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God Dream Symbol – To see God in your dream can have a number of implications depending on your own beliefs and religious background. Universally, God is a symbol of a greater power that is in control of the world and our destiny. It is a sign of a power that is out of our control and influence.

In Control of Our Destiny

Since God is viewed as someone who is in control of our destiny, dreaming of God can indicate the desire to let go of the pressure and stress that you have in your life.

You may feel that the amount of responsibility and burden you have is overwhelming you and you need to abdicate that responsibility to someone who can handle that pressure. Sometimes accepting that things are simply bigger than us is the key to dealing with uncertainty that the future holds.

A sign of Benevolence and Goodness

god dreamsAnother interpretation of this dream is that God is a sign of benevolence and compassion, willing to sacrifice himself so that people around him may live a better life. Dreaming about God can indicate that you have the sense of compassion and sacrifice inside of you or it can indicate that you need more of it in your life.

Perhaps you need to do some volunteer work or help out with a family member who is in need. Your dream may be letting you know that you need to focus on people around you.

A Symbol of Judgement and Forgiveness

God is also a symbol of judgment. Dreaming about God may indicate that you are worried about what other people may think about your life choices. You might have made some decisions in your past that you are not proud of today.

Alternatively, seeing God in your dream may be letting you know that you don’t have to hold on to your guilt anymore. By seeking forgiveness you can help clear your unconscious mind of the burdens that you are carrying around.

God can often be seen as life itself and the bringer of life. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…” Dreaming about God can often indicate that within us there is a creator and someone who can bring life into this world.

Christian Interpretation of God

Dreaming about God can often be a reflection of your religious beliefs and emotional feelings that you have towards God.

If you see Jesus in your dream it can be a reminder that someone else is in control of your destiny. While you may feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, there is a great power that is looking out for you. He is there to take care of you and will help you along your journey in life.

Sometimes God can appear in dreams of those people who have turned their backs to religion. This could be a gentle reminder that even though you may have forgotten about Jesus, he has not forgotten about you. This is something that can be taken as a sign that you need to rekindle your walk with God.

Seeing God in your dream may also indicate that you have lost your way in this world, and need to find yourself again. Maybe you have been making choices in your waking life that you are not proud of or maybe you have been only focusing on making money and not your family.

Whatever the case, it may be a good time to take a step back and look at your priorities in life and see what is going to benefit you the most.

Alternative God Dream Interpretations

When God visits your dreams, it can reflect how you feel about spirituality and religion. It can also represent an obsession with perfection or try to achieve something beyond your reach. Are you trying to reach unattainable goals? This type of dream can reflect your own struggles to reach perfection. Maybe you need to change the way you see.

Seeing yourself praying to God symbolizes you feel sorry for the negative things you have done. Do you regret the mistakes you have made? This may be a time to make amends in some way. God speaking to you can symbolize you may have feelings of regret. What have you done to feel this way?

Dreaming that God has blue eyes is a sign he is your spiritual guide. It is an affirmation of your deep love and connection to God’s wisdom and love for all living things. Is much of your life spent helping those who have difficulty being heard?

Seeing yourself as a God is reminding that you have potential to achieve whatever you desire. You just need to try. Have you been too lazy to get out in the world to take action? It can also mean you may think you are better than others. Do you think you are superior to those around you? Are you in the habit of looking down on those around you?

Dreaming of God praying and saying your name, or the name of someone close to you can warn that you need to check that everything is in order in your life. It may be a time where you should go to the doctor for a physical checkup. This could be a sign of illness so you want to deal with it straight away. Being blessed by God brings the unexpected luck of some sort to your life. This could be a reward for living your life with integrity.

Seeing God watching you from a distance and he does not come up to you can mean you need to take care. Be wary of doing anything wrong for there are those who are just waiting for you to make a mistake. Beware of someone close to you who is manipulating you for their own agenda. When God points to something take note of what he points to. It could be he warns of bad luck if what he points to is dark. Or, it could be good news if what he points to is bright and light like the sun.

God can represent positive and negative influences in your life. To get a better understanding of your dream take notice of how he behaves and communicates in your dream. Talking to God on your own can warn there are those who gossip behind your back. There may be those who are masquerading as friends to cheat you.

Getting angry with God and trying to prove yourself to him can warn there are difficulties at home. This could mean there will be unpleasant events such as a fire or a break-in. This can be a warning to stay close to home. Do you have personal home security?

A dream that features God is a message to take notice of your intuition in relation to the things that happen in your waking life. This could be a time you reassess your goals and dreams, and you may even change your lifestyle.

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  1. hi i’m only 14 years old going into 15, and i remember having a dream when i was young around 7 or 8 . i saw god on a golden brick road and i picked up a flower on the side and gave it to him. what does this mean? i still wonder to this day.

  2. I don’t find that any of the interpretations fit my dream and time when I had the dream. Because a lot of the interpretations sound like there generally speaking for adults. I was about seven at the time I dreamed about god . and he wasn’t far from me he is right next to me. Its god but the only image I have to see of him is a blanket,Robe.,some sort of sheet. He has no hands no feet and no face there is no image so to speak. Its only a few minutes long this dream I had. We walked together in the sky I asked “why can’t I see your face”? God spoke and the voice I heard inside my head. God said”when its your time you will, now wake my child.” And I woke up. The sun shining on my face peeking in through the blinds and I had the feeling of happiness complete peace and no worries..
    I believe in god and to be honest the need for interpretation may not be needed. But if there is an interpretations for this I’d like to hear it.

  3. Alicia James on

    I had a dream last night that I was in the back yard of an old place that I used to live. While I was there, I witnessed a brother and sister arguing about wings, i then turn around to my dead mom that had passed away 7 years ago to tell her that both siblings were arguing from the previous day. The brother was upset because he wanted to see who was collecting a pair of wings (I am unable to confirm where the wings came from), however, at that very moment while they stood there arguing a bright light shined from the sky with the pair of White wings, White cloud surrounded by White doves. I immediately said to my dead mom that i was going inside the house to get my phone to capture this beautiful scenery, after going inside I wasn’t able to locate my phone. The irony to it was that my phone was in the pocket of my shorts that I had on, after I took it out to take the picture. I was stunned by what my eyes came across, there in the sky right above me a man standing tall as a giant beside the cloud with the doves and the wings in a white robe opening his arms. I took my phone to take the picture but was so shocked I could keep focus to get the picture but i just stood there and look at this man. I woke up from my dream due to the sound of my alarm. I wish I was able to see more of what was actually happening. But, this is my second dream regarding Christ as my first dream happened 2 weeks ago where I went to church and I was there speaking to God trying to receive the Holy Ghost but I was not sure what was going on inside me, however service ended and I went home. Later that night, I went to bed and had a dream at the exact spot that I was laying in bed that I started to call out Jesus name and shouting Hallelujah, within minutes of this action I felt a force over me and I started speaking in tongues for a while tears flowing from eyes. A moment after I felt so calm and relaxed and went back to sleep in my dream woke up for work immediately after.

    I must say I was once a christian, I fell off track and lost my way, however, I have being pursuing back to start my journey with the lord. The world that I am living in is not good for anyone and with this I want to be in good faith and regroup with the Almighty. The journeys that I have been through in my life, I just know that being with God and having him renew my spirit will be the best decision that I will ever make in my life.

    I ask for prayer and guidance while I make my transition back with the lord.

    • I had a dream last night that *god* told me to leave him , he will be the one to cause my early death. I kept asking questions like how is he going to kill me. Are you sure? How do you know? Very strange dream.

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to share dream interpretations with us. Im sure I speak for others when I say it can help a lot just having an idea of what they mean. I had a dream about the end of the world and god last night. It was really vivid and it woke me up once just to go back into it. But anyway, I remember driving down a highway that was over a large body of water. The sky turned dark gray, it started to rain and thunder intensely, and then all of a sudden, we drove off of the highway, the car slammed into the water, the windshield caved in as water rushed in and then I woke up. Then I went back to sleep to wake up in a city where it was still dark and raining. I ended up in this building where a few higher beings (I don’t know if it was god and angels or just angels but they gave me a gift of some sort. I remember looking at what was in my hand and they looked like some ancient beads or teeth (I really don’t know which). And then I had ended up back in the city. So from there I remember going to rundown buildings, fires caused by the lightning, and any disasters I came across and these beads fixed what was happening. That’s all I remember from this dream but I remember having a similar dream a while ago where I was almost like an angel that did work here on earth. I would get messages on my phone about who to go to and from there, I would witness something bad almost happen to them and I would save them or I would go to the people who prayed and I would help heal them. In both dreams, I felt this sense of fulfillment and love. The first dream very well could’ve been a result of my depression getting bad lately but usually those sort of dreams don’t have happy ending or positive outlooks to them. This one did. Once I got past the part where I “died”, there was only positivity. Thank you again for your time and help. It is very much appreciated. Every night I’ll wake up with a dream that I ponder on all day long so it feels good being able to actually ask somebody

  5. I just dream today that god appear in the clouds then i see him , then he throw me some candies , something like that . And then i get some candies , after that i eat one candy that he throw .. and i believe i can wish for that candy because it from god .. can u help me what is that mean ?? Thankyou

  6. Ms. Warrior/God child on

    Hello, I just had a dream today about 4 am something this morning… I woke up and just told my mom this vision/ dream felt real like others vision…This my 2nd dream about God eye watching over me…So in my dream I was looking up at the sky like I always do in real life and in my dreams…So as I looked up the sky turned dark clouds was turning black grey and some white rolling mixing together…Then I was walking and a Tumbleweed with fire on it fell from the sky really fast and hit the ground near me almost hitting me then I say what the hell and looked up didn’t see nothing but dark clouds and started back walking and I took 2 steps and a huge Tumbleweed fail with fire right in front of me and caught my pants on fire of them and I had to hit my legs to put the fire out and again I said what the hell and looked up
    The sky was dark and I see fire on top of the clouds and the clouds rolled back and God huge eye appears and his eye was brown and change to this beautiful blue I never seen
    And he looked at me and started looking around at people Everybody was still driving and walking doing what people do and all of a sudden his pupil of his eye changed to fire red and he was pissed So me and other people about 4 or 5 of us looking we took pictures I was crying It came out of nowhere uncontrollable crying this happen in another dream as well He looked at me again with his red eyes but I don’t know if y’all know this but on the other side everything is bigger huge on the other side The Relm and his eye was right there huge like Bam I see you and I know you see me I woke up and knew time getting shorter time almost up and I’m not going to put no time frame on this this but it sooner Amen God bless You all (repent daily)

  7. I had a dream last night. Saw a god and went on my knees to bless him and respect him. And got up walked into the church and weaved a big basket. Came out perfect. Then saw one of my aunts making a basket also. It was really weird dream

  8. I had a strange dream where I can’t remember what happened before I heard him. can’t remember if I saw him or not just remember him telling me “you need to pray to the moon”

  9. may I know what is meaning of my dream…just yesterday night….I saw god…angry in the cloud forming his blue eyes and lips saying something..!with the thunder and ligthning around the cloud mix with the light…!a lot of people hear his voice including me…everyone scared and immediately kneeling and and asking god forgive us….while every one scared about it the thunder/lightning continued..on the top of the mountain man appear and holding a stone.. and rise it…since the man too far from us we could not see what is written in the stone….the god start talking and read the word written in the stone…!!and its just only the 10 commandments.. with the loud voiced and thunder and lighting around the heavens every one so scared except…!!!everyone saying forgiveness ..and crying…while I’m only kneeling and say “god forgive me for everything I did in my life and thank u for everything u made in life…”
    I never feel scared over his loudly voice..and thunder around the cloud…I can explained the weather becoZ around the blue eyes and lips only could see a forming cloud..and around the cloud u see the brightness of light like the sun….and after the light is a thunder..then I wake up…wat those mean…the man who have a stone rise by hand and the 10commandments that god saying to us …plz answered me….thank u

  10. in my dream I was walking in the front street of my house and I see a statue of god that looked like he had his arms by his chest and I started to float off the ground and the statue starts shining brighter like the sun and I felt my heart beating fast and then I woke up

  11. I had a dream last night that I was in the middle of a war. People were scared and running for their lives and one kid saw me together with his father he was chubby an look like a 6 yr old kid and he told me to ride in his bike so he can help me get out of the messy and crowded place. So I went with him and thank him that he just saved my life! He drops me off somewhere safe and a lady welcomes me wearing a long silk robe and hug me instantly he announces the death of my husband and I cried and she was there to comfort me. And then suddenly I was out walking on the road surrounded by rice field when my mother sent me a message announcing that my daughter is also dead! And she said she has a message for me and suddenly Jesus Christ appeared with a blurry face and surrounded with fire he is walking towards me with his hands open like welcoming me, and I felt this weird emotion and I woke up crying! So I was just wondering what the dream means.

  12. I dream about God last night, and i was so very emotional about it. In our house there is a bunch of people praying and i saw my mom praying too, afterwards God just appear and i saw his his reflection and has white lights around him and he just go to my mom and he put his palm in the top of the head of my mother while my mom is praying and then after that he went to my place and he just hug me and put his palm in the top of my head and i feel so emotional and joy, i was about to talk with him but there is no any voice coming out with me and makes me feel bad and just then he disappear and i woke up because mom just knock on my door just to say goodbye because she will go to work, i thought it was real but it was only a dream and i am so happy because of what i have dreamed last night. #WEJUSTONLYHAVEONEGOD

  13. The very last time I never forget when I dreamed about God was last two years, I could feel the light feeling of emotions. I was flying in the universe, it’s pitch dark, stars were far away they just glitter then I saw a door. It’s not that far away from me and it was like I was heading there. The door comes with bright yellow color that shines the door around it. I also dreamed a lot about Him. This time, I was asking Him why He didn’t just made me an angel? That why was I an angel and a human. I felt I was crying. I would fly in the mid air then will slowly got back on the ground without physical hurt. Then after a bit of talking to Him in the daylight, I walked home at night time running from small snakes and a bit of cats following me. Scared and Confused and I even thought that I made Him angry because I asked Him that..or no. I SHOULD GO BACK TO MOTHER JERUSALEM..

  14. Paola Montoya on

    I had a dream i was at a beach with my family and friends and it was so beautiful there, the sun was setting and the ocean was gleaming with the sunlight. All of a sudden a tsunami started to form, we all got scared.. It grew pretty high but then it fell to our feet, didn’t hurt us. Then as the water hit the shore, a large black hand went back into the water. We all got stunned and shocked and scared, in disbelief of what we saw. Then 3 figures,
    all walking towards us, they all approached us from the water, they were walking on water (probably more figures but these are the ones I remember): a figure shaped as a human (man) but instead of having skin, it was the sky, blue and clouds with no face. And there was another figure, a black rock like earth man with moss growing from the cracks and looked wet like rainforest black rock and i remember being afraid of that one. My mom shook the sky mans hand, smiling, not scared at all while i ran back a little bc of the earth man, (he scared me for some reason, maybe bc he looked dark and scary) there was also an elephant (3rd figure) walking toward us with flowers and vines on him and butterflies flying around the flowers. They all left after a min of being there , as if they just wanted to show us their presence. I look back at the back at the water and they were gone and as soon as they left , i remember someone saying “no one’s gonna believe us” those words felt so weird bc this was really someone unbelievable.. We look up tje bible verse on the beach and i remember the number 5 but i don’t remember the verse. I started crying bc i was in disbelief and happy and sorry that i could ever doubt God, as if i knew for sure this was him. And then i woke up…

  15. Angelica143lodii on

    I dreamed that I was standing beside a church. Only that I see was a church and a wall and I was standing beside it. I saw that a shining spark/ maybe star getting inside a church. After the spark, I saw a man getting out and I just knew it was God followed by the people inside the church. I just have looked at him and it looks like that he doesn’t see me. They were just walking on the other side of the way and I’m on my side. Does it mean that I am getting away from him? Does it mean that I need to pray?

  16. Last night i saw god holding the hand of one of his angels looking at me while they walked past me once i saw him i imediatley woke up. Please i NEED to know what this neans.

  17. i dreamt of burning witchcrafts i prared till fire from heaven burnerd them…then i saw someone from heaven dressed in white his eyes were hot red like he was crying…i bowed down for him calling him God…i asked forgiveness on behalf of people

  18. Jordan Romer on

    I had a dream that I was looking for god and there was a whole bunch of people just walking. I could see their face but I didn’t know who any of them were and someone was with me, but I have no idea who that was. I came to a man who looked normal and asked him if he was god. He didn’t say anything, but somehow I just knew it was him. I was about to talk to him, but that’s when I woke up.

  19. What’s the meaning of a dream featuring a false God? Where I was in the dream was a real chaos, creatures ruled the place and when we rebelled, we fought these creatures but when we were about to win… The sky opened, clearing the clouds and a godlike voice spoke to us, congratulating us and promising a land of paradise on earth. We soon got in a unusual plane, we were seated by eating habits, if you eat this you go left, if you eat that you go right, it looked like a maze inside that plane. We were being walked by God itself and I was the last one to seat so I talked to him, I felt something wasn’t right, so I wrote in a piece of paper what I though about him, that he was a false God, he laughed about it but I know I was right. We got to the end of the maze, I lied about what I eat so to get to the end of it and sat near other people. When we landed that was it. We had to survive by ourselves in this advanced civilization near seashore, where everyone was rich but us, and we were giving a deadline.

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