Ghetto Dream Symbol


Ghetto – Dreaming about a ghetto is a call to be more giving and a warning of financial problems that will arise because of your poor emotional and spiritual health. Ghettos in your dreams symbolize a destitution in your life that has become unsustainable. Unless you right the poverty of your uncaringness and selfishness by giving to other, more unfortunate people around you, you will be stuck in to ghetto of your soul without any possible way to escape into an enlightened and joyful existence.

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  1. amber nouwens on

    i had a dream i was driving to the place with some people, more like driving them their. then we got out it was this huge building in the middle of nowhere by a river or water or something. the building was surrounded by trees and tall ones and shrubs covered parts of the dull square looking building so it was partly unrecognizable. we went inside and immediately it looked nice inside like a normal home. normal rooms etc on the bottom floor, the walls were wallpapered with flowers, big blue ones, but the wallpaper seemed to be lifting off the walls a bit like it was very old. things were also a bit dusty. then i saw the toilet, normal in one little room by itself, then i turned a corner in the house wasnt sure if i was a llowed by the people i drove here or not but i did and i saw this big long corridoor made from dull grey filthy bricks. with those big flouresant lights above goving only a little light to the horrible drenching place to wash i was seeing. it was quite a long corridoor and then walking down i saw the showers, it had a big shower base tht was cream but covered in filth and the shower base made of plastic had ridges in the mould of it almost like its was slightly corrigatted at random spots on the base. there were no shower walls . just shower heads, big brutal ugly looking shower heads the ones u could adjust to where u want the water to aim but tht was broken they all hung there limp. there were maybe 6 shower heads all up 4 on the back wall and 2 or the right wall, nothing on the left. just concrete bricks on the left as all over. part of the showers on the right were covered from being seen from the hallway as the corridor was skinny. it was almost like this was another world i was stepping into. horrible gahstly feeling. a feeling of death. then i stepped back into the hallway and went down another corridor. this one had the same base with no walls. base almost corrigated as such in random places with few shower heads above tht which u had to step through to get to it….yes the worst part like i described before but this huge dul brick room was worse. it had many shower heads. almost like people would be thrown in there like cattle to shower when they r told to for watever reason. i had the feeling somone was making ‘people do something’. this room had sludge dripping from the brick ceiling. had much more airy space and had a sense of emptiness. i went out of there only to end up in an elivator upstairs where i stayed in this room tht had a nromal toilet and bathrom with it and a man wuld come nd see e everyday for god knows what. any ideas what the heck this is? thankyou much appreciation

  2. I had a dream of not being scared but was in downtown sums… there was a guy with a caged face what does that mean?

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