Gloves Dream Symbol


Gloves – Gloves perform two specific tasks. First, they are worn to keep the hands warm and cozy on a cold day. Second, they protect us from a number of things. If you dream about wearing gloves it is important that you discover which of these tasks the gloves were meant to do. Gloves might keep us from getting infected at a hospital.

They might also help a thief get away without leaving finger prints. They might also protect your hands from blisters when working hard. Gloves can mean many things and many people surprisingly never wear gloves. If you are one of these people then a dream about gloves will definitely mean something specific to you.

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  1. I gave green and orange fingerless knitted gloves to a teacher; with cranberry and white socks also knitted by me.

  2. Maureen Brunn on

    I’ve had my dream a few times, I’m putting on green plastic gloves and wake up doing the action of putting them on and smoothing them out.

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