German Shepherd Dream Symbol


German Shepherd – German Shepherds are guardians of integrity and honor. If you dream about a German Shepherd it means that there has recently been a false smear placed on your reputation and it is very important that you find out what it is so that you can eradicate any problems that might arise from it before it adversely effects your life. Many times our enemies will smear our reputation in order to make themselves look better. However, if you search out and destroy any misconceptions that others may have about you, you will maintain your good name and prosper.

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  1. Dogs are your gardians.I had a dream one time. A germanshepherd was running next to me in the woods….Did not know he was there. I look to my right and there he was……. I pet him….. Then I woke up. He was a beautiful dog

  2. I dreamt of two male German Shephards, twins. They were given to us as a gift. I saw a lot of blue colour on the floor and wall, so I named one Blue. I named the other one Valor, like the Pokemon GO team, also it means to do with courage and such. I’ve never thought of this breed before going to sleep and it showed up in my dream out of nowhere.

  3. I am troubled i keep dreaming dogs last night i dreamt a german shepherd was chasing me i was running fast then i hooked on a fence and it licked my hands….in other occasions i dream ferocious dogs trying ti bite me but cant touch me its troublesome that i keep dreaming dogs.

  4. I dreamt a german shepherd was chasing me and i was running fast then i climb up the fence and hooked on it and the shepherd i was so terrified but the shepherd just licked my hands……..what is so weird is that i have been dreaming dogs a lot i could recall like 15 times already sometimes they bark at me but never hurt me they just can’t reach me….oh and one time i dream the dog so skinny it looked horrible…….why do i dream dogs so much

  5. Lawrence P. on

    I found this website to be very useful, but I have a question, what does it mean when you dream about being a male dalmation mating with a male German Shephard? If anyone knows, please send me the answer at THANK YOU!

  6. Aren’t dream images actually metaphorical expressions of archetypal content, and not smears of reputation?

  7. I found this very useful, except that I still don’t understand how this fits with my dream I’ve tried to interpret it but its strange. My first dream was that some zoo keepers and scientists were trying to breed a German shepherd and a wolf. The second I was in a hotel and my friend there asked if I could look after his German shepherd for him cos they couldn’t keep him quiet during storms, as he was afraid. They knew I was good with dogs so I took him in, and cuddled him until morning. Help?

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