Ghost and Spirits Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Ghost and Spirit Dream Symbols – Dreaming about ghosts can indicate there is something haunting your mind and emotions from your past. It may represent an actual person that you had a relationship with, or it could be a project that you have yet to complete.

It is weighing on your mind that you haven’t been able to let go or bring whatever the ghost represents to a conclusion. To find peace in your life, it is essential that you allow yourself to lay old things to rest and free yourself of all regrets and ties to the past.

When ghosts and spirits visit your dreams, this can mean something is no longer within your reach. You may no longer have access to it. It can also say that you feel disconnected from your life and the world around you. This can be a prompt to see things with greater clarity.

Spend time in meditation to get a new understanding. You may need a new perspective. It may be a chance to move on. It is time to abandon the old way of doing things and embrace a new way of thinking, seeing, acting, and living your life. Doing this will give you a renewed energy and positive outlook to take into the future. Are you ready for the challenge?

Ghosts Dream Symbol

When ghosts visit your dreams, it is a reminder of your inner fears. What do you fear? This could be a time you feel guilt, or repressed thoughts or memories come to the surface. Ghosts can visit at times when you are stressed about failing at something you want to achieve. They can also represent death. This may be a message to change your ways. It is time to change your perspective and old ways of doing things. Even change bad habits. This will help you move your life forward.

Dreaming of becoming a ghost is a sign there is someone or a situation you want to escape. It indicates your disconnection from the world around you. Is there something or someone who makes you feel this way? Touching a ghost and it vanishes is a sign that you are working on dealing with your repressed fears and painful memories. But, you are still not ready to face them head on. Give it time. Keep working on it.

Being frightened by a ghost or talking to one, warns there is pressure on you to do something that goes against your integrity. You may need to seek the wisdom of another, but resist the temptation to put your principles at risk. Dreaming of being haunted by a ghost can mean that issues from your past can influence your life today. It is time to let go of the past. Sure, use past challenges as lessons to help you move forward in your present and future. But, living with negativity only attract more negativity into your life. This is an opportunity to deal with anything that haunts you from the past once and for all.

Dreaming of ghosts chasing you to bring about your death is a sign you are ready to face your fears and the past no matter how much it hurts. You are tired of being held back. You are ready to move on into your future. Stand tall in your truth and do not be afraid to speak out.

Ghost of Someone who has Died

Dreaming of the ghosts of your parents is a warning there is danger around you. Be wary of newcomers who want to work with you in some way. Take the time to get to know them better to understand the truth first. Seeing the ghost of a relative or friend who is still alive in real life, warns they may look upon you with bitterness. They may be working against you. You may be affected by their deliberate malicious acts against you. Seeing the ghost of a dead relative or friend can mean you feel guilty of some sort towards them. Do you have regrets about a past relationship? What makes you feel guilty? Face it to move on.


When ghouls haunt your dreams, it is a warning that your negativity and bad habits are blocking your way forward. You have the ability to change this with a new perspective.


Spirits visiting your dreams can represent any fears you have about death or dying. Take notice of what the spirits tell you for they have come to help you deal with the challenges you face in your waking life. It can also symbolize being in good spirits. You may be attending a special occasion or had good news.

Spirit Guide

When a spirit guide visits your dreams, you can be guaranteed they have an important message for you. This message can be in pictures, or you may hear it or it, can simply come in as impressions. It is a privilege when a spirit guide visits. They come to let you know you are supported in trying times. Or, to help you make important decisions and help show you the way. It is a time to follow your gut instincts. They may show you something relevant to the situation you did not already know. You may have trouble understanding the real meaning. When you do not get it right, the spirit guide will continue to visit with their messages until you do. They may not limit their signs and visits to your dreams. Keep an eye out for their attention seeking in your waking life too.

Supernatural Dreams

Dreaming of paranormal activity can be symbolic of your loss of control of your life. There may be obstacles in your way, stopping you from achieving your goals. The types of dreams are symbolic of your feelings or life in your waking reality. You may need to reassess your goals in life.

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  1. Hi, I’m going to keep it short.
    The recurring dream I’m having is being in a house (unknown to me) that a spirit/ ghost is haunting me and it always in one room that I have to go trough to be able to go to the rest of the house. I always feel stuck in that house, can’t seems to exit the house because the spirit/ghost wont let me!
    Sometimes I’m alone and sometimes my Mother would be with me, but can’t help me, she is only looking and trying to help me.

  2. I believe you! I felt terrorized in my dreams and in my room by a presence and had lots of sleep paralysis. It never had a form, just a feeling and it would come at me faster than the speed of light and actually go through me. I was always paralyzed and terrified. Finally at some point, I was able to stand up to it during my sleep paralysis. I got very angry and basically said enough; I know you can’t hurt me and then I kind of surrendered. It worked and it stopped happening. Recently I had a spirit lying on top of me in my bed–this happened twice. The first time I thought I was dreaming but the second time happened soon after. When the spirit realized I was waking up, I would feel it lift off of me. For me, I tell various spirits I have felt in my house that they don’t belong and have to leave. I also let them know I believe in God and my faith is stronger than my fear. That seems to work every time. You aren’t crazy. I’ve seen a ghost in my parent’s house and nobody believed me. Since then, both of my parents have been touched when no one was there and my niece has seen him too. Luckily he doesn’t feel threatening at all. I also had a foul odor in my room right before preceding the couple nights I had something lying on me. There was no explanation for that as my room is no where near anything that could smell foul. Again, I asked for God’s protection. That seems to always resolve it. Develop a strong faith and ask God to protect you and ask the spirits to leave. Hope this helps.

  3. Rebecca Vanderhooft on

    I have been plagued by strange dreams ever since I was a child; I’m 27 now. A lot are recurring dreams but they are more like nightmares. I can still remember my dreams from when I was a child.

    I believe there were entities in the house I grew up in. I lived there with my older sister, my mom and her fiancé at the time. My mom, sister and I left the house when I was 14 after my mom broke off the relationship. I didn’t tell my mom and sister what I experienced until I was around 14 shortly before we moved out. Frankly, I thought I was crazy and imagining everything until my mom told me I was around 2/3 when I started saying I saw something in the house. Children are too young at that age to be able to fabricate stories of that nature so it was after getting that news from my mom that I started to believe I experienced something supernatural.

    I always felt like there was something sinister or evil in the house. My room was directly above the kitchen and the nook that indented to the pantry under the stairs. Anytime I passed the nook I would see a black mass like orb hovering in the nook; it would only appear in my peripheral vision but it was always there, I’d even see it during the day. I felt another presence in the house as well, a young girl, she was friendly.

    At night I would have terrible dreams. Some I was abandoned by my mom and sister and left in the house by myself. Some I was searching for them down a long road and always thought I was getting closer but then the road would keep going. I would dream that the walls in the house spoke and would tell me to hurt people. Other dreams I was being chased by a psychopath trying to kill me. I even had a terrible dream about our washing machine that scarred me so badly that the rhythm that washing machines make cause my skin to crawl and sometimes the repetitive sound gets stuck in my head for days and I get irritated easily and think I’m going to snap. I would have freakishly vivid dreams of falling and hitting the pavement but instead of waking up to your body jolting like most people do, I would descend through fiery tunnels as if I was going to hell or sometimes it was tunnels of clouds as if I was going to heaven.

    The most terrifying dreams, however, revolved around the two presences I felt. The girl only appeared to me a few times but I always felt her around me and she felt safe. The black orb would play tricks on me in my dreams. It would appear as the girl as if to trick me but I could feel that it wasn’t really her. In the dreams it would try to harm me. I would dream that it was going to kill me in various ways like drowning me or stabbing me. Once it came close to tricking me into believing it was the girl, she came forward to show me that it wasn’t her. It got very mad and manifested in real life after that, I think to really scare me and it worked. But again it disguised itself as the girl but I looked into it’s eyes and they were black; that’s when I knew it wasn’t her.

    It always felt like it was close by and watching me. I would wake up in the middle of the night and sense that something was at the end of my bed, as if it was pacing waiting for something. I would yell saying I knew it was there and to leave me alone but it never really left.

    I experienced sleep paralysis once and my mom had to shake me out of it. I would have these dreams that I left my body and could fly around my room; I told someone about that once and they think I was having out of body experiences. I remember one time that I was dreaming I was outside of my body and was watching myself sleep. I heard a man’s voice but couldn’t see him, he wanted me to go with him somewhere but I said I couldn’t go without my mom and sister so he decided I couldn’t go with him since I wouldn’t go alone.

    I had another strange experience that I remember clear as day. Since I had terrible dreams I struggled to fall asleep as a child, I could be awake for hours some nights. I never fell asleep right away. As I was the younger child I would get tucked into bed first. My mom said goodnight, turned off the light and closed the door. I was terribly afraid of the dark and had a nightlight that shown kind of neon green. I was trying to get comfortable and settle in when I heard something rustling in the room (I didn’t have any pets in my room). I sat up a tiny bit and peaked around the room. I realized it was the blinds; they were those ugly white plastic blinds that were floor length, they led to the balcony that connected the two bedrooms on the second floor (mine and my sister’s room). I had my stuffed animals lined in front of the blinds, I assumed one of the animals had fallen over so I laid back down. Less than a minute later the blinds began to move more, I started to become worried. I sat up again to see what animals were knocked over but none of them were yet the blinds kept moving. I got scared so I laid back down hoping whatever was going on would stop. The blinds rustled more and without lifting my head I looked down towards the end of the bed and saw two figures standing there. One was tall and quite round, the other was short and thin. The short one came up to the side of the bed I was on and I froze in fear. It leaned down to get close to my face and it was smiling, it whispered “do you want to meet my friend?” It pointed to the other figure at the end of the bed, the one at the end of the bed waved to me. I looked at the one beside me and said “I want my mom.” I was scared though so it didn’t hear me the first time so I had to repeat “I want my mom.” He wasn’t happy with that answer, he got mad and said “fine.” Walked to the end of the bed to meet his friend, turned around, walked to the blinds and disappeared. Finally, it was like I was no longer paralyzed and I screamed for my mom. I had to explain to my mom’s fiancé what happened, he didn’t believe me so he got my mom and I explained to her what happened but they both kept saying I was dreaming. It took a long time for me to calm down and for my mom to convince me to sleep. But when they both left I realized the blinds were still shaking.

    Over the years the dreams would repeat, it felt like I was on some weird loop that I couldn’t get out of. My mom’s fiancé was fascinated by dreams but he wasn’t a nice man so I never told him about my dreams. Mostly because I feared he would think I was crazy and send me away. When we left the house when I was 14 the dreams stopped. I thought that was the end of it. But it’s been 13 years and I still have strange experiences and dreams but it’s more random and sporadic.

    I lived in a house a few years ago where strange things happened. I would hear growling and it always felt like someone was right behind me. I was decorating the Christmas tree and I swear something grabbed my arm; no one was home at the time. My sister saw a white orb at the house once. She was on the third floor one time heading into the bathroom, she glanced into her boyfriends room to the right of her and she saw “a large figure standing in the middle of the room wearing Brendan’s sweater.” She freaked out and flipped on the light, nothing was there but the sweater was on the floor exactly where the thing was standing. She was never really a believer and didn’t experience anything supernatural so when that happened to her she was completely terrified and has been a believer since.

    Just last year from October to December (roughly) something was terrorizing me again. My sister and I had lost our paternal grandmother in September but whatever was there wasn’t her, the presence felt malevolent. In the middle of the night I’d hear what sounded like hooves walking around my bed. I’d wake up and my stuff would be moved. I heard growling once, saw shadows. And the nightmares came back. I was living with my sister and she didn’t discredit what was happening but wasn’t sure what she believed until we came home one day. Her boyfriend lived with us and no one had been home, we were all out together. I always closed my bedroom door because her dog loves laying on our beds when we aren’t home so no one had been in my room. I flick the light switch but it didn’t work. I try the floor lamp in the corner of my room, it doesn’t turn on either. Nothing would turn on and we hadn’t lost power. I grab new lightbulbs and finally the main light works but the lamp wasn’t working. I check the cord, somehow the lamp was unplugged. I started hating being in my room by myself because of all the weird things going on. One day I’m sitting at my desk painting my nails while my sister’s dog is relaxing on my bed and my sister is standing beside me chatting. I closed the nail polish bottle and just as I’m about to look at my sister we both see the nail polish bottle jump about three inches in the air and land perfectly still. We both freaked out and ran out to the living room. Even my sister’s dog started acting strange, he stopped going close to my room unless my sister was with him. In the morning’s he would love to crawl into the bed with me for a bit, he wouldn’t even enter the door frame; something scared him.

    I know I wrote a lot and some people might not read the whole thing or even believe me. But if you have experienced anything that I’ve written I’d love to know so that I can have someone to talk to. And if anyone has any advice on the dreams or anything else please let me know.

    • 50% or more happed and stil. I read all your post. But i have never told someone becouse i think that they will not belive or think you are crazy

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