Gay Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Gay Dream Symbol – Dreaming about being gay symbolizes insecurity in your sexuality. It is important to allow yourself to shed religious or social preconceptions about homosexuality. That means that you should force yourself to experience it in some way to allow yourself to explore the excitement that same-sex relationships can be full of.

Some psychologist believes that most people have elements of homosexuality within them, and dreaming of these urges can mean a number of things including a desire for parental love, conflict or anxiety with your gender or sexual feelings.

This can mean anything from having sex with a close same-sex friend or playing sexual games with a group of mixed sex company at a party and allowing yourself to be led to same-sex partners. It is important to note that men who allow themselves to experience same-sex relationships are almost always more emotionally balanced and better at social interactions and communication and more self-assured.

In the past, it was common and completely acceptable –even expected in many ways—for young boys to have sexual encounters with other boys their age. Even up to the in the early twentieth century in British all-boy schools, sexual encounters between the students was encouraged and thought to create more pacifistic and refined gentlemen. Women, on the other hand, who experience same-sex encounters, are known to have a greater sexual satisfaction all around.

Gay Relationship

Dreaming of being gay, when you are not in your waking life, symbolizes accepting yourself, and the love and compassion you show to the world. Feeling uncomfortable about gay relationships can reflect your feelings about your own sex. Are you feeling insecure in matters to do with the opposite sex?

When you dream that someone you are attracted to turns out to be gay it reflects your feelings of anxiety that they would never like you anyway. Is there someone in you feel this way about Dreaming of being in a gay relationship means that there are qualities in this person you admire. It can also mean there is something missing from your current relationship. This type of dream is a reflection of your true self if you are in a gay relationship in your waking life.

Inappropriate Pairing

Dreams of an inappropriate pairing can symbolize feelings of not being deserving of love. Maybe you have been hurt in the past and believe you do not belong in a normal relationship. It can also reflect inappropriate feelings you having within yourself about someone or a situation. You need to sort these out to move forward with positive hope.

Gay Sex

A heterosexual dreaming of having sex with someone of the same gender can mean you have complete acceptance of yourself. You have a deep inner connection to your deepest desires. Do you have a great love and passion for life? This can be a sign to get in better touch with your inner feelings. This type of dream does not necessarily mean you have homosexual desires. But, it can mean you are repressing homosexual desires. It could be reminding you to be honest with yourself and the people you love. It could be time to come out. You have nothing to fear.

If you are really not interested romantically in the same sex as you, then this dream can highlight your close relationships with those of the same sex as you. It may even mean you are closer to your friends than you are to your romantic partner. You may need to change this situation.

Being homophobic in your waking life, then your dream can be pushing you to be more open-minded about the differences in others around you. A gay person dreaming of having heterosexual sex can represent the close friendships you have with the opposite sex.

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    • ConsciousDreamer on

      I’m born female but having gender issues, maybe wanting to be a guy but not sure. I had a dream that I had gay intercourse with my ex (that I find annoying). She is a girl. We were now both guys in the dream and it was very explicit.
      I’m not sure what this means.

  1. darkly dreaming on

    I woke this morning after an incredible dream having dreamt of having sex with a childhood ‘friend’ Peter Sinclair. I knew I liked him in some kind of way back then, can’t believe it took this long to come out. I knew I fancied Jamie Mcgeachy and Peter when we were kids, but I was quite scared of Peter, he was a rough kid. I still have homosexual dreams and fantasies about both of them from time to time. Last nights dream was the deepest yet, involving actual ejaculation during the dream too, absolutely soaked my shorts. Couldn’t tell my wife about it at all…obviously. I awoke both exhilarated, excited ….and confused.
    Not only did this dream involve me having sex with him, but probably the best part was him forcing himself on me….o wow… Thanks for letting me write this, it was in some way therapeutic?

  2. I just woke from a dream where I had sex with two men at different times. I’m not gay I have a beautiful girlfriend and I’m not homophobic and also not curious at all about my sexuality. In my dream I was high and then when I came round and realised what I had done I felt totally disgusted and felt terrible because I had also cheated on my girlfriend. When just woke up and realised it was a dream and I’m in bed asleep with my girlfriend I felt so relieved that it was just a dream after all.. WTF does all that mean????

  3. Can you tell me what does it mean having same sex with someone you know in a dream? Lately I have this kind dream.

  4. It doesnt have anything to do with you, but your sister. She needs to write out the dream(s) out completly, recalling as much as she can. Then she needs ro highlight the parts of the dream that stand out or stood out to her the most. From there she will or should be able to track what the dream(s) mean to her. Our dreams of others usually are not about the other person, but us.

  5. What if I’ve been having dreams about girls coming out to me? Not saying that they love me, but just coming out to me as lesbians

  6. I am a girl. I recently had a dream while laying with my girlfriend about two men having sex then one of them killing the other and peeling his skin off, Im confused.

    • Nura Mustapha Balarabe on

      I am a guy, i dream about two gays that i know in really having sex in public place, what does that mean to me. Thanks

  7. My sister have been dreaming regularly about me having sex with the same sex . Mostly, with about 4 other boys. I am a man. And am not gay. Am straight. I love women but I do not relate much with girls. I am the “one-woman” type of guy. So when i have a girlfriend, i stick with just that one girlfriend. And i love my girlfriend so much . This dream is really disturbing me. I feel like its destroying my image in the eyes of my sister. She has been telling my mom about these dreams and my mom called me to tell me to stop it if am gay. But i am, with all my heart, not gay. What could this dream mean?

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