Gate Dream Symbol


Gate – The gate is a symbol of a new chapter in your life. If you dream about a closed gate it means that you are not quite ready to leave the present chapter of your life yet and that there are things left undone that must be completed. If you dream about an open gate that you cannot pass through, it means that you are unable to let go of a part of your past that you need to let go of before you can move on with your destiny.

If you dream about passing through an open gate it means that you are now entering a new part of your lifetime and you should feel excited about the new promise that is all around you. You are no longer help back by past experiences or preconceptions. Allow yourself to open up to new possibilities.

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  1. I had a dream that when I got to the gate, I heard u are to pay a sum of money before u are allowed to pass through , but someone paid for me so that I can pass through.

  2. Alexander-Ileogben on

    Thanks for your interpretation on gate dreams but mine was a little different and I would greatly appreciate if you help me out with it’s precise meaning,i dreamt I was driving then when I got to a gate the gatekeeper refused me access and I tried to explain to him even when he allowed others he bluntly refused and I was about to get forceful and threatened him I was going to break the gates and his legs with my car when I suddenly woke up,what does this dream means?

  3. Dreamt I was waiting in line for the army to let us through the the gate one by one. The soldier didn’t ask any questions he was just letting them in except when it was my turn, the soldier asked me “what a you doing here” I said randomly “shopping” then he said “how long a you going to be here” I said “just for the day”, he looked at me with a big smile, I didn’t know if it was scary or positive thing. He opened the gate and said “go”. That’s when I woke up.

  4. I had a dream I was at a car toll gate but they needed money for access and I paid it then the gate opened and I passed.

  5. Logan Martin on

    I had a dream where I was walking down the street and I saw a figure ahead of me. The figure was deformed, and I remember thinking to myself, they just want to be loved. When I came to pass the figure, it looked over at me and said ” I just want to be loved.”

    Then it looked into my eyes, and said “open the gate.”

    I was so jarred by this, that I immediately woke. This dream happened approximately three days ago, and I’ve been troubled by it since.

  6. I had 2 dreams recently….

    First dream……i was in my earlier house…east side of the house….i saw a green and blue patched cat with thorns on it(instead of fur)….i chased that cat out of the house(through the channel in the east)….
    The cat left a dead chicken on the stairs…. as i looked out of that channel…i saw everything was shaking violently and my neighbours were shouting “EARTHQUAKE!!! EARTHQUAKE!!!” …but i was in my house and it was not shaking at all…but everything outside my house was shaking so violently…and in my dream…i wasnt scared at all…..

    Second dream….
    I was in my college garden…with one of my friend who was already sitting with his group…i went to him to give him something to eat …which i already had….. then…one of my classmate started snatching the packet of food….i gave him a slap………..then all of a sudden, me with all my classmates were in a bus travelling somewhere…..i saw myself on a wheelchair(i dont use one…i can walk like a normal human being in real life)….then the bus reached a huge house…it was so huge that bus took turns infront of every room…the house was so huge and like a maze…at the end we reached the exit gate of the house…
    All of a sudden…i was out of my bus…on my wheel chair..and pushed that huge gate to open…the bus moved outside….then suddenly…i was ready to climb in the bus…i stood up….then…. there was a person next to me ….and i was sad…and i asked him as to how will i be able to be on that wheelchair again….

  7. Dreamt (April 23, 2017) that i went to London…never been there in real life. It seems like some students were there. One of them told me abt a certain house, the name of it and that it’s the most unqiue house in london. We found it and the goal was just to take a picture iin front of the gate. When we were getting ready to take the picture, (i was the one whose picture was gonna be taken) two kids came out. The girl was older. I went up to her and started asking h er questions. First question, “what’s your name? ” she told me. I told her my name and shook her hand. I asked about the name engraved on the gate, it was pure iron. I asked, “the name on the gate says caribbean. Where in the caribbean were you from?” She said Jamaica. I was thrilled because I’m from JA too ( i am for real ). Then i asked her where exactly, she told me but i don’t remember or i didn’t understand so she said, “we Are maroons” i said, “do you know the Abeng ?” Surprisingly, it was on a furniture close to h er, she played it. Then when she was finished, i wiped tears from my eyes has i said “when i h ear this, i get so emotional “

  8. mathabo mbele on

    I dreamed that I was letting people into the gates of my house and I was locking them inside because I didn’t want thieves to harm us,then I went outside and I saw my love interest then we went into my mothers house and locked the gates so we could be together, please explain

  9. I dreamt i Helped create a huge garden for a big company with a boss like my old one Jim Thomas. I dreamt it was huge with lots of workers and they feed us. That i had a piano that unfolded into a club house with a desk. But you needed a key to fold it up again. It even had a white picked fence. That they made 500 extra meals a day that were wasted. That i went looking around in huge piles of dirt on tractors to the front of everything. I was trying to spy on what they did at the first car but I couldn’t. That i walked out the front gate and saw another girl walking. She said she hated working for the shipyard.
    That they made her have sex with them sometimes and that she wanted sodas and cokes and. temp.tattoos if they did. We walked to a bowling alley together to get our checks cashed….what does this dream mean?

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