Glitter Dream Symbol


Glitter – Dreaming about glitter means that something in your life is about to gain a lot of attention whether you like it or not. This is probably going to be against your will, though not necessarily. Your attitude when this takes place is going to be essential to how others view you. Bearing it with grace and dignity will result in others being unable to judge you negatively in a permanent way.

Bearing it with shame and embarrassment will result in others permanently thinking about you in a different way forever. Whatever you wish others to think about you is how you should react.

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  1. I dreamed that it was the end of the world, and there was a huge fire tsunami. Then, I had the urge to text my ex that I still loved her (like I was saying goodbye). I sent a few text messages when suddenly, I wrote her name. “Esmeralda”. As soon as I did that, her name started to shine like golden glitter. I was confused, but I started tapping on her name, and nothing happened. It was just shining. Someone help (?) I wanna know what it meant.

  2. Anonymous Poster on

    I had a dream that I was in a spacecraft, one that was made by NASA, somehow in the dream, I had been forced out into space with no protection suit/gear on. I felt in that moment the actual feeling of breathlessness and pressure surrounding my entire body, this pressure got stronger and stronger and I knew this was the end. As I was dying I thought in my head Jesus please be real Jesus please forgive me for my sins, once dead in my dream I saw a black void and in this black void was golden glitter swirling in a spiral for 5 seconds, after this, I woke up.

  3. Last night I had a dream I put some type of lipstick I think it was either gold or silver and it had glitter on it. Someone tell me what it means?

  4. BeardedIrises on

    I dreamt that I suddenly discovered a splodge of glitter on my pink and white striped ankle socks which I was wearing. Don’t know what this means. But in real life, iluv glitter, always have.

  5. I I had a dream last night that a really beautiful woman gave me a Golden lips stick/ lipgloss and while she handed it to me she said this would be perfect on you then when I looked down at it again it seems as if she had cut off the top of the gold glitter lipstick and messily placed it on a orange looking glitter lipgloss she told me not to forget it so I woke up thinking about it …

  6. Hello. I would really like if you could help me interpretate my dream: I was dreaming that one of my biggest bullies was underestimating me and then I suddenly got this silver sparkly top on me, wonderful hair, jewelry and sparkle on my face, as well. I told her how she can laugh all she want, but one year from now, I will be rich and famous. I am currently stepping into the world of show-business, in my waking life, so I am wondering what does this dream mean. Is it a prediction or what? Please give me your answer as soon as you can. Thank you.

    • Hi Lilly, I too am embarking on a business venture and dreamed of glitter. That dream led me here. I’m pretty excited! I hope you find the answer you’re looking for.


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