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Gift – Dreaming about gifts symbolizes very positive things to come in your life. However, it is important to remember that gifts are meant to share.  Dreaming of gifts means that this is the perfect time to take advantage of the generosity of others. If something has been bothering you lately and you have been wanting to ask for the help of someone else, this is the perfect time to do so.

Gift dreamsGifts in a dream can also represent hidden talents or abilities that you have yet to discover. If you are receiving a gift then it can imply that you are about to discover something that will make you a better person. Someone who is giving away a gift in a dream can signal their giving nature and their willingness to support others in need. Giving can also represent the need to express your love and affection to somebody you care about. Receiving a gift in a dream can also mean that you are in need of attention from others in your waking state.

Receiving an inappropriate gift in a dream can represent someone else’s bad intentions towards you. This is especially true if the gift is wrapped in a nice gift box, but that is containing something unpleasant. If you were to receive an empty gift box it can reflect some of the feelings that you have towards others and the lack of emotions you show.

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  1. Last night I had a dream that I received a gift from a pastor that I have not seen cents I was a kid. I remember walking into the Church and I had a feeling that the atmosphere was off as if it was not being ran as she would have liked it to be. so as I got a good feel for the church I got up on the middle of the service and said “stop wait this is not the way mother Cole would have wonted the service were is she ” and the the person that was left in charge of running the service also a person I known cents child hood who attended the church too and she also worked closely with mother Cole as far as I know. she said to me “she dead” and I was taking back by that. And I became very worried about the future of the church. And some how next thing i know I was standing in font of here talking bout how I was feeling in real life and then she gave me wooden box and said to me ” this is worth 1 million dollar and am going to give it to you this can change your life and everyone around you” so I took the gift I open it and in the box was a necklace then Nex thing i know some one was trying to take it from me when they found out I had it and the was chasing me down for this necklace and then I woke up
    What do this all mean

  2. Last night I had a dream my crush gave me a bunch of presents with not only one, but two cards! It took me totally off guard. I felt bad I only had one small gift and a card for him. He didn’t mind at all and said he was happy with my gift. I read the card and it was so funny. It was full of pop culture references and made fun of reality TV shows. He was so kind, loving, open, and generous toward me. It was too good to be true. Before I could open the presents, I woke up. 🙁

    It was an amazing dream. 🙂

  3. I had a dream of my mentor giving me a red translucent plastic water bottle/jug and he gave it to me with a shy smile.. Then he asked for something I made (which looks like a trashed paper machete) in return..

    • Correction:
      I had a dream of my mentor giving me a red translucent plastic water bottle/jug and he gave it to me with a shy smile.. Then he asked for something I made (which looks like a trashed paper mache) in return..

  4. Cathriona Carey on

    Can you tell me what the meaning is of a gift I received in reality as a birthday present form my other half, in the dream it was covered in holes eaten by one of my cats

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