Gasoline Dream Symbol


Gasoline – Dreaming about gasoline means that you are about to receive a boon in your everyday life that will allow you to open a door that was previously closed to you. New and promising opportunities are coming your way and this is the fuel that will help you get there. Keep your eyes open for the possibility of a new relationship or career that carries with it the promise of a brighter future. Good things are coming your way, but remember that gasoline is also extremely dangerous when misused.

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  1. What does it mean when frequently dream about advancement in career reaching the level you have not reached. Also promotion at work which you don’t expect before finishing advancing in career?

  2. Raymond Dillon on

    I had a dream i give four thousand liberian dollars for five gallons of gas and the the guy who help me only came with four gallons of gas when i wanted to talk the boy that was at the pump said they will give me the balance one gallon. That’s how the dream ended.

  3. I had a dream where a lady soaked me with petrol and there was heavy fire around me but I did not get burned

  4. Hi I had a dream I was driving my friend car n I stop at the gas station I put gas in the car I full it up , I go pay for the gas , I had a lottery ticket I check on the machine it shows me I won 2300 + 24 on top then give to the guy to check it he tells me now didn’t win he throw out my ticket he wouldn’t give it back .. tell me what it means

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