Generator Dream Symbol


Generator – Dreaming about a generator symbolizes energy and clarity in your life. You cannot achieve anything in your life without the right type of energy and encouragement. The generator represents an overflow of all types of energy. The near future will be full of productivity and you should take full advantage of this time to get as far ahead as you can. Generally, a time of great energy is followed by a time of drought and nonproductive activities. By using this time to its fullest potential, you will save yourself from worry and regret.

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  1. Oluwapelumi Fatai on

    I dreamt of a small generator leaking oil but still working, later, there leaking eventually stopped

  2. Ndu Jennifer on

    I dreamt where I went to carry my neighbour generator to check the electronics I bought newly unfortunately it started burning without no control until burned into ashes.

  3. pst sunny Emovon on

    I dreamt in three occasion that people stole my generator, first was the engine and they where caught. again they broke the fence carry it away, I was looking for it. thirdly, similar thing again. please what is the meaning of this?

  4. I dreamt that my small generator was burning and I couldn’t put off the fire, to my surprise the generator was still working while burning. What is the meaning pls?

  5. I dreamt that I wan bringing Down a very big fat generator with the help of 5 children that are all girls. But physically I have only 2 boys. Pls what is the meaning..

  6. I dreamt of a lady I like coming to my house with my friend and pouring out the fuel out of my generator,I’m confussed,what does this mean…cos I like her,but don’t know of her feelings..

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