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Geraniums Dream Symbol – Dreaming of geraniums can represent your sexuality. Young girls dreaming of geraniums can mean you will soon meet your future life partner. All your dreams will come true. For women, blooming geraniums represent you receive proposals from several wealthy admirers. You are spoiled for choice. You may even be confused about the best choice. Take your time. Make wise decisions. Seek advice from wise counsel.

geranium-dreamsPots full of brightly colored geraniums adorning a window sill while visiting a friend, is a sign of how much you love your home. Your family and home may mean everything to you. If they are blooming in pots on your window sill, it means you will have a happy life where your heart desires are all fulfilled.

Seeing withered geranium plants means you may have been gossiping or telling other people’s secrets. You need to keep your word. Watering geraniums indicates children need more attention. Have you been neglecting them lately? Picking geraniums in a dream means you will use a situation to your advantage. This may harm you or others.

Yellow geraniums represent a serious outlook on life. Pink geraniums can represent a preference for sexual fantasies. This may symbolize your need to escape the reality of your waking life. Red geraniums let you know you are protected and white ones are thought to repel snakes in your area. This could be a tip for real life or mean there are dishonest people in your life.

Fading geraniums are a sign of issues with family and friends. How do you contribute to the conflict? How much of the drama is your fault? You need to understand and resolve your part in this to ensure future happiness.

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