Good and Evil People in Dreams – What They Mean


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Dreaming of people who are good or evil can represent the different sides of yourself. Dreaming of evil people can symbolize the negative part of your personality. This can be about your negative thinking and challenging situations that continually arise in your life. Evil people can represent your fears, jealousy, hatred, and guilt. These may all be things you need to face head on to deal with once and for all.

good-and-evil-dreams Dreams of evil people can also mean you feel there is someone out to get you. That you are the target of someone or something dangerous that intends to hurt you in some way. These types of dreams can even reflect your evil intention or feelings towards someone or something. Who do you feel this way about?

If you dream you are evil, this indicates you know what you are doing is wrong. It can also mean that you feel guilty about something you did to someone else intentionally. You regret that wronged them on purpose. You may need to make amends. Ask for forgiveness.

Evil people in your dreams can also be a sign of your addictions. If you have powerful addictions this can be a warning this is a time to address them before they destroy your life.

Dreaming of people who are good represents the opposite side of your personality. The side that represents kindness, love, compassion, and helping others in need. This type of dream can indicate the value you have for helping others. You have a passion to help make the world a better place through doing good deeds. You are always willing to help when someone calls your name. It may be that within your circle of friends and family you are the first person they call when they help because you are always there for them in a time of need.

Alternatively, dreaming of good people can represent your recent laziness or lack motivation. It is a time to get moving or you will miss out on important life opportunities. If you have lacked initiative, it is time to find your motivation or you may fail. Get up off your butt and start auctioning those plans living in your head.

Dreams of good people can represent your dedication to the commitments you make. You may not like to let others down and stand by your word no matter what. This type of dream can also symbolize the emotional commitment you make in your waking life. Dreaming of good people symbolizes that you understand there are things in your life that take more effort to achieve. This can mean you selflessly dedicate yourself to others.

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  1. I dream of a place where you can see a lot of bad people it looks like hell and people told me to go out cause I don’t belong there my dream is really vivid and its continuously going , and in my dreams on my way out someone came with me and I said he shouldn’t go with me and then he insists to go out we are flying in my dreams so I think we are kind of angel in my dreams. When I got out I went somewhere that people know me but I don’t and they started talking to us but I can’t remember what it is, and as I see that someone came with me is starting to learn about flirting and then he got a girlfriend until they became engaged and in the end of my dreams at his wedding and someone came too and it’s his another fiance turns out the ladies know each other. I tried talking to him about what he did and explained that it’s a bad thing . We suddenly in the river swimming and that’s the last thing I remember. In that dream I was a boy and in reality I’m a girl. I wonder what my dream about .

  2. I had a dream of myself good and bad the good one was talking to bad one the bad one had black eyes . I woke up freaking out. And prayed

  3. I dreamed in early Morning, A woman is having with something.I am unable to see whole body.Just seeing in “Sharee” only legs”Black and ugly like old woman or evil woman”.
    I don’t know what is it?

  4. This means you might do something terrible you do not wish to out of anger ,pain or a strong unclean emotions. This dream requires massive spiritual exercise of 3days dry fasting praying the book of Isiah 54

  5. I had a dream of evilness in my school in my dream i was selfish , coldhearted, and i didn’t care about everyone and then some evil guys tell me to fight with them and kill everyone so i says :” yes, im bored ” , so then we started to kill everyone and then i saw my crush and then she yelled at me and call me a monster and a killer and the evil guys look at me say look what you did to your friends and they left and j started crying and felt guilty but also started laughing and then my crush call me monster again and i slapped her and kill her and i wake up

    • this inticates you will encounter bad influences of peers which can lead you in jail. And at they end they will forsake you when there is trouble

  6. I had a dream where i was surrounded by my friends at a house I bought and we were having a party/ gathering since i was pregnant but ready to burst. It got dark outside and really cold. Someone evil floating was calling for me and i went outside with some friends and others looked through the windows….Then it got creepier where the evil person pointed at me and saying “I want you. I will have you. You are mine and only mine.” I started to get chills as the evil person said this. My friends pulled me inside the house and one stayed behind to stop them from coming closer but that friend died immediately. Once at the door of the house, I turned to shut the door and something in me just stopped me and i was frozen as the evil person floated towards us. I tried to close the door but i was stuck. I couldnt hear anyone else behind me until the evil person got close to the entrance, stopped didnt even try touching me. The evil person then said “I will have you and you will be mine. I am coming for you.” I then was able to lift my hand up without even touching the evil person I was able to push it away from me and close the door and i just kept my hand on the door. This entire dream really freaked me out because all my dreams tend to be warnings of something. I have had dreams where i was warned about something like an ex cheating and it was all true every time. This dream felt so real though.

  7. I had the same dream except I was fighting the evil and everyone that was helping me fight was there when the one we where fighting told me that I was evil.

    • This means you might do something terrible you do not wish to out of anger ,pain or a strong unclean emotions. This dream requires massive spiritual exercise of 3days dry fasting praying the book of Isiah 54

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