Goodbye (Farewell) Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Goodbye (Farewell) Dream Symbol – Dreaming about saying or experiencing a goodbye can have a devastating impact on your life if you misinterpret it. For this reason, it is very important that you not give too much weight to dreaming about a goodbye, just as it is important not to give too much weight to a dream about death. Dreaming about saying goodbye is generally only a sign that something in your life is going away.

The problem is that you might dream about saying goodbye to your father and it is really a sign that he is about to sell his vehicle. These dreams are reliable only in one fact: something in your life is going to leave in the near future. What that something is almost impossible to decipher except in the most vivid cases.

Farewell Dream Symbols

Saying farewell to someone in a dream can mean you will soon hear some bad news about people you have not seen for a while. Being happy farewelling your lover is a message letting you know new people will soon come into your life. Saying farewell to good friends means there will be a success in business affairs. Saying farewell in a dream is a strong indication there are major changes coming into your life. It can also symbolize giving up old habits that do no longer benefit you.

For young people, farewelling your parents is a sign that you seek greater independence. It can also mean there is a serious illness or grief on its way into your life. Parting ways with a good friend or a boyfriend is a sign of disloyalty and mistrust. Saying farewell to older people is a sign you feel guilty about not having given up a habit that is not good for your wellbeing. Having a farewell party can symbolize that soon something achieves success and comes to an end. It is a time of celebration and new beginnings.

Hearing your lover bid you farewell tells you they have great loyalty to you. When you say farewell in a dream this does not bode well. You may lose someone from your physical world. Hearing farewell in a dream can mean you are walking away from the tough things in your waking life. This can be a message you need to stay and take responsibility for your actions in life.

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  1. Arianna Briggs on

    I dreamt that I was in school in my science classroom, there was me and two of my friends in the room with me. My friend or (lets call her Jenny bc I don’t want my friends name out there) Jenny touched my arm to get my attention, she looked at me and said “AJ I have to leave, this is my last day so I need you to take care of (lets say Claudette) take care of Claudette, take care of your boo. She needs you, I need you, please take care of her. I have to hurry, good bye AJ.” Jenny turned away and seemed to walk downwards into the ground as if there was a staircase into the floor that only she could see. She disappeared into the floor and then Claudette came over and leaned on the table and said, “Okay, now, what homework do you need help with?” She seemed to lean towards me, she didn’t seem to know she was doing it though, she leaned towards me as if she was a tired hiker and I was the tree she was leaning on to rest.

  2. I have had three dreams in the past 10 years about loved ones and saying goodbye to them in my dream. The last dream which was just a couple of weeks has me very puzzled. The dream consisted of sitting around a table giving my aunt a hug and kiss. Walking over to my uncle and giving him a kiss on the cheek. I left the residence I was in to catch a flight in a very futuristic type vessel. I also saw parts of a vehicle m uncle loved in this dream as body parts on me. Within three days I received a call from my cousin telling me my uncle had passed away. I had not had contact with my aunt, uncle, or cousins for approximately five years and had no idea my uncle was in bad health. The previous dreams were similar but the dream when my mother died involved feeling get nudged during my sleep. After the third aggressive nudge, I awoke thinking I was getting assaulted. A few moments later my sister called telling me our mother was almost dead. I drove for six hours in time to say goodbye to my mother. I had also had an estranged relationship with my mother. I can’t help but feel these were clear messages from somewhere, prompting me to take action. How is this possible and what does this mean?

  3. In my dream i was in this place that looked like a very advanced high school. Im currently 19, i graduated at 17. Now in this dream my brother was in this class. I opened the door to tell him i was leaving. I never saw his face. Only a chalk board and a wall blocking the rest of the class. I said, “I’m leaving , are you coming”. He said “I’ll be here, I love you sooo much goodbye” just like that. I started to walk away but i was like wait “I love you with all of my heart!” . Then i went off to leave & drink with my friends . The interpretations i’ve read so far are saying he’s going to pass away or i’m going to lose something . Can i get a better/deeper interpretation?

  4. Justine Saayman on

    Can someone tell me if my dreams of my ill grandmother mean something more.

    My grandmother is terminally ill having spent 5 months in a hospital bed with more complications. She asked to let us go so she can be with God, but she pulled through. Barely.

    She raised me as an infant into my childhood so we have a very close bond.

    My dreams of her are often news of her passing but recently I had a very happy / sad dream. We were on our way to the airport in a very great rush, she was catching a plane, to go live with a very good old friend again and she told us she isn’t coming back home. In the airport we gathered around just the many grandchildren she has as my mother and aunts and uncles stood back. The grandchildren including myself embraced her and just held her saying goodbye. I remember holding her so tight, telling her I love her so much and to please not leave me. I couldn’t let her go. Even though I knew had to. I held her for a long time just crying and saying nothing after a while. My other cousins soon left one by one but I stayed holding her until she said it’s time for her flight. I cried a lot and the dream turned into being in the car watching the plane take off. I woke up crying again and they feel so real. Please can someone give me advise on my dream

  5. I’m not sure mine was a dream or what it really was. I was laying in my bed to what I thought about to fall fast asleep. Plain as day it startled me and immediately opened my eyes. I heard a male voice in my ear say goodbye. No one but me was home. What could this mean or represent???

  6. I had a major major crush on a jerk back in college. He knew that I loved him very much but string me along. I guess I was to naive, vulnerable and lonely at that time. Found out on the eve of my Finals that he has a girlfriend and want to introduce me to her.
    I cried for hours, psycho myself to focus on my Finals and came in First Class. We lost contact and he suddenly called me one fine day….when I was already engaged by then.
    Weird thing is, I just dreamed about him after 20 years saying a long, teary, wreaking goodbye to him. I think part of me want to bury this unrequited love and my brain is telling me to move on.

  7. My dream started out by my father acting like he didn’t know my family and he took the house from us and made us move out. I tried to tell him that he couldn’t do that to us but he clearly didn’t care. My whole family was there and I had to say goodbye to all of them. And when it got to me saying goodbye to my favorite niece I broke out into tears and when I woke up I was still crying. Someone please explain

  8. I just woke up and this dream was very beautiful. In fact, it was so beautiful, I cried when I woke up. I was in a winter cabin with these other people but weird thing was that I didn’t know them. I’ve never seen the looks of these people in real life nor have I met them yet in the dream, it felt like I knew them so well. All of use were baking cakes and making desserts for this party we were having. I remember laughing a lot and smiling. I remember a couple of times some of us got locked in parts of the cabin and like it wasn’t scary or anything, we just laughed. Towards the end of the dream, we were all singing songs, and we all kept saying goodbye to each other. We sang songs of goodbye and I felt myself wanting to cry in the dream but one guy came up to me, rubbed my back and said “Hey, don’t cry, we still have cake to eat! ” Everyone else saw this came to comfort me. That was just too beautiful to me. I felt myself waking up from intense emotion of wanting to cry but before I woke up, I don’t know what kind of cake we were making but damn it look so good. There was banana creme pie and cheesecake I think! But yeah that’s my dream, sorry if it’s so long.

  9. I fell in love a guy and he is Muslim we loved eachother every much, until his parents separated us and forces him to leave the US back to him country to forget me, it’s been 2 weeks that he has been gonna ans just last night I had a dream of me ans him walking in a museum and he has looked at me with a face I never seen before on him and he was saying goodbye to me with tears I woke up with tears ans i was really sad. Later on that day I went to work. On my third break I was walking with one of my co-workers outside to get some air till I look at my phone and I had so many messages from my sister, I seen the first one ans it was a photo of him in his engagement suit, I froze and my heart dropped completely ans i broke down in tears, the goodbye in my dream meant that he was getting engaged and well of course get married soon. He had an arranged marriage waiting for him.

    • My grandfather came to me in my dream. He was laughing and was giving family members money telling us to go on adventures, vacations, and to spend more family time. That he didnt need the money where he was going. When he got to me he had the biggest smile on his face and hugged me so tight and said he loved me and was gonna miss me so much. He looked at me smiled n said goodbye and walked away. I was crying hysterically in my sleep and I woke up doing the same and couldnt breathe. I dont understand this dream because he’s alive and well. Someone please help me to understand this dream.

  10. I dreamt that a person who is mentally disordered was waving his hands towards me and trying to tell me that he will never come back and instead i was trying to stop and give him some food but he just left away and i stayed there and kept crying. Its hurting me alot..

  11. Last night l woke up in tears l sat beside my son with my arm around him and in my other hand a pen l was writing a letter to my family telling them lm sorry but this is goodbye as l am dying l know my dream started with something and someone else but thats the part l cant remember but l know it bought much sadness thats when l became the focuss

  12. I had a old boyfriend I lived with 17 years ago, and was an alcoholic (which is why I left) appear to me in a dream, which was the current time frame (I was in my Jeep) he came up to my open passenger window and said “Hi Baby, I wanted to tell you how very sorry I am the way things turned out, I still love you, but have no other choice but to say goodbye.” I woke up on a frantic crying state and after a week, I was able to get in touch with him. Via text he told me he was ok, but it was a text, He said we would get together for lunch, but it’s been over a month and I have not heard from him. I have yet to see him or hear his voice. When I woke up, I was terrified that he had died.

  13. What if it’s a goodbye that you’d never see them again and you guys hug and kinda cry a bit because in the dream you’re really good friends but in real life you never talk to them aren’t friends at all and haven’t even seen them in a while?

  14. I had a dream where I was with my sister and Mom and as we were leaving the store, I saw my ex near the entrance chatting to someone. Now I tried to ignore him like I usually do, especially since my sister and Mom hated him the most. We didn’t have a bad break up or anything, we actually stayed pretty good friends for a while, he and I were close even after the breakup until we drifted apart so I personally didn’t have any hard feelings, but when he noticed me he said he had to talk to me. Now, recently I found out he was leaving to join the marines, so in my dream I knew it was about that. We stayed together and talked privately and reconnected on what had happened since we drifted apart and then he was hugging me and taking me back to the car. He said goodbye, but told me he missed me and wished we could’ve stayed friends like before whatever made us part and then I woke up.
    I found it weird on how realist it felt, and especially since it was about him leaving for marines. Lately I’ve been having more and more dreams of him and it’s I usually either him missing me, or him reaching out to fix what happened between us, not romantically but our friendship, but this dream just felt left me feeling like I had just spoke to my old friend.

  15. I dreamt that I was saying goodbye to one of my teachers bearing in mind she had already left a couple of months ago and I was quite close to her. I dreamt that she was in her classroom saying goodbye to other students and I ran in to find that she had her bag on and was just about to leave, she then said that she had a message for me and she whispered “Thank you” to me and I woke up…

  16. I had a dream about my old love and me where we were far apart from eachother and were messaging eachother then called and she started crying and i was telling her ima always be there for her if she needs a person to talk to then i woke up wen we hung up..what does this mean?

  17. Kimberly Hull on

    I had a dream where I was saying goodbye to my boss. In my dream I said “I’m going back to new York now” (my boss in my dream was my real life boss, and I live in new York. So I’m kinda confused) in my dream my boss and I were close as I cried when we hugged and said goodbye. As we hugged he said “if you ever need anything, let me know” when I woke up it felt so real. Anyone know what this could mean? I’ve never had a dream like this before.

  18. i saw a dream where i met my ex for minutes along with my friend in some cafe where he shows his hands with mehndi and said now he realises why we get apart, he is ok in his married life, and asked me when will i get married and asked my age, i replied and thn in few minutes he left the place avoiding me went out, stayed downstairs in order to see my face i hesitated to show my face, as i was angry from inside still not recv4ed answers to my questions nor did i dare to show my love and real feelings to him. i stand stiff and then he escaped, may i know what this dream represent. it just keep my eyes open after that.

  19. Yesterday,I had a dream my best friend and her sister were visiting but in that dream both of them were in their childhood that I saw in his childhood photo before. And, I’m not changing a bit they were the only one changing, going back in their childhood. After that I came out to say goodbye wit a smile they also leave.

  20. Yesterday,I had a dream my best friend and her sister were visiting but in that dream both of them were in their childhood that I saw in his childhood photo before. And, I’m not changing a bit they were the only one changing, going back in their childhood. After that I came out to say goodbye wit a smile they also leave. I find it really strange….. What is the meaning of this?

  21. In my dream I was in middle school (I’m an adult now) and it must have been the final day of school because there was a dance I was avoiding attending but I rode my bike around the school saying goodbye to my old classmates. We knew we would never see each other again but what I was experiencing was not sadness but almost pride in knowing these kids would do well in life. (A little backstory to clarify, I hated these kids in school. I was picked on by the students I was seeking out to say goodbye to.) but in my dream they looked at me with pride as well as regret like they knew what the teasing had done to me

  22. I had a dream of what I dreamed last night. I dreamed that I was told my in laws that some lady wanting to see my husband because she had something to tell him and say her goodbyes to him. So we were in a 18 passenger can going where she lives to visit her not knowing she’s been sick. While going to her home we were passing a field and the only thing on that field was a big tee per looking thing that was smoking out of nowhere all we seen was smoke coming from it. So I asked my father what does that mean cuz he’s and indian and he’s like she passed away. So my husband and In laws started crying. We did make it to her home, talked to her husband. He asked if my husband could do a presentation/memorial service for her at class she taught at a college.

  23. I dreamt my Dad was saying goodbye in a loving tone of voice (he is still alive). I was sat on the grass brushing frost or smoke (wasn’t sure which it was) off a bed of white daisies. I said goodbye back but I did not want to turn around and look at him.

  24. I had a dream that my grandmother was standing in the rain. I asked her what wa she doing here and she begins to tell me that she done all that she could do for us. I felt helpless and just wanted to hug her and cry. She told me that she loved us but she didn’t need is anymore. Please give me some insight

  25. I had a impact with a guy I new and he said at the end of my dream gobye but I did not no what it meant then I woke up it was weard.

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