Goat Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Goat Dream Symbol – Dreaming about a goat could mean several things, but the most common meaning is that of abundance and mirth. Goats are commonly associated with feasts and spectacular parties. This may come from the faun of Greek mythology, but it is more likely that this comes from the ancient uses of goats and what they actually meant to their herders and owners.

Goats can survive on little, so that even in a bad year the owner of a goat would still have fresh milk and meat. This historical meaning of goats has remains in the social consciousness of the world and is a big reason why goats remain popular to this day.

Further Interpretations

goat dreamingGoat is capricious, sure-footed climbing rock faces one would think impossible to climb. The message may be a warning of a person with an unstable character around you. They are probably fiercely independent but are moody and unpredictable. Maybe it is you. Who around you is easily irritated? How does this affect you? How can you change this?

Goat brings messages of change. That it is safe to traverses new beginnings surefootedly. It is a time of inspiration where you welcome change. Alternatively, goat can bring messages from your dark side and, if you dream of riding a goat, it can mean an unexpected passionate meeting will surprise you.

Dreams of goats can bring abundance when they are happily grazing in their pastures. Goat can be letting you know that if you save money you can have success, but you have a generous soul giving freely to others. Maybe it is a time to show yourself generosity. White goats symbolize good luck, bringing happiness and joy. Black goats bring problems and negativity to your life. But, dreaming of a combination on many black and white goats can mean great fortune is on the way.

Dreaming of a goat standing high on a mountain rock can mean you will have many challenges on your life journey, but you will overcome any obstacles with surefooted focus. It can also mean that while you love deeply, your relationship may be going through an unstable phase.

When Goat crosses your Path

When goat crosses your path it is a message of new beginnings. It is a time where you should trust your intuition to move forward.

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  1. I was at some sort of a celebration (not sure of it was a religious festival, a family friends’ Name Day party, or Orthodox Easter) and some people I didn’t know, who were probably in my parents age group 65+, had a polystyrene box. In the box they had a white baby goat cub with brown spots. These people were about to sacrifice this poor baby goat. The goat cub was screaming and I was really upset and thinking “please no!” The dream ended and my feeling was that I was quite upset and just feeling devastated about this act. I didn’t end up seeing the goat being sacrificed as that’s all I recall from the dream. What does this dream mean?

  2. I dreamed I was in my living room and a goat with a black face was walking on my walls. so strange. Any comments are welcome

  3. I dreamed about having a really hard time with stomach pain so I went to the bathroom and I started my period and I asked my friend to hand me toilet paper and there was blood clots all over then I started to push out a baby and in the dream I didn’t know I was pregnant and I was like great I’m having a baby but scared at the same time. I pushed out a baby goat and it was light brown with little horns, little beard and the eyes where those little black slits and in my mind did I give birth to a deform baby or a demon but it was helpless and it wanted nurse and it tried but I was having a hard time breast feeding it then I laid him down a he fell asleep and then I was in awe. Dreams are so weird it felt like a nightmare tho.

    • My dream goes like this:

      I am together with two of my closest friends. We were walking then suddenly one goat crosses our paths. My Friend A and I avoided the goat. But the goat chase my Friend B and it also hit her. What does it mean?

  4. Had a dream that a black male goat was being raped by a slightly bigger male goat, don’t remember the color. What could this mean?

  5. I had a dream that the goat was gifted to me and i loved it. The goat inturn loved me too and i knew this as it would never leave my side in the dream. BUT, the goat i ddreamt of was white in colour but had only half the skin. The rest was flesh colour but he was NOT bleeding anywhere. Please help me know what that means?!!

  6. I dreamt I had a pet goat I had to tie up before I left. It was wearing dorky clothes. I hate goats in real life.

  7. What does it mean to dream a goat (the color I don’t remember) eating on a yellow inner bark of a small tree trunk?

  8. Hi,
    Last night I had a dream of two black goats in my house and both were sitting down and not aggressive but one of the goat was very tired and thirsty so I gave a bowl of water which the goat consumed it rapidly.Can any one throw light on this dream as Iam very anxious to know
    Thanks in advance

    • LDarius Whetstone on

      Wow I just dreamed about the same thing that blew my mind when I read this I dreamed about 2 black goats in my living room with glowing white eyes at night time not aggressive just walking around then I woke up out the dream but funny thing is I woke up out my sleep in my dream to see what was in the living room

  9. last night I dreamed that my friend bought a goat holding in his hand when I touched I had grown to a height of camel could you please help me to get rid of this meaning

  10. I dreamt of a white goat. I was upstairs looking out of window and the goat hand a positive vibe, and was trying to show me something but I didn’t want to go out in the night

  11. Ashley Hiraldo on

    I dream of a black n white goat on a mountain top ready to run forward n it was giant n the other one was white on top of the other side of the mountain ready to run forward also n I was standing in the middle of them stuck n could not move no where. can someone help me what it means..

  12. David Okach Ungom on

    I dreamt last night like i found my white goat beared a young one near a church which is closely to the school, recently i started to took it and putted in a car of my State Deputy Governor.
    Fortunately, the man started to move while there was no brake available in a car. So what does that dreamt means?

  13. I had a dream that i was talking to a black billy goat and then we started kissing. Its abit freaky cause it fidnt feal wrong

  14. I dreamt of goat dragging horse forcefully and not just 1 but in 4sets. What is the meaning of the dream? In real life is it possible for a goat to drag a horse along? Is it possible for a goat to bully a hors? Please help me for the interpretation. Thanks

  15. I dream of carrying a black and white goat that escaped from my father’s house to the church the goat was running up and down someone help me I carried it back to my father’s house and the goat is so hairy fat has a much tails that you can hold the tails,

  16. I dreamed that a black goat approached me while I was sitting on a sofa and that I did everything I could not to let it rub against me as I feared getting ticks; however, it did make contact with me as it brushed itself by the back of my lower torso.

  17. running forward came to a checkpoint a man was with a goat he was stop then the military man ask me to tie it & when i did d owner losed it so i told d military man & i left there.

  18. arooba zafar on

    I dream that goat cross the path front of me and goat runing around suddenly for her runing fire and the goat burnt but alive.. what does interpertation of this dream

    • Please i need an interpretation for this. Because it looks so strange and creepy. I just want to know what does the three eyed goat symbolizes.

  19. Laurel Sorrentino on

    I had two dreams recently of baby goats. Last night’s in particular was sweet… baby white goat snuggling with me…. what does this mean?

  20. I dreamt that a woman was asking me how much I bought the goat I bought last,I told her the price with the aim of making my gain out of it and she told she will call me when she is ready to buy her own.

  21. I dreamed of a goat that was chasing me wherever i went i even tried closing some does to prevent it from entering but it still pushed its way through. It was really scary the way it did it.

  22. I dreamed about a white goat that hiding in some kind of animal costume, but it seemed weak or ill. And it was also blind. At first it was aggressive, but it got my confidence and let me hold it. It was really weird. What does it mean?

    • Its means a opposite sex come into your life and he / she is eye view too much low level, in other words its near to bind. first you mention your sex.


      • edgar biore on

        i dreamed about two goats their colors are combinations of brown and black im feeding them with milk..whats the meaning of that dream?

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