Goodbye (Farewell) Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Goodbye (Farewell) Dream Symbol – Dreaming about saying or experiencing a goodbye can have a devastating impact on your life if you misinterpret it. For this reason, it is very important that you not give too much weight to dreaming about a goodbye, just as it is important not to give too much weight to a dream about death. Dreaming about saying goodbye is generally only a sign that something in your life is going away.

The problem is that you might dream about saying goodbye to your father and it is really a sign that he is about to sell his vehicle. These dreams are reliable only in one fact: something in your life is going to leave in the near future. What that something is almost impossible to decipher except in the most vivid cases.

Farewell Dream Symbols

Saying farewell to someone in a dream can mean you will soon hear some bad news about people you have not seen for a while. Being happy farewelling your lover is a message letting you know new people will soon come into your life. Saying farewell to good friends means there will be a success in business affairs. Saying farewell in a dream is a strong indication there are major changes coming into your life. It can also symbolize giving up old habits that do no longer benefit you.

For young people, farewelling your parents is a sign that you seek greater independence. It can also mean there is a serious illness or grief on its way into your life. Parting ways with a good friend or a boyfriend is a sign of disloyalty and mistrust. Saying farewell to older people is a sign you feel guilty about not having given up a habit that is not good for your wellbeing. Having a farewell party can symbolize that soon something achieves success and comes to an end. It is a time of celebration and new beginnings.

Hearing your lover bid you farewell tells you they have great loyalty to you. When you say farewell in a dream this does not bode well. You may lose someone from your physical world. Hearing farewell in a dream can mean you are walking away from the tough things in your waking life. This can be a message you need to stay and take responsibility for your actions in life.

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  1. My dream was I was crying because I was leaving and I said goodbye to a monkey, but this monkey in the dream loved me very much and was heartbroken that I was leaving. I dont have pets. And my goodbye felt very real

  2. I dreamed about my celebrity crush(he belongs to a kpop group) waving goodbye to me. We were about to ride a helicopter when he jumps off and waved goodbye to me. I repeatedly told him to come with me but he just stands there waving his hand and then disappeared. The way he disappeared was he turned into a big bubbles or transparent balls and then *poof* no more.

  3. Emma meadows on

    I had a dream about saying goodbye to an ex lover that will always hold a piece of my heart but we can never be together in the dream we were both upset but he had to go since my goodbye dream I have not seen or heard from him what could this dream mean it’s been pulling my heart strings for months now

  4. I dreamt about saying goodbye to my mother, I was on my bed but I couldn’t see, I couldn’t move. It wasn’t me but something that was saying I was going to die in a whisper sort of voice. I remember I would get small strength telling her to wake me up it wasn’t me. There came to a point where it started laughing. So I woke myself up by pure will. And when I woke up she wasn’t there. So I searched up what it meant and now im kind of spooked.

  5. Notemba Kanyiwe on

    I dreamed there was a huge farewell party in my honour. There were many people some of whom I knew and others were strangers but everyone was dressed to the 9s. It was lavish and merry, people wishing me well and saying beautiful things about me. And I was there…

    • I dream about having to bid goodbye with an ex lover. We were on the same bus then when we got to a station, we both went out of the bus then bid goodbyes to each other.

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