Ghost Town Dream Symbol


Ghost Town – Ghost Towns can be very creepy places. In your dreams it is very disturbing to visit a ghost town. It is important to keep in mind that this particular dream represents your past in its entirety. If you find yourself in a ghost town in your dreams, pay close attention to places you go and the things that you see. This dream is highly symbolic to each individual and affords clues to your subconscious mind if you allow yourself to interpret the dream immediately upon waking up.

A building might represent a place from your past or even a person. The objects that you see in the time are representative of things from your past. This could be a harmless dream that is meant to put things into a recognizable order for you or it could be a message to yourself from yourself.

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  1. Taegan from New Zealand on

    Had a dream of a littl puppy walking up this bank in a forest and we reached a point, at that little area was a log in between two very large trees just in front of the edge of a high drop. So standing next to the edge was a 4 year old that had a shotgun and his favourite thing to do was shoot it, everytime he shot it into the air he would laugh and the little puppy would enjoy seeing the baby laugh and then the baby jumped onto the log did a back flip and started running around like a ninja, he had a orange belt in karate

  2. Last night I dreamed that I drove by an a cemetery that little girls dancing in it. Then we kept going into town and there was no one there. It looked as if all life died years ago. Even trees were dead.

  3. about a year ago i had a dream that i was in a ghost town with my brother. the car with my mom, brother sister and i had broken down. my brother and i got out of the car and started walking around. (right after we got out apparently it started working again and they drove away.) there for some reason was a mcdonalds and i had a mcmuffin card. but i never even ate a mcmuffin because of the meat. when i gave the person at the window a coupon i had they said something like “this expired in 1978” or 1987. something like that. and thats the last thing i had dreamed before waking up.

  4. Nmangamer1 on

    I had a dream last night that involved a junkyard/ghost town, possibly an abandoned area such as Chernobyl. In it, me and my brother were with our mother in this place. My mother was trying to find something, we were trying to help her find it. Eventually these mutant wolves jump out from a window in a nearby building, they attacked us and one of them bit me in the arm. I was screaming to my mother, to come and get in our car. Me and my brother got in the car and tried to drive away. However our mother pushed the car down a hill into an area filled with spikes, we jumped out, but I lost my brother (as in I couldn’t find him). I then went back home, when I got home my dad asked me “What was wrong?”, I was trying to tell him, but then my mother came up behind and poised to stab me in the back, then I woke up

    • I had a dream last night that I was with all my family and at one time of the dream me my dad and her friend went shopping for some new clothes and on the way home we seen ropner park but it was a weird version and around it it was just open field. The next time I remember all my family where stood around this long wall that never ended. If you got shot over it you would of been dead and travelled to a mysterious ghost side. After i got shot over it and my friend we were in my nanas house. It was gloomy and darkI kept hearing noises so I run towards the kitchen and then I seen my bestfriend(in this dream she was dead but in life she isn’t) I asked where I was and she explained that I’ve travelled to the ghost side looking for something. We then come out the kitchen and looked at the long passage towards the front room. We then heard more and more voices and as we turned to look up the stairs a bang on figure and looks of my grandad where at the top of the stairs. He said he’s sorry he never got to see me but he follows me around everywhere to make sure I’m okay( in life I do hear things around my home) I was petrified I didn’t know what to say. I carried on heading towards the front room but I had the sudden urge not to open the door, something was telling me not to. I then headed to go out the Blackfoor and leave the house when my bestfriend flung the door open and something chased us out of the house and right around the block of the street. Soon we where sprinting and gasping for air and we come to a stop when we looked behind us and it was gone. The next thing we knew we where walking up the bank and we saw my dad and other people. We then got to the top of the bank when we saw Jeremy clarkson? I don’t know how he was in my dreams because I don’t even know who he is and I don’t even like him but somehow he was just there. All I remember after that was sprinting away and then I was in school. But when I got into school someone went to stab me then I woke up. Everyone in this dream was a ghost so I’m beginning to worry

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