Gang Dream Symbol


Gang – Dreaming about gangs is usually indicative of social fears and inhibitions. You are bringing up very potent and emotionally laden issues from your past and need to take the time to work through them, especially the ones that are related to your social life.

It is important for you to realize that the people all around you, even those that you simple live nearby or pass on the street, are not against you in this life. Every single person around you is on the same journey to happiness and enlightenment. By opening yourself up to new experiences and uncomfortable personalities, you will enrich your life and begin to heal the social gaps that have accrued over the years.

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  1. Natalia murillo on

    Ive dreamt that I got into an argument with my mom & run away & on the way I ran into the hood and I than got caught up in a shoot out where I become a gang member. Once I was onto my boyfriends house I started driving with the leader of the gang and the cops were following us. I drove to room where I found a women and her babies. I put my gang in separate closet with the women and I grabbed her babies and pretended they were mine when the cops came. They let me go & I let both the women and the baby go. Soon after that the men in the gang followed me and protected me. When going to my boyfriends house there was another shoot out and one of the people in my gang got shot but I stayed with they and helped them. My mom kept calling and trying to find me but I didn’t want to be found. But later on my gang drove me to my house and I woke up from there… and the day before I dreamt that a gang was chasing me but I woke up to the sound of my heart beat.

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