Ghost and Spirits Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Ghost and Spirit Dream Symbols – Dreaming about ghosts can indicate there is something haunting your mind and emotions from your past. It may represent an actual person that you had a relationship with, or it could be a project that you have yet to complete.

It is weighing on your mind that you haven’t been able to let go or bring whatever the ghost represents to a conclusion. To find peace in your life, it is essential that you allow yourself to lay old things to rest and free yourself of all regrets and ties to the past.

When ghosts and spirits visit your dreams, this can mean something is no longer within your reach. You may no longer have access to it. It can also say that you feel disconnected from your life and the world around you. This can be a prompt to see things with greater clarity.

Spend time in meditation to get a new understanding. You may need a new perspective. It may be a chance to move on. It is time to abandon the old way of doing things and embrace a new way of thinking, seeing, acting, and living your life. Doing this will give you a renewed energy and positive outlook to take into the future. Are you ready for the challenge?

Ghosts Dream Symbol

When ghosts visit your dreams, it is a reminder of your inner fears. What do you fear? This could be a time you feel guilt, or repressed thoughts or memories come to the surface. Ghosts can visit at times when you are stressed about failing at something you want to achieve. They can also represent death. This may be a message to change your ways. It is time to change your perspective and old ways of doing things. Even change bad habits. This will help you move your life forward.

Dreaming of becoming a ghost is a sign there is someone or a situation you want to escape. It indicates your disconnection from the world around you. Is there something or someone who makes you feel this way? Touching a ghost and it vanishes is a sign that you are working on dealing with your repressed fears and painful memories. But, you are still not ready to face them head on. Give it time. Keep working on it.

Being frightened by a ghost or talking to one, warns there is pressure on you to do something that goes against your integrity. You may need to seek the wisdom of another, but resist the temptation to put your principles at risk. Dreaming of being haunted by a ghost can mean that issues from your past can influence your life today. It is time to let go of the past. Sure, use past challenges as lessons to help you move forward in your present and future. But, living with negativity only attract more negativity into your life. This is an opportunity to deal with anything that haunts you from the past once and for all.

Dreaming of ghosts chasing you to bring about your death is a sign you are ready to face your fears and the past no matter how much it hurts. You are tired of being held back. You are ready to move on into your future. Stand tall in your truth and do not be afraid to speak out.

Ghost of Someone who has Died

Dreaming of the ghosts of your parents is a warning there is danger around you. Be wary of newcomers who want to work with you in some way. Take the time to get to know them better to understand the truth first. Seeing the ghost of a relative or friend who is still alive in real life, warns they may look upon you with bitterness. They may be working against you. You may be affected by their deliberate malicious acts against you. Seeing the ghost of a dead relative or friend can mean you feel guilty of some sort towards them. Do you have regrets about a past relationship? What makes you feel guilty? Face it to move on.


When ghouls haunt your dreams, it is a warning that your negativity and bad habits are blocking your way forward. You have the ability to change this with a new perspective.


Spirits visiting your dreams can represent any fears you have about death or dying. Take notice of what the spirits tell you for they have come to help you deal with the challenges you face in your waking life. It can also symbolize being in good spirits. You may be attending a special occasion or had good news.

Spirit Guide

When a spirit guide visits your dreams, you can be guaranteed they have an important message for you. This message can be in pictures, or you may hear it or it, can simply come in as impressions. It is a privilege when a spirit guide visits. They come to let you know you are supported in trying times. Or, to help you make important decisions and help show you the way. It is a time to follow your gut instincts. They may show you something relevant to the situation you did not already know. You may have trouble understanding the real meaning. When you do not get it right, the spirit guide will continue to visit with their messages until you do. They may not limit their signs and visits to your dreams. Keep an eye out for their attention seeking in your waking life too.

Supernatural Dreams

Dreaming of paranormal activity can be symbolic of your loss of control of your life. There may be obstacles in your way, stopping you from achieving your goals. The types of dreams are symbolic of your feelings or life in your waking reality. You may need to reassess your goals in life.

Note: If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic, please leave a comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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  1. Apil chhetri on

    I had a nightmare of my recent girlfriend being ghost.then suddenly i saw a kid who distract me in the road when i was walking around and chasing me along and i just want to get far from it and at last it chasing me by turning in bird.then i suddenly woke up.
    So what does it means???
    Plz suggest me.

  2. Samantha torres on

    I dreamed rhat i was in bed with all my three children. There was a ghost botgering them and i yelled at it to stop messing with my kids. And if rhey wanna go, go. If not to lay down as well and leave my damn kids alone. I ask myself why would i have a dream like that. I woke up and i didnt forget and still want details. Any clue? What does this mean?

  3. Tana Bedenfield on

    Okay so idk why but it was like in a lab I think a fieldtrip but for some reason it was odd cause they showed us an old house where they found jewerly in it and old pictures and stuff so I started seeing black shadow creatures coming to the house and it wasn’t good ultimately they didn’t want us there so I told the others to put everything down and run back inside but soon as that hapoen weather was mayham thunder lighting but a old oil can was hit and radio active clouds started to form and everyone could see the shadow creatures evertone got inside except a women who was carrying jewerly I tried reaching for her but the lightning struck her. Me and a few others were stuck on one side if the lab from self defense lockdown it was fine till the little kids started exploring and I had a vision that a baby got onto an edge by the animal part and fell hitting a sharp edge that child died losing her head i woke up from the vision and threw myself to the child getting her before she fell she was safe but I was stuck holing onto a bar but I had luck someone pulled me up. But the one who put the baby out there was a shadow creature and it came and attacked me but I killed it hitting it’s weak point and it turned white and had to do the same with the baby they weren’t real but I myself was being dragged back to the beginning with my necklace it had a jewel in it so I decided to get out if my soul and find out what was so important about it. The necklace was sacred to that place the jewel was once on the house and the necklace was once part of the stone and rock risking my life I got it to where it should be almost killed by the shadow creatures until they turned white the creatures was souls who lost the good in them I went back to my soul but we were still stuck which is the farthest I got too is this good thing please tell me.

  4. Vishakha chirag khopkar on

    I always dream in afternoon that someone is around me and unable to get up some kind force is their after lot of struggle i am able to get up whats that please suggest me

  5. Georgina Moody on

    I had a dream last night where I was haunted by a ghost in my own home. It mainly targeted me in the household rather than my dad and brother. It changed my alarm time to a different time so I woke up at a different time. It messed up the house, leaving toy cars all around the floor and placed in the oven, the oven was also open! This ghost also appeared on my tv screen. It then also attacked me as it stopped me from talking and held me back.

  6. I had a dream last night as my friend was taking pictures of me as he told me to do something in the dream. he told me to pat my arms and when I finally saw the picture there was a ghost below my hand smiling up at me. All of my friends in this dream saw, as we were watching this really weird movie, and when I was on my camera roll going back through old pictures, I saw several more. Does this mean anything or is this just a nightmare because I was shook tos morning.

  7. So I have a recurring dream that I’m in my childhood home and it feels like I’m living there alone. I walk around and do things like clean, hang up clothes and just being in the living room area. Then after a while, somethings start to move, like someone is pulling on them. First like my jacket, then a book then it starts pulling on me. The thing is, I’ve had this dream so many times that I’ve started to investigate it when it happens. Tonight I moved my jacket of the hook on a wall so it started to fall and the “sprit” hooked the jacket up again, which to me indicates that it doesn’t want to hurt me and only wants my best. But then it can also pull on me and my shirt and push me into walls and the floor. This always makes me super scared so I usually call my Mom and in the dream I always go outside and then the spirit just stops. Tonight I also had a phone with me and on it was a sprint app or something and just befor I ran out of the house it said that if you can’t contact the spirit then you should ask it to show itself. When I read this I once again get super scared and I run out and call my Mum.

    What can my dreams mean?

    Thank you.

  8. Suvrat Jain on

    Last night, i had a dream that my grandma(who died 5 years ago) is pulling my spirit out of my body when i was asleep and my mom is stopping my spirit from being pulled out.
    And in the dream i was aware that i am having a dream.
    I woke up suddenly full of sweat and my mouth was wide open…

    What does it mean?
    Please email me asap.

  9. So I’ve had a dream about I’m in my parents room with my sisters and my parents and we’re all locked into a room together and at the door my little sister starts talking to a little girl at the door, and then the little girl said something and my sister opened the door and went out their and played with the little girl and so I had a flexible ruler and I tried to hit the little girl (idk why) so I run after her around the den area and then I hear the front door open and I know it’s her mother coming so I hurry and run back to my parents room but my sister is still out their so I yell and scream for her to come in the room and she goes hallway down the stairs such as she seen something and comes back up the stairs and into the room and I hurry and lock the door and then I wake up

  10. I just woke from bad dream being alone in an unfamiliar house. When i was aline the gouse started moving things infeont if my eyes like the ahower curtian. I c9nfeonted it and ripped the curtian open and suddenly i was stuck in slow motion like thick mud , being haunted then scared and unable to move fast to figure it out. I was genuinely scared when i woke uo and woke my partner ! Can anyone help dissect thia dream

  11. Last midnight i was sleeping in my bad …i got a dream that someone is forceing the door to open …then it started to see me for a while with its yellow eyes. …i got scared …but i couldn’t move or sream becouse i felt like i am paralised that time ..that person was walking beside me and then sat on my bed and tried to touch me and he did touch me with its fingure …i got really scared..i try to move my legs and they move …then i get out of that dream ..i couldn’t move that time also as i was parelished then too …. It wasv really scary ..but i felt like that person or ghost tried to tell me something though i am not sure …

    Thank u for listening to me …
    And if anyone know what to do than please tell me …

    • Korynn Hixson on

      ( I know this is kinda late ) ANYWAYS That is called sleep paralysis. It’s a type of dream where you cannot move and there is something near you or in your room. Everyone has it and it doesn’t mean anything but you being anxious.

  12. I had a dream that a ghost or somthing I coouldnt see was making stuff in my room move it was making a poster that I have in my room move but it felt like only me wasn’t scared of it I don’t know what this means can someone help me

  13. I had a dream that I was asleep in bed and an unknown force wrapped itself around me and lifted me in the laying position and then it started to whip my body around then it wrapped itself around me again and melted me hovering about 6 inches above my bed, then I heard my spouse call my name in the dream and the force slowly lowered me down but didn’t let go. When I woke up from it I still felt it’s weight on my and it took great force to break it and come to find out my spouse was asleep next to me. This freaked me out!!!

  14. I always have this dream a ghost is in the house but does no harm and every night when I “ go to sleep “ in my new house the ghost wakes me up and in my light I could see a shadow of a C with its hand. It forms a C with its hands and I feel like I have sleep paralysis in my dream until the ghost puts down the C but I never wake up and I’m not scared of this ghost.

  15. Arpit mohanty on

    Last night in my dream I saw a ghost wearing white shirt and a red trouser just outside my window….. chasing me….I also saw some life sized toys in my garden…..where I live is in the 3rd floor and there is no garden in it neither toys…I m just horrified

  16. I just had an awful dream , where I was being attacked by ghost, I could not see them but they were holding me down and choking me and I couldn’t speak and I couldn’t move my dad even came in and trued to fight them for me. Gave me such chest pains .

  17. RuVonne Deshiel Hills on

    I had many ghost. And they did not attack., they changed the scenery and they would show up and acre us. So we were uncomfortable all of the time.

    My family has been living and fighting off homelessness for more yhan 20 years off and on. We are constantly running from county to county living with what ever family members will have us. A lot of those relationships did not survive. Everything I jave done to remedy the situation fails. And it never has anything to do with me.

    Example: we finally got our section 8 voucher. We searched diligently for three months for a home with no luck at all. Then on the very last day alloted us to find a place, we found one, the landlady signed the paper work and I turned it i to the office who informwd me that they had no more funding, so we could not move.

    My sister moves into a large 5 bedroom 3 bathroom house. We all spend the holidays yogether i the new house she has worked hard to decorate. And she invites me and my small fam to move in with her small fam. Then someone does a drive-by-shooting on the house. And we go broke trying to move out of the house in one day.

    So ueah. There are some pearls Im going to take from this post. Because I do feel my life is out of my control.

    Great thing was my will to fight back, even though I was affraid for my family all the time, as I am in my waking life. I was always willing to fight for them , as I do in real life. And I always win. So I will take that into consideration as well… because I always win in real life to. Im just really tired of the struggle. Especially since we can see the toll this has taken on our 5 year old bany boy. He is my inspiratiin to continue to fight, and fight hard towards the goal of finally being home and altogether again.

    Thanks for reading this. I hole it helps someone.

    Peace, love & blessings.!

    • Jannatul Mowya on

      All the same thing happened to my younger sister Tonight while she was sleeping. I’m also a victim of paranormal activities. Now how can I save my family from this supernatural problem??

  18. Jordan Johnson on

    I’m not sure what my dream ment. But for the last 2 nights it’s been a continuous dream , I was ghost hunting and everytime a ghost would scare me or male a noise or do anything to let me know it was there I would wake right up then fall back asleep and then it would repeat itself over and over . I hardly slept. Please help lol

  19. I dream a lot about ghosts.
    So I am usually in a place I (when awake) perceive as happy or good places, like my parent’s house or a friends house or a place that I have had good experiences.
    In the dream I will usually start to feel like there is something watching me and alert the other people in my dream that there is something “else” with us. Then everyday objects will start to zoom and fly around the room by themselves and smash up walls, tables tip over and curtains get pulled down.
    I them end up being pulled around by this unseen force, held down, flung about, pushed over…. I was even once swung round by my pony tail.
    I fight back, or try to run away, making it clear I am not afraid. That I have my scientific belief of ghost not being real, so this “can’t be possible”
    At first these dreams were really scary, but I am able now to differentiate what is a dream and what is not…. Usually because being flung up a wall would be painful and I don’t feel any pain… when this happens I am left alone.
    I haven’t had a dream like that for a very long time.
    Last night I did. I was in my own house (been there about 8 months) and I look down the garden and into a tree house (not there in real life) and see someone in there… whom I know is a ghost. A man in a black suit and brimmed hat with white bandages on his face and a pair of dark sunglasses.
    Next thing I am running up the stairs behind my son because I know this ghost is chasing us. I get into my bedroom shouting that I am not afraid. I am holding the door shut whilst there are bangs and thumps on the door…. I can feel the vibrations and the thuds…. I also start to sat the lord’s prayer (which I haven’t done in a dream before or in real life for a long long time)
    Eventually the handle starts jumping up and down and there is a split second of “blank” before I am starting at my son on the bed and my hands are all weird like I am trying to grab him and he is very upset….
    I have no control over myself. I cannot stop my hands going towards my son…. I do not feel in control and feel like there is a fog in my brain trying to push my consciousness away or out…..I know if I I don’t fight my way to the front and take control, whatever is possessing me will hurt my son.
    In a last desperate attempt to save him I think about my pregnancy, his birth, his first steps, his first tooth, the first time he was properly ill and the love I provided for him, and I can feel myself coming back and thinking “my love for him is to powerful, you will not win, my love for him is unbreakable”…. And I am left alone looking at my son….
    I wake with a start and have numb hands, like there are completely dead and I have to wiggle them to become alive again.
    I wasn’t able to get back to sleep and this really shook me up.
    2 days before… my snapchat filter when pointing at my own face put another face on top of my hair… as it someone else was watching what I was doing…. At the time I was playing around with my son.
    Has anyone else had an experience./dreams like this? And what could it mean?

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