Glass Dream Symbol


Glass – Glass is the symbol of science and intellectualism. Dreaming about glass means that you will enjoy a period of unusual clarity in your life. If you dream of broken glass it means that a period of mental handicap will soon take over your life. It is important not to make any life altering decisions after you dream of broken glass, because they will probably be regretted at a later time. If you dream about molten or melted glass, it represents that you will soon have a paradigm shift that will allow you to see everything differently.

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  1. I had a dream that my brother was running in a glass house that looked like a maze he was trying to get away. Someone was behind him I felt his fear and frustration. He finally got out a door into what seemed like my old childhood school yard. He was running along side some fresh wet unmoved grass. He seemed to be some kind of a hero to others by freeing himself. I also felt that sense of freedom also. I have read that a brother can stand for your self?? Also he has had problems with alcoholism his whole life. I am also dealing with my own addiction not the same as his.

  2. I have a lot of super powers in my dreams. One of which is being able to put my hand on glass and ‘will’ it to become liquid like a bubble – I can pass through it. I can feel go around my arm and body as I go through it. I also have a re-occurring dream where I show this power off to whoever is present (friends, family, strangers), then in the middle of my showing them the glass hardens on my arm. While holding me sharply in place it begins to crack and shatter around my arm. It hurts me to make any movement. It’s not humiliating, and I’m not afraid. I lose most of my powers mid dream, mid showing off. I have also passed through a 2 foot thick concrete wall, and prison bars, these took a lot more ‘will’ to open, and the concrete was thick like it was squeezing me a bit to pass through. I dream a lot of weird stuff often, often lucid.

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