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Gambler Dream Symbol – A gambler represents a risk taker who likes to play the odds. If you have a gambling dream that involves playing the lottery and winning, it can indicate that you like to go by your intuition and hunches. Even in the face of doubt among others, you will still follow your gut instincts.

Are you someone who likes to follow your gut and listen to your instincts? Are you a risk taker? Gamblers all have specific traits that are universal among people who are willing to take risks.

GamblerAnother symbol that the gambler can represent is someone who is irresponsible and takes unnecessary risk. This dream could be indicate that you haven’t been acting in the best interest of you or the people around you.

The gambler can also indicate a lying and cheating behavior from you are someone you know in your life. You might be doing things that may be considered morally wrong. This dream could be telling you that you need to change your ways. It can also indicate that you may have underlying insecurities that you need to address.

Someone who repeatedly dreams about gambling in online sports betting, poker, or slot machines, may be addicted to gambling in their waking life. If you are a gambler and you dream about gambling, you should consider trying to find a balance in your life. Perhaps this dream is a sign that you should seek help for your gambling problem.

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