean?

  6. Lucy Ghattas on

    I had a dream that I had a very affectionate and loving white goose as a pet. The goose loved rubbing up to me for me to scratch it’s neck and chest. Like a pet dog except it was a very big white goose!

    • Me too. There were two of them but one was so loving and adorable. I could hug it and kiss it. I wonder what does it mean. The two geese were in my house both flying and the affectionate one liked to come to me for petting, hugs and kisses and it liked to do the same to me.

    • i had a dream in which my girlfriend was a goose. Did something happen to your relationship with your boyfriend soon after your dream? it might be revealing for my own dream!!!

      Thanks for your reply !!!

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