Giraffe Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Giraffe Dream Symbol – Giraffes represent a new aspect of life. Giraffes are the messengers of hope and danger alike. Seeing a giraffe in your dreams means that one of two is coming your way.

If the giraffe is looking at you it means that there are good things or bad decisions to come from inside yourself. If the giraffe is looking to your right it means that it has good tidings. If it is looking off to the left, it means that there is danger ahead and that you need to run away so that you can avoid it.

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  1. walking down the street and seen first a giraffe being slaughtered by people and then an elephant being slaughtered by one man. Jungle like in city streets. What does it mean. And white and black lion and 3 cubs or lionesses?

    • Snehal nirwan on

      Exactly I saw a dream where 1 two headed beautiful giraffe saves my life from some monster.. what it means I am in depression in my real life and wanted to know what it means In my real life…

  2. I dreamt that a friendly giraffe saved me from a huge snake ! It kinda just went to the tree where the snake was lying and it ate off the entire branch ! I am in particularly petrifies of snakes anyway !!
    But what could this mean ?

    • Snehal nirwab on

      Exactly I saw a dream where 1 two headed beautiful giraffe saves my life from some monster.. what it means I am in depression in my real life and wanted to know what it means In my real life…

  3. I dream that I saw a Giraffe, I thought it was lovely but felt a little intimidated by it, as it walked by me, it lowered its neck down towards me and started smelling my face pressing me against a wall, I felt it was pressing a little hard and wanted out but couldnt get out. I woke up. What could this mean?

  4. I had a really messed up dream of this really happy guy shooting giraffes that where on a dock. I remember some really creepily happy music in the background as if it was a montage. I also remember him posing with a dead giraffe while the “camera” zoomed up on what I think was the giraffe’s baby looking at its mother. There was also a moment where one of the dying giraffes had a huge water filled bubble in its throat and was puking up water while laying on the ground well….dying of course. Please get back to me because I really don’t know how to explain it…I felt like it ment something

  5. David Blane on

    I Saw a giraffe stuck in a tree with a lot of branches with it’s legs dangling and he was eating a extra long ear of corn… Like the corn was the length of the giraffes neck…

  6. I saw a couple of giraffe roaming around in a jungle near trees.. and then I watched them across a big cave open from both sides..

  7. i dream about to see girraff with long neck but has a long nose like elephant trunk . it was very strange for me.. i buy that girraff for eid ul adha for sacrification @nd i was very happy in dream … what that it mean anybody knows

  8. I had a dream about a giraffe, there was a typhoon and all the animals were washed away. I went to the restroom to take a bath when I looked down the cubicle there was a dead giraffe looking at me, I left the cubicle and go to the next cubicle, I then again looked down I saw the dead giraffe again, I have tried avoiding to look at it so I turned my head off it, but I turned my head again to check if the dead giraffe’s there, it was gone already.. What was the meaning of a dead giraffe looking towards me?

  9. I had a dream in which giraffe lookd at me outside from the window (i’m in the house). later the giraffe went to a room and i get him away, i opened the door that the gate and he ran away. what this dreams all about?

  10. I had a dream me and my boyfriend had saved two giraffes and two rhinos and two other kind of animal that I can’t remember. We had no idea but each pair were lovers and pregnant. The dream ended right when we saw the animals giving birth. The giraffe was facing his back towards me while giving birth on a hill side, the rhino was facing it’s right side of its body to me while giving birth. And i cannot remember the third animal species but it walked on four legs and was furry. That’s all I can remember. What’s that mean?

  11. This is going to sound completely crazy but… In my dream the giraffe was a statue, somehow the statue fell to the ground, for some reason I was intrigued by the statue, so while it was lying on the ground I walked over to get a closer look and take a picture, then it lifts up it’s head and neck and bit me! Then fell back down as if it were dead, but it was a statue!??

  12. Tammy Daniels on

    i had a dream that the giraffe was chasing me i was running from it i dont remember being scared because im not scared of giraffes in real life. eveytime i saw that it was chasing me i ran i thought i got away from it but it found me everytime it was chasing me around my block.what did it want with me.i find this to be the weirdest dream i ever had.tell me what it means.

  13. In my dream, I am outside looking across the street toward a parking lit of a mall. I’m watching people on bikes and skate boards going back and forth on the pavement in a solid line in very bright, white sunlight. A car goes by on the road btw me and the parking lot and it hits something I can’t see…I look down and a female Giraffe is lying on the road and it’s head has been severed from it’s neck. It is still breathing and I take it’s head and make sure the airway is open to reattach it as best I can. The Giraffe says,”That’s better.” I look toward a stranger and ask them to call a vet so the Giraffe can survive and the person crosses the street away from me, just leaving me alone. Everyone vanishes basicly. No help. I stay next to the Giraffe, petting it gently and keep saying,”Don’t worry. Everything will be okay.” I then have thoughts of how to fix the Giraffes neck by myself and then I woke up. The Giraffe is my Totem animal and it’s kinda upsetting to see it’s head sitting apart from it’s neck, but luckily still alive when reattached. I know that Giraffe represent communication, intuition,… What do you make of this? Thanks.

  14. I love girraffe’s. I have for many years. About 3 years ago, just after getting sober in my waking life i dreamt i was looking in a mirror.. at first i saw the 2 horns and thought i might be a devil..but then i saw the long nose and ears appear. I was looking at my reflection and it was a girraffe.. i felt light, peaceful and felt like i had just a lot of clarity., i have no idea.. then i woke up. It was so real…i still see it.

  15. I had a dream that I had a baby giraffe, but I was Still human in the dream but it was as if I gave birth to a giraffe. It was curled up in a ball next to me but it was a bit sick so I had to make sure it was okay throughout the night. I am not pregnant and I do not have any children.

  16. I dreamed I was in a big car and there was a giraffe outside trying to hurt me. For some reason I was going in and out of the car to escape this giraffe. Unfortunately the giraffe would constantly try to bite me when I would get out of the car and run back in. As I ran in and out of the car (through the doors and windows) to escape from the girrafe, the giraffe bit my right arm. Then out of no where, the giraffe disappeared but I began to grow some tyoe of bumpy infection where the giraffe had biten me. Then I woke up. What do you think this means?

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