Goddess Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Goddess Dream Symbol – If you dream about a Goddess it can have a number of implications depending on your sex and your personal beliefs. For many women dreaming about a Goddess, it can be a sign of empowerment and acceptance of your feminine nature.

goddess dreamsThis symbol can be very inspiring as it symbolizes wisdom, guidance, physical beauty, and your sensuality. It is important for you to look at the different qualities that is within the Goddess and see if you have any matching traits.

The Goddess is a symbol of a woman’s power and ability to bring life into this world. Worshipping the Goddess was one of the earliest forms of human religion as people used to worship the power of the Goddess. The Goddess is still a powerful image that exists in all of us today. Any woman who gives birth has the power to bring life into this world, a miracle only women can experience.

Goddess Dreams

Goddesses can have many meanings. They can represent good and evil. A goddess in your dream refers to your feminine side. A woman dreaming of a goddess is reminding you of your femininity. This is also a sign you are thinking about motherhood in some way. Are you thinking of starting a family? A man dreaming of a goddess can symbolize your fear of women and all that this means. It can even refer to your relationship with your mother.

Dreaming of worshipping a good goddess is a sign of your compassion and how you treat the people in your waking life. You may be someone who likes to help others. Worshipping an evil goddess is a reflection of the terrible way you have been treating others lately. Have you been cheating or lying to friends and family? Have you been self-centered only concerned with yourself? What is making you feel and act in this way?

A dream of a goddess is a sign you are protected. It is a reminder there is always someone watching over you. Do you feel as if the universe always takes care of your needs? This could be an intensely emotional time. This type of dream is a reminder to let you know you are not alone.

Venus and Aphrodite – Both of these Goddesses are symbolize love and fertility

Diana and Artemis – These are both symbols of hunting and natural instincts

Minerva and Athena – These Goddesses symbolize clear thinking

Ceres and Demeter – These are symbolic of motherhood,

Juno and Hera – These are symbols of partnership

Sophia – The Goddess is symbolic of wisdom that you have around others

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  1. I’ve had a few dreams where I met the Goddess Cybele. The first one had a certain quality about it, different to my other dreams, impossible to forget. At first it felt like one of my normal chaotic dreams, jumping from one thing to another. A friend was missing in real life and so in the dream, she was missing in the treetops. Funny; she liked to get high in real life too. Suddenly I was walking downtown and observed another friend going into therapy, I had no idea that the friend was truly seeing a therapist at the time. Then a booming voice rang out, shaking the walls and getting louder until the entire place came down. I opened my eyes and I was outside of a door. Two lions circled me and led me through the door into nothing but blackness except they and myself were perfectly visible. Before my eyes, the two lions morphed into two completely hairless men who immediately had their way with me. Afterwards I blinked and I was in a neighborhood in an oval shape surrounded by houses with no road leading out. I was on my knees in the middle, a park like area. The lions approached and circled me first, then she came wearing a long red dress in an almost greek style. Her hair was a light brown that flowed and swirled in non-existant wind, against the sunlight the hair looked fiery. I could do nothing but bow low. There was a feeling that’s so hard to describe, like a mixture of all things possitive that one person can have to another, turned up to 11. She didn’t touch me, she only smiled and turned away with the lions trailing behind. I didn’t want her to go, it felt like a rejection. I noticed which house she was headed to so I got there first, it was empty with light streaming through the swirling dust. She came through the door and smiled again upon seeing me and I kissed her. Then I woke up.

    I had another dream of her when I was at a cross-road in my life. I found myself in a whirlwind and terrible images flashed, sirens blazing from cop cars, mental trauma, wondering with no purpose in life. Then I found myself sitting at a desk with a classroom of students. I was done with my paper while everyone else was still working and I knew I got all the answers right, so I proudly made my way to the front of the class. On the way, this one guy started making fun of me and I said to him “I’ve worked too long and hard for this to let you bring me down.” The teacher stood up and I handed the paper to her, and when I looked up into her face, I realized that she was Cybele, those feelings flooded back in and she smiled at me warmly. Then I woke up.

  2. I was in my bed and the mother of the moon goddness comes to me and she had one arm up around the back of my neck rubbing her fingers up and down the back of my neck while she was sterring into my eyes I felt safe and her other arm on my thigh laying there I was in all taken by her beauti I felt warm and love and when I woke up by my wife I could still see her though my wife i only could see her until my wife got up and toach me what dose that mean

  3. Last night I had a dream I was running away from my dad who was chasing me as if he were a cop. I ran and hit and in my position he was trying to catch me because i was a Joker. Yes from the comic. and I ran up these stairs towards a temple that looked odd because the stairways were dark but towards a room were lit candle. I ran in and to my left, if you search up an apsara, a angel goddess in the cambodian culture, that is how the goddess looked like. with the crowns and gowns. However, she was GREEN like a dead grass green. I felt so afraid of that sight of seeing a dead goddess lying on a platform with candles lighting up the whole room. I thought this is where they preserved the Goddess, or as I call it the Apsara. I was so terrified of that sight I ran down and confronted my dad why I ran towards him. He later went to check the room and said that it was no big deal, he knew it was our religion’s goddess and he isn’t afraid of anything that looks like that. I was afraid of that sight and woke up and kept thinking that’s bad news.

  4. I had a dream that I was a goddess holding hand to another person , a man. I looked up to him and I see a white energy ball go back and forth from my hands and arms and to his arm and hands while we were stand up holding our hands to each other face to face…

    Wonder what that means ?

  5. I dreamt with Hera last night- she was a fresco on a ceiling above me and my partner it was a dome. Colored light blue, from the middle of her chest two lighting strikes traveled across the dome one east, one west. Without fear I just explained to my partner “oh that’s Hera” “funny she came by to say hi”

  6. Year after year I have a dream of being lost in a forest and calling out for help it always feels so real I keep on getting Chased by something or someone after some time I see a clearing and when I look at the sky the is a full moon, I then see a goddess with light blue skin and dark blue hair and she was wearing a dress the same colour as her, she is floating gracefully with her hair all over the place she always has this peaceful yet creepy smile and she always tries talking to me but I either dont hear her or I dont understand her.

    • Recently I had a dream where a goddess was leading a group of women including me wearing swirling blue robes in steaming small pools just floating. I had a feeling of serenity throughout

  7. I had a dream that i was running away from a group of men who were trying to abduct me. It was then that i stumbled upon a hekate “castle” with her statue in the front. I went to take shelter there but upon entering all i saw was several children being sacrificed so others could feast upon them.

  8. Katya Barcenas on

    I was about 4 months pregnant and had a dream I was running away from death as I stepped on skulls and skeletons. I climbed on top a antenna tower trying to get away from people who were trying to get me. I ran and ran towards a temple and climbed the stamps to the temple and went inside and then she stood , a goddess was talking to me in my mind handing me a newborn baby boy telling me hes mine and to take care of him . Then my current boyfriend arrived in my dream and he was dirty as if he had fought his way up to the goddess temple to meet with us . In my dream I felt I didn’t want him and I pushed him away with my mind and the goddess told me to keep him that has mine . She handed us our beloved baby boy .. 1 month later in real life I figure out I am pregnant. 3 months later after that the goddess visited me but she was floating in the air and she was white and I couldn’t see her face . She spoke to me in the mind again and said come to me don’t be afraid . I was afraid to walk towards her she was the light.. my mother in law was behind me telling me to not be afraid of her .

    • Manisha Nandy on

      I had a dream that I was living in an apartment very next to a sea and a disastrous tsunami flood came for twice. Many people died. First time after the tides were down and went back to the sea, I went to the scary desolate sea shore alone and found a very beautiful goddess like women walking down the shore too who moves like air with her airy long hairs and when she moves very pretty anchanting music comes like the pure soothing music of wind chime of crystals. She didn’t noticed me when I saw her. But I was so soothed by her beautiful sight that I went to her and asked her to trust me and become my friend and come to my home for shelter as tsunami is happening outside and people are dying and dead bodies everywhere. I told that one of my neighbour also got drowned and died. She came to my apartment which was among the top floors of the high building. She told me that another tsunami weave is coming and this time it is more bigger that the last one. She came to my apartment and told me to stop the elevator and shut all the windows and doors and told me wait patiently. I was so much afraid about what would about to happen next. The killer tsunami weaves came and this time it almost reached the sky overlapping my apartment building under water like an underwater aquarium. Water rushed inside the building breaking everything but accept my apartment. Not even a single water drop came inside. There’s some energy oozing from her. It felt I was so safe with her. But lots of people died. When the weaves went down, she smiled at me and told me that it’s over and safe to go out and then she dissapeared in the air. I was shocked but calm. I came out of my apartment. That was it. My dream was over. I woke up and saw sun rays of morning coming through the side gaps of my room’s window blinds.

    • I had half of your experience, my dad was chasing me as if he was a cop. I was in a position of seeing myself as the Joker from the comic. I ran into the forest and found a stairway that was dark leading to a room lit with candles. I ran in and on my left i seen a green bodied dead/sleeping goddess. I felt frightened that I left and when I woke up my first thought was that, that’s where they preserve the dead bodies of our goddesses.

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