Giant Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Giant Dream Symbol – Dreaming of giants symbolizes several things. If you find yourself facing a giant David style, it means that you are facing some huge obstacles that your normal tricks and way of dealing with obstacles will not help to defeat.

giant-dreamsIf you dream of yourself actually being the giant, whether you are facing a David or not, it means that you are standing in the way of progress and need to give in to the will of those who oppose you. Doing this will guarantee you a happy and pleasant future.

Dreaming of giants indicates an obsession that currently dominates your life. Men dreaming of giants, then this can be in relation to their sexuality. It can mean you spend more time dreaming about sex than you have the opportunity to physically fulfill. Women dreaming of giants can mean the partaking or thinking of sex leaves you feeling guilty or you may have a fear of the sexual act. Adults dreaming of giants towering over them can be a reminder of authoritative figures from the past. It can also mean there are authority figures around you that can leave you trembling in fear.

Where you are the giant in a dream, indicates you may have a habit of exaggerating the meaning of things. Do you take all the credit where there were others involved in the team? No personal success is singly ours alone. Is this a ploy to manipulate someone for a positive advantage over them? Take a closer look at what motivates you.

A giant that appears next to you in a dream, means that you need to prepare for a confrontation with those who see you as an enemy in your own reality. If you run off the giant, then you will triumph over the situation. Prosperity will enter your life. If the giant beats you into the ground, you will lose. Dreaming of turning into a giant signifies the growth of your business and finances. There are great things ahead.

Ogre Dream Symbol

Dreaming of an ogre is a sign you are currently being hard on yourself. You tend to be very self-critical, but often lack the discipline to follow through on what you say you are going to do. It can also the man you fear something within yourself. Maybe you have trouble controlling your temper or you an unmitigated liar. Are you making someone’s life difficult on purpose? Is someone abusing you? Dreaming of ogres is a sign of abusive or evil people around you. Or, it could be a warning that this is you.

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  1. I had a dream of orge. I was supposed to keep him safe in place. He was harmless, innocent and someone in my dream was bullying or playing with him which scared him.

  2. Russell Bauers on

    I took a nap, and had a rather odd dream about me and a group of people fighting a blue giant. At the beginning of the dream we were on top of a mountain. As the dream progressed the location changed to a thick Forrest almost like the Amazon. One of the people in my dream said something had been going on in the forest amd that it was mad. As the gaint amd I fought the other people i was with vanished, and i was left by myself. Near the end of the confrontation the gaint was angrier than before. He extended his harms in a T pose if you will. And bugs began seeping out of everywhere. The gaint disappeared, and i reached a clearing where a camp was located. When I got inside, centipeeds, spiders, and scorpions were everywhere. As well as a circular bug that changed into a butterfly. I had marks on my body from the bugs amd a black colored foamy substance came out of my skin just below my shoulders. They substance didn’t drip it rather collected there in a half circle. This was probably the most vivid dream I’ve had in awhile.

    • I just has a dream about a couple of people and I were running away from a Blue Giant that was after us.

  3. In my dream I woke up in a place with no sky, it was dark. I was to the side of a windy bridge like the Great Wall that lead to two roughly 50-100 foot hinged doors , there were people idley waiting on the door to open as I looked to the right there was a steel giant roughly 60 cubits. It noticed me and picked me up with a pinch of his fingers from behind my head and pulled me close to his face and then I yelled put me down in my sleep and it woke me up

  4. Buying a house craving sex more then I get and setting up a finacialy set future. This dream thing seems to explain. It made sense with my loon dream too.

  5. I have seen a gaint man in dream.I was going wid my frnd somewhere nd gaint man appear.I scared nd going to kill him but the gaint man gave me very delicious food to eat suddenly so I left him nd eating that very tasty food!!”

  6. i saw a living giant woman in a dream, it was night time and i heard her before i saw her stepping over the houses. her kneecap came to the top of the house,it was dark she was stepping on cars and landscaping as she went.she was very angry and was yelling, and walked like she was looking for someone and knew which direction they were.i knew if she saw me move she would just scoop me up and literally eat me.i was PETRiFIED and stood beside a tall tree.i had a feeling she could smell me if she tried hunting me.she continued on, crashing and destroying, angry as all hell.the details were astounding and felt so real.she was real.

  7. This nigga wrote 10 different meanings of what it could mean, and people are just gonna pick the ones that fit for them then ignore the rest. Seriously do you think that dreams are a “secret message from the subconscious brain that can be decoded on internet dream meaning sites”. Jews

  8. I had a nightmare that giants were hunting human beings. Maybe I should stop watching horror movies but this scared me. In the dream the giants would capture tons of people including children and eat them. The giants liked to make us watch as they ate some of their victims. I remember it got so bad, we had a really chubby woman who offered herself to be eaten by the giants just so they can be full for a while and give the other humans some time to escape And it was so sickening. To them she was like their KFC or something. I literally woke up trembling in fear because they made us watch them eat her. It was so detailed which was the terrifying part. I don’t know if I can ever look at food the same way again after that dream, it was absolutely terrible.

  9. Godfrey R. Prosia on

    I had a dream/nightmare of me walking through a busy street and suddenly I bump into a little girl and I looked behind my back and took me to another place with 3 giants and a vault in front of me and that’s the time I wake up and can see the world going fast/reverse/slow and my POV lowers down just like you see in minecraft when you lower the POV. I hear things more loudly and I can’t control my strength but I can control my movement and I feel scared of nothing and its worse than everything. It started when I was a little boy and until now(15 years old). It happens when I got stressed or if I got high fever and sometimes it just happens

  10. I dreamed I was led down secrect steps in a church or cathedral by a high priest that lead to a land inside the earth. He told me that mans time on earth was over and I must come with him to another land. In that land there were humans and race of giants called ‘goliaths’ who had once lived in our world but had disappeared and had lived in a subterranean world for thousands of years. It was a world full of love and harmony without hatred and negativity. The humans could see me but the ‘goliaths’ could not see me until I agreed to stay and not return to the world above. I wanted to stay, but had to wake up and go to work 🙁

  11. I dreamed I was with a group of people hiding from a giant and also running away from it. We succeeded in the end. But it was still a scary dream.

    • I had a dream I was in my room with my cousin and two giants were smashing the room to try and get us. My cousin escaped and ran , Then one of the giants grabbed me , I bit his hand and he dropped me,I ran up the road and eventually met up with my cousin. We ran for 10mins every time I looked back I could see them running for us. We ended up going to this guys house and one of my other cousin turned (for some reason?) They set up a trap or something and I was behind this fence , the trap didn’t work,we were running through the meadows and jumping fences SUDDENLY a fridge popped out of nowhere and then me and the giants were friends…

  12. I dreamt i fell in love with a giant. But hed done somthing wrong and had to go to jail. But he loved me dearly and i knew he wasnt bad. He tried to help my mum and picked her up to move her. She was a bit judgemental of the jail part. But none of us were afraid. He had been involved with the wrong type of people is what i felt. I visited him in jail. We were in love and held hands.

    In real life im married. This dreams baffled me. But i know this giant wasnt bad. I loved him.

    Any ideas what this could be about?

  13. I dreamed as I dozed off that Goliath was walking up to me. He was sooooo tall. My dreams have even revealed to me that the earth is truly flat…RESEARCH FLAT EARTH!!! Know that THE FIRMAMENT IS REAL!!!

  14. I had a dream where I am making the bed and I hear giant foot steps aproaching, I grabbed the my little sistser and dragged her under the bed with me to hide. When the giant couldnt see us through the window, he then boarded up the window and left.

  15. Simon Nazareth on

    I woke up at 2.30am and then fell asleep again and then I dreamt of tall European people who were 11ft.tall and Interacted happily with them and after some pleasant moments offered to make cafe of their choice. And the dream ended.

  16. i just dreamt about giants tonight. One captured me, but he is nice. Then we played guessing games. Like what this giant is doing just by listening. Then he took me to this playground like plain for giants, i saw them running, walking and swimming. I was fascinated by them. After that he brought me back to this big tree and released me. Then he said to my friends that they can’t touch me because omething bad will happen, then i woke up.

  17. Had a dream of raising two giants from slumber beneath the earth in a chasm. Male and female. Looking to me for guidance and then running off.

  18. I dream about a stranger that becomes my friend and he turn into a giant after ate 8 chocolate rolls. I befriended him and in my dream, I could fly.

  19. hi
    i dreamed about giant “not myself as a giant”
    and a store .
    **giant in a store running to get me** what does it mean?

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