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Goggles – Goggles are representative of eyesight and there are many types of goggles and each type represents something specific. Goggles that you might wear in a swimming pool or while swimming in the ocean represent the ability to see clearly where otherwise you would not be able to see at all. The element of water plays a part here.

Dreaming about night seeing goggles represents a different aspect of seeing in a place where you would otherwise not be able to. In general goggles are a warning that there is something coming up in your journey that you need to be able to see, but can’t without the right frame of reference. For this reason, you need to be extra careful and pay attention.

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  1. My dream involved entering a nice cafe to grab my swimsuit and weird, huge goggles off a wall hook. Yeah, I would say other dream here means don’t let your emotions cloud your vision, there are many options/spokes to achieve your goals?

  2. This dream symbol has me stumped. The swim goggles showed up sitting on a dresser and where full of water. The dresser was bumped and the water spilled out. Also it was a U shaped house with curved walls and rooms like spokes from the center. Houses are a repeated dream symbol of mine but never round.

    Im intuitive so I see better with my eyes closed. Maybe there are emotions (water) that I will be able to see with assistance (goggles).

    The house was beautiful and interesting but also a mess. I couldn’t figure out if it was abandoned or just not kept up. So I guess I’m a beautiful, interesting mess. This is true but what do the googles represent- don’t know.
    Any input?

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