Goldfish Dream Symbol


Goldfish – Goldfish come in many varieties, but the most common is used as a feeder fish and is easy prey. Despite being a good, low maintenance and easily replaceable pet, goldfish are symbols of bait and easy prey. To dream about being a goldfish is a warning about protecting yourself.

Dreaming about buying a goldfish is a warning against a bad investment or potential purchase that will lead to loss rather than gain. To dream about flushing a goldfish down a toilet or having a dead goldfish is indicative of a loss that is better to have now than later. Do not rely too heavily on goldfish in your life.

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  1. I had a dream I was in a pool of water and my sister spilled gold fishes on the side of the pool… they were all layer out in 3s so each group of fishes, there were 3 gold fishes. She and my dad suggested to put the fishes in the pool I knew it would killed them so I ran out and I try to find buckets or cups of some sort my sister hands me a bucket with holes…. I then take these plant cups (made a mess) and ran to the hose.. I told her to vacuum but didn’t specify and plug it in I wanted her to vacuum the dirt … she killed some of the gold fishes idk why she thought to vacuum the gold fishes but mind you there was still goldfishes that were still alive that needed water …. I woke up when I stopped her and I saw a half dead gold fish had fallen in the pool.

  2. I dreamt of being in the ocean and I found a certain goldfish I don’t know why but it talked.. Anyway I befriended it and got emotionally attached to the goldfish and I decided to take it home and NY the time I got home the goldfish died I started crying in my dream and by then I woke up I started crying when I woke up because how much I loved the goldfish

  3. I dreamt a huge goldfish came out of the toilet because the toilet over flowed. And it was still alive. In the dream I thought it was a bright light coming out of the toilet but as I got closer I saw a huge goldfish and it just poured to floor with over flowing water.

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