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Family/Social Gathering Dream Symbol

Dreaming of family and social gatherings can simply be your subconscious saying you need to stand together. It is time to unite. For there is strength in numbers. It could be you are drifting apart from family and friends. This is a great time to reconnect.

Seeing a family or social gathering can mean you are transforming. You may be trying to change the way you think or see, or improve yourself in some way. Look at the gathering more closely to get a better idea of what this mean. It may be the qualities of the people at the gathering you need to incorporate into your life.

Conference Dream Symbol

A dream of being at a conference represents new ideas and knowledge. It may be in your waking life you need to listen to the wisdom and opinions of others to form your own judgment. This can be a warning to stay open to the counsel of other people. The key is to be flexible in your thinking before reaching a conclusion.

Convention Dream Symbol

When you dream of being at a convention it symbolizes your need to connect with those you care about. You may also need to find new ways for better communication. You may need to keep in mind the way you communicate. Are you mindful of others’ needs? Are you overbearing or too forceful? Do you not speak your mind? You may need to be more collaborative with those your decisions and choices affect. The type of convention in your dream will give you greater insight into the areas you need to work on in your life.

Meeting Dream Symbol

Dreaming of a work meeting is not a positive omen. If you are in conflict with those you work with in your dream, this reflects trouble in your waking life. Attending a work meeting is a sign you are trying to work collaboratively to move forward. It can also mean there is some confusion in your life. It is a time for inner reflection for greater clarity.

When you dream of a work meeting where you are arguing your point, this may be a time where you need to stand up for your beliefs. There may be unresolved issues in your life. Being active in a meeting is a sign you may need to be more realistic about something at work or in your career.

Setting a meeting date warns to be wary of how much you reveal of yourself. There are those close to you who do not reveal their true selves. Cancelling a meeting represents your adaptable nature in your real life.

Club Dream Symbol

Dreaming of a nightclub is about your social side. It can represent where you are at in your waking life. Are you the life of the party? Do you take life seriously? You may need to become more serious about your life if you want to get ahead.

Commune Dream Symbol

Dreaming of being part of a commune warns you maybe becoming reclusive. This may mean that you value your independence and do things your own way in your waking life. A commune can also symbolize a family, group, or club you belong to where you share a passion with like-minded people.

Crowd Dream Symbol

When you dream of a crowd you need to consider its spiritual meaning. Crowds in a dream can mean there are times where you just want to blend in with your surroundings. You may not want to “stand out from the crowd”. It can also mean that at this point in time you have lost your sense of direction.

Consider the people in the crowd. A happy crowd, having fun, is a positive dream and reflects things are going well in your waking life. An angry mob can mean you have trouble communicating with others. A crowd at a sporting match reflects your sense of isolation. A demonstration of the people is a sign your opinion is sought out and valued.

Secret Order Dream Symbol

When you dream of a secret order it can relate to the cultivation of new ideas. Opportunities may soon cross your path for happiness and recognition for your achievements. Joining a secret order can mean there are friendships around you based on hidden agendas. This may be you or someone close to you.

A woman meeting the leader of a secret order is a warning to resist temptations that can conflict with your personal integrity. Seeing your mother join a secret order, and you do everything in your power to get to abandon her vows, is a sign that someone close to you has made promises they are unlikely to keep. You may help them extricate themselves from the situation without embarrassment. Learning the head of the secret order is dead can mean there will be much tension over a complicated situation. Persevere and things will eventually work out.

Tribe Dream Symbol

Dreaming of a tribe represents looking at things logically to make the hard decisions. This can mean you need to stay in touch with the outside world. Do not live too much within yourself or you can create your own challenges. You need to listen to the wisdom of others with differing opinions, and views of the world, to enrich your own thought processes.

Seeing yourself as a member of a tribe can mean there is something in your waking life you cannot believe is happening. You may find this stressful and annoying as it takes up too much of your valuable time. A tribe of native people can mean you will soon stumble across a secret. A nomadic tribe can mean you will have a brief, passionate affair. A tribe of warriors symbolizes luck and a happy love life.

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  1. I dreamt that I was walking on a street with someone next to me. All of a sudden I heard people calling my name and cheering loudly for me in a happy way. I then walked into a building and watched the street crowd from a window, where they were still cheering and calling my name. I then woke up.

  2. My dream starred as a gathering
    It was a group close and old friends. And some of tier friends that I didn’t know. In the dream I was focusing on the females. As we do in our waking life. Suddenly we were all outside a ruAL area on the road . And a truck of mixed races drove past on the bed of a truck. Staring at us. It seems they came with a tuff guy agenda. I myself gave them a nasty look along with a putting up of my hands in the air to show them I wasn’t afraid. They kept driving. They end up coming back slow and ominous All of the what look like 6 to 7 young men. They started chasing us all. I ran with the closet FrI end I knew there and we ran to the he samestreet. The other chose their own streets. When I got to end of theoheierohe road where I would normally cross thru a trail to be in my yard. One of the men was waiting right there. It seemd like he didn’t speak English or anything in the world at least. When I try ed to run away from him. He had put a invisible force field like a heavyBox with a strong rubber band on it and I was attached to to he rubber band. I was confused at why I couldn’t leave. Then all of a sudden the earth around me appeard to be burned down. My house was old and seem like it had Been through war or fire. The moon came down from the sky and and moved near the groud. Floating and acting as if it didn’t know it was out of the sky but on a new play groud it had yet to be apart of. Then I woke up

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