Gambling (Casino) Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Gambling Dream Symbol – Dreaming about gambling is a very unusual thing. It may mean any of several things and it is up to the dreamer to correctly interpret it. Gambling and winning in a dream may mean that it is time to take a big risk or that a recent risk that you have taken will pay off.

Dreaming about gambling and losing might mean the opposite. Although these are the most common interpretations of this dream there are others that completely negate these. For example, if you dream about gambling and winning it could also mean that major positive changes are coming, but that taking a risk will jeopardize it, even though you think that you are winning.

Dreams of gambling symbolizes your need to change your life for the better. Seeing yourself gambling can mean the damage is already done. It is a warning to stop taking so many risks. Gambling on a game like poker or Keno, then the warning is super urgent. You need to take notice straight away. Before you lose everything.

Gambling in a casino relates to the risks you take in your waking life. It can warn to stop and think about the pros and cons of something before jumping in. Having the ability to gamble can symbolize your ability to connect to your gut instincts. Or, it can remind to follow your intuition.

Casino Dream Meanings

Dreams of a casino indicates you like to gamble. Are you a risk-taker? Do you like to try new things to see the result? Negatively, casino dreams can warn you take too many risks. Are you insecure? Do you need some stability in your life? You need to take control.

A shy person dreaming of a casino indicates you need to loosen up. Be spontaneous. Take more chances in life. An outgoing person dreaming of a casino indicates you may need to put thought into things rather than relying on ‘winging it’ and good luck. Do you often act impulsively?

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  1. My best friend just had a dream about me loosing all my money gambling ,she then was trying to find my brother to help me ,she went to the bus stop to look for him ( my brother is very wealthy and never takes the bus z) she then went on dreaming that I was a waitress and was not earning well. .please help us interpret this dream ..Thank you

  2. I dreamt of my dad who has recently passed away. I was walking around a mall and there was a slot machine section, I found my dad playing on the slot machines, he was addicted and didn’t really notice me, he was more focused on the machines. I guy was talking to him and said that he had alfrwady wasted money playing them and he should stop.
    I was so happy to see my dad, I kept saying I loved him and that he should stop playing the machines.
    He said ok but I knew he wasn’t really listening, I gave him a huge hug and began to cry, I then woke up. Does anyone know what this could mean?

  3. I had a dream that I was gambling with some street ouchin and my younger brother was there with me. I won a lot of money from them but they insist I keep playing and I can’t leave until their money is finish so I had to deceive them and ran away with the money gave part of it to your girlfriend but my brother was still there with them am wondering what does this dream mean? And also I was hiding from my friend mom in the dream with the guys am gambling with. Am so anxious and I want to know what this means.

  4. Michael Babatunde on

    I had a dream that I was given some certain numbers to play and the person still remember me to play my dream numbers in that same dream and also asked me to play for him. Given numbers (20, 45) dream numbers (14, 15). Do it was getting late but I managed to play my slip and got the slip but unable to play for the person that sent me to 0lay the game. Please any awaken meaning to this game.

    • I had a dream that a well known pastor was trying to join me and my ex wife together….i had a dream that a friend looses money in a gambling. I had a dream that my elder brother just walk in to where am staying without informing me before.while I was complaining in my dream that i need to be making money everyday, a man walk in and gave me some liquid to drink in a plastic and also drink from it. Please i like to no the meaning. Thanks

  5. Hi I had a dream last night I won 72000 dollars .I am a gambling addict and I recently spent way too much money and now I’m broke . I have a pretty good idea of why I’m having these dreams, but what do you think

  6. I had a dream that I won slot machine and I give $100 dollars to my family who was around me..
    I am really not a casino person but what does it means?

  7. Amberly Ferguson on

    I dreamed of being on a island for a memorial service . Playing poker in honor of the man that passed away. As the poker game is being played a bolder falls of the cliff. I remember the game tables being outside. I don’t feel like I was loosing the game nor winning. Just playing . Yet I felt like a spectator to the gambling almost out of body . Watching the game but knowing I was the one playing the game.

  8. I dreamed that I was at the casino but the game was on the ceiling and I couldn’t reach. There was a lady there who worked there and we ran off to the highway.. lol

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