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Galaxy – Dreaming about a galaxy symbolizes a journey of enlightenment. The journey will not take place on a physical plane, but rather the astral plane, or in a spiritual and emotional part of you. If you dream about a clockwise spiral galaxy, it means that you should start meditating on your future and the goals and achievements that you hope to accomplish.

If you dream about a counterclockwise spiral galaxy, it means that you should meditate on your past and how you arrived to where you are today. If you dream about a cluster galaxy, it means that you should meditate on your present in a way that is completely detached from past decisions and future goals.

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  1. I dreamed last night that the sky was covered in beautiful spiral galaxies. Also visible was the debris of old satellites in a ring slightly obscuring the galaxies. The spirals were rotating clockwise, but I don’t think the dream was personal, so I don’t think the meditation suggestion applies. Rather I think it was about the dream being time sensitive. It seemed clear that the galaxies were multiple centers of a new post-Ptolemaic, post-Copernican cosmology in which the center was not earth and was not even the sun, but consisted of multiple centers existing within many star fields.

  2. I came to this site for my dream interpretation.

    Last night I dreamt of seeing huge galaxies in a was so beautiful. ..vibrant colours of gold, most purple…

    I remembered I was in a mountain…it was cold & there was an old couple…they were preparing meals for me…

    I wish I could stay on…

  3. My fiance and I were out, when we stopped to look at the sky. It was beautiful, when it became something more, every color in the sky spun around the stars and I knew I was looking at the cosmos in all its glory. I looked away, and saw a coffee shop, which I entered alone and there I saw a man I knew. We spoke, it had been too long since we’d seen one another. Then a woman he knew came to gather him, but he didn’t want to leave. He was amendment that he did not want to go. As he argued, I could see my fiance still gazing at the heaven from a window. My phone rings, and it’s my fiance saying we have to go. But I wasn’t ready yet. The woman has disappeared and my friend is left to speak with me and again we speak of mundane things. I step outside and say to my fiance to go on ahead, I will catch up, not pleased but willing to do so, he leaves. And when I reenter the coffee shop, my things are piled on one table and my friend is fearful. He doesn’t want to leave and he wants my help to stay. When i speak, my teeth begin to fall out, and i call my fiance to tell him I won’t make our appointment. I need to see a dentist. With every word I speak I lose another tooth, which I tuck under my tongue so as not to swallow them. But too many have come loose and I begin to spit them out in a cup. Then I wake. After I mill about, thinking on the dream I realize the man in the coffee shop was a man I knew at my work place who died, two months prior.

    I can interpret most of the symbolism of the dream pieces on their own, both psychologically and with current or past life events. But what strikes, and confuses me is how they all appear in this one dream and I don’t know how interpret them as a whole. Any thoughts?

  4. I literally just had this dream last night. I woke up feeling almost enlightened in a way…not to sound like a crazy hippie or anything. It was so vivid and real. I could see the Milky Way. The moon was rotating very oddly and rapidly. I could see the entire galaxy. What does it mean? A troubled past? Focus on the now? Or the future?

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