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Gnome Dream Symbol – Gnomes are the guardians of mother earth’s treasures. They live underground. When gnomes visit your dreams it can mean you are happy with your life. It can be a time to show gratitude for the treasures you enjoy daily. Gnomes can represent the hidden side you keep secret from the world. Can this refer to you? Do you deceive the world? Be reminded, being your true self will be more rewarding in the long run.

gnome-dreamsGoblins are portrayed as grotesque creatures. When goblins visit your dreams, they warn there is a toxic person around you. They work to deliberately destroy your life. It can also mean you set yourself up to fail through your continual negative self-talk. You can turn this around by changing the negative to positive. Instead of I can’t, say I can. Are you the irreverent self-doubter?

Goblins signify the malicious malcontent you feel. You may have feelings of malicious revenge. Do you? Do you deal with tough challenges with malicious intent? Consider how your actions affect those around you. You need to deal with these feelings before the turn you into a bitter, twisted person.

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  1. I had a dream about a gnome but it was a cursed object that cinstantly scared me and my family whenever it appeared at home we would get in my uncles van and live in that constantly running away from it. Some other stuff happened like it changed our house floor. The start of what I expected to be a dream but turned into a nightmare started in a sort of deserted restaurant/fair area and we went home and a gnome was just there I just remember that gnome being the most terrifying thing in the house and my family sensed it to so we just ran away periodically I would return to the house to discover that something else had changed and I woke up after struggling to do so so many times before

  2. Whenever I have very terrifying nightmares a gnome is ALWAYS present in those dreams and is the source of my fear. I have no idea why. I always have to kill/destroy it in my dream him. Once it was a bouncing ball that i knew was an evil gnome in disguise that was trying to attack my family and me, and just last night i dreamt one was laying next to me in my childhood bed and i couldn’t move. In dreams I’m usually able to discern whether i am dreaming or not but when i dream of the gnomes I think it is so real. Is it some sort of past childhood trauma involving gnomes??

  3. So deciding to search into this topic was random for me but its a memory ive wondered about for many years, im suprised to have not looked into it before. So heres my reason, when i was a child I use to roll off of my bed alot while i was sleeping. During one of these nights I swore to have been woken up by small “gnome like people” in which they wrapped me in my blankets and drug me next to there fire. I cant recall my surroundings but idk what the fire amd being surrounded by multiple gnomes means. Any help to understand the symbolism behind this?

    • wtf. I did also just search this topic up pretty random since I was thinking of this dream I had 19 years ago in my childhood. I was in this fantasy world ( very similar to smurf land but so much more colorful and real, standing on a little bridge, then this this gnome people came and attacked me (wrestle me to the ground, they were like 4), said something I can’t remember or didnt understand and dragged me away, they felt so evil I remember. so scary. The only dream I can remember from so early in my childhood.

      Would love to understand what it really does mean, anyone?

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