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God Dream Symbol – To see God in your dream can have a number of implications depending on your own beliefs and religious background. Universally, God is a symbol of a greater power that is in control of the world and our destiny. It is a sign of a power that is out of our control and influence.

In Control of Our Destiny

Since God is viewed as someone who is in control of our destiny, dreaming of God can indicate the desire to let go of the pressure and stress that you have in your life.

You may feel that the amount of responsibility and burden you have is overwhelming you and you need to abdicate that responsibility to someone who can handle that pressure. Sometimes accepting that things are simply bigger than us is the key to dealing with uncertainty that the future holds.

A sign of Benevolence and Goodness

god dreamsAnother interpretation of this dream is that God is a sign of benevolence and compassion, willing to sacrifice himself so that people around him may live a better life. Dreaming about God can indicate that you have a sense of compassion and sacrifice inside of you or it can indicate that you need more of it in your life.

Perhaps you need to do some volunteer work or help out with a family member who is in need. Your dream may be letting you know that you need to focus on people around you.

A Symbol of Judgement and Forgiveness

God is also a symbol of judgment. Dreaming about God may indicate that you are worried about what other people may think about your life choices. You might have made some decisions in your past that you are not proud of today.

Alternatively, seeing God in your dream may be letting you know that you don’t have to hold on to your guilt anymore. By seeking forgiveness you can help clear your unconscious mind of the burdens that you are carrying around.

God can often be seen as life itself and the bringer of life. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…” Dreaming about God can often indicate that within us there is a creator and someone who can bring life into this world.

Christian Interpretation of God

Dreaming about God can often be a reflection of your religious beliefs and emotional feelings that you have towards God.

If you see Jesus in your dream it can be a reminder that someone else is in control of your destiny. While you may feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, there is a great power that is looking out for you. He is there to take care of you and will help you along your journey in life.

Sometimes God can appear in dreams of those people who have turned their backs to religion. This could be a gentle reminder that even though you may have forgotten about Jesus, he has not forgotten about you. This is something that can be taken as a sign that you need to rekindle your walk with God.

Seeing God in your dream may also indicate that you have lost your way in this world, and need to find yourself again. Maybe you have been making choices in your waking life that you are not proud of or maybe you have been only focusing on making money and not your family.

Whatever the case, it may be a good time to take a step back and look at your priorities in life and see what is going to benefit you the most.

Alternative God Dream Interpretations

When God visits your dreams, it can reflect how you feel about spirituality and religion. It can also represent an obsession with perfection or try to achieve something beyond your reach. Are you trying to reach unattainable goals? This type of dream can reflect your own struggles to reach perfection. Maybe you need to change the way you see.

Seeing yourself praying to God symbolizes you feel sorry for the negative things you have done. Do you regret the mistakes you have made? This may be a time to make amends in some way. God speaking to you can symbolize you may have feelings of regret. What have you done to feel this way?

Dreaming that God has blue eyes is a sign he is your spiritual guide. It is an affirmation of your deep love and connection to God’s wisdom and love for all living things. Is much of your life spent helping those who have difficulty being heard?

Seeing yourself as a God is reminding that you have the potential to achieve whatever you desire. You just need to try. Have you been too lazy to get out in the world to take action? It can also mean you may think you are better than others. Do you think you are superior to those around you? Are you in the habit of looking down on those around you?

Dreaming of God praying and saying your name, or the name of someone close to you can warn that you need to check that everything is in order in your life. It may be a time where you should go to the doctor for a physical checkup. This could be a sign of illness so you want to deal with it straight away. Being blessed by God brings the unexpected luck of some sort to your life. This could be a reward for living your life with integrity.

Seeing God watching you from a distance and he does not come up to you can mean you need to take care. Be wary of doing anything wrong for there are those who are just waiting for you to make a mistake. Beware of someone close to you who is manipulating you for their own agenda. When God points to something take note of what he points to. It could be he warns of bad luck if what he points to is dark. Or, it could be good news if what he points to is bright and light like the sun.

God can represent positive and negative influences in your life. To get a better understanding of your dream take notice of how he behaves and communicates in your dream. Talking to God on your own can warn there are those who gossip behind your back. There may be those who are masquerading as friends to cheat you.

Getting angry with God and trying to prove yourself to him can warn there are difficulties at home. This could mean there will be unpleasant events such as a fire or a break-in. This can be a warning to stay close to home. Do you have personal home security?

A dream that features God is a message to take notice of your intuition in relation to the things that happen in your waking life. This could be a time you reassess your goals and dreams, and you may even change your lifestyle.

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  1. Irene Cvietkovich on

    I had a dream of being chased in my car on Christmas Eve and I had a bad feeling that something was going to happen to me on my way home from work before I had the dream I had many signs warning me to stay home but I didn’t and I ended up getting chased and I crashed and totaled my car

  2. Thandi Mombedzi on

    My name is Thandi.

    My drean was seeing a face drawn in a cloud and the month on the face was talking but I could not hear what was said; then after a face the a palm of a hand drawn as well and I was busy talking to someone in my dream about those gesture I was seeing and the last thing I saw a snake killing other animals around there on the earth and destroying everything then I woke up. Can I get interpretation on my dream please. Thanks


    I often know the meaning of my dream, like Joseph in the Bible, and am seeking your interpretation because I like your gifted hobby.

    I found a job and was noticed by the Director of the company on the first day on the job. He was interested in my insights about a new product for the company. I explained to him about how I saw the world with creativity. The next day, I found my product – balloons for adults – in the sky outside the sky scraper. I was contented. Then I went into my office and found that someone, more creative, had stolen my ideas and was creating the job I started. I was dismayed and wanted to resign. I felted cheated. As I tried to pull a straight face and bid goodbye to the wife of the director, she said to me, “Just work.”

    I recognized the wife was my real life mother and the director was my real life father. Unlike someone I know, who would have left the company, I heeded my mother’s advise and felt a sense of relief from the pride (a sin) I always had.

    I woke up and felt so much love for my dad and mom and God, because now I really see the sacrifice they make and continue to make for me, so that I may become the best version of myself in real life.

    Did I miss out anything? I would like to hear your interpretation @StephenKlein. Signed happiness

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