Golden Retriever Dream Symbol


Golden Retriever – This breed of dog is one of the most loyal and adaptive of all breeds. The golden retriever can be a seeing-eye dog or a cherished family pet. If you own or have ever owned this breed of dog, you will know this. However, the dream may have a more personalized meaning for you.

If you have never owned one of these dogs, this dream almost always indicates a fiercely loyal companion. It could be a friend or the loyal companion of a friend. Depending on your particular situation, golden retrievers can be a good omen to proceed towards a goal with a trusted friend.

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  1. What does it mean to dream your in a field of brown grass with a long walkway towards a golden retriever barking

  2. A golden retriever was trying to harm a baby in his mothers arms while that mother was seated on a swing. I was trying to protect the baby. That baby seemed to be ill and was pale, as if the baby was filled with water. There were two people standing besides me and one of them was holding another baby of the same mother. But the other baby was very healthy, chubby and fair. First I was holding the ill baby and then I handed back that baby to its mother and I held the healthy baby.

  3. This was real life not a dream, I went to the park just to be around nature and soak up the chi and I spotted a beautiful golden retriever across the park from me. As her owners walked round the park they came near the bench I was sitting on and I heard them call her Sophie which is my name! We laughed about it but I feel there is some deeper meaning. It is Autumn right now, the season of change and the trees are beautiful right now as they shed their old leaves and prepare themselves for the rest of winter. I feel right now I am doing the same, shedding my leaves in order to grow and change, which I’m embracing

  4. I dreamt that my boyfriend presented me with an adorable golden retriever puppy for us to take care of. We do not currently live together, but he is the one I want to share my life with. The puppy was very playful but docile. I am curious what the symbolism might be.

  5. What does it mean when you dream about a giant Golden Retriever dog you never met liking you so much it curls around you whenever it sees you and falls asleep as if you were the most comfortable teddy bear in the world and wouldn’t let you go home to eat dinner???

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