Goat Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Goat Dream Symbol – Dreaming about a goat could mean several things, but the most common meaning is that of abundance and mirth. Goats are commonly associated with feasts and spectacular parties. This may come from the faun of Greek mythology, but it is more likely that this comes from the ancient uses of goats and what they actually meant to their herders and owners.

Goats can survive on little, so that even in a bad year the owner of a goat would still have fresh milk and meat. This historical meaning of goats has remains in the social consciousness of the world and is a big reason why goats remain popular to this day.

Further Interpretations

goat dreamingGoat is capricious, sure-footed climbing rock faces one would think impossible to climb. The message may be a warning of a person with an unstable character around you. They are probably fiercely independent but are moody and unpredictable. Maybe it is you. Who around you is easily irritated? How does this affect you? How can you change this?

Goat brings messages of change. That it is safe to traverses new beginnings surefootedly. It is a time of inspiration where you welcome change. Alternatively, goat can bring messages from your dark side and, if you dream of riding a goat, it can mean an unexpected passionate meeting will surprise you.

Dreams of goats can bring abundance when they are happily grazing in their pastures. Goat can be letting you know that if you save money you can have success, but you have a generous soul giving freely to others. Maybe it is a time to show yourself generosity. White goats symbolize good luck, bringing happiness and joy. Black goats bring problems and negativity to your life. But, dreaming of a combination on many black and white goats can mean great fortune is on the way.

Dreaming of a goat standing high on a mountain rock can mean you will have many challenges on your life journey, but you will overcome any obstacles with surefooted focus. It can also mean that while you love deeply, your relationship may be going through an unstable phase.

When Goat crosses your Path

When goat crosses your path it is a message of new beginnings. It is a time where you should trust your intuition to move forward.

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  1. I dreamed of a group of tanned and white goats. Before seeing the goats Ive met an old friend then we said goodbye. Im with a group of people, when we cross over with the goats they chase the small one while Im the one stalling the bigger goat. I was afraid because this big goat is vicious, I tried to evade the goat but it won’t let me. One of my friends in the dream faced the big goat and he ended up falling on the ground and the big goat grated his skin using its feet. Feeling scared I wanted to move forward but I was stuck between helping my friend that fell down or regrouping with the other group who is chasing the little goat.

  2. I dreamed about goat, i saw my sister in the dream she buy goat 29,000 and she take it to Market and sell it 40,000. Please i need the meaning

  3. Rachel Campos on

    my ex boyfriend dreamed I was being chased I’ve ran in a camper and I tried to lock the door someone was trying to open it before I could I gave up and let go and let them open it only to see my Ex boyfriend and his son they started asking? About something and we start looking around and I see a white goat then me and my ex is riding together in his truck

  4. Phyllis Lewis on

    I dreamed today of a white goat who had its legs aroung my neck like he was holding on to me. He had climbed into car with me. But never left me. I trie finding who he belonged to. Dream was all mixed up except for the fact he was holding on to me and wouldn’t let go. I had to laugh. Of all the things to dream of, it had to be a goat.

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