Gag Dream Symbol


Gag – Gagging represents a blockage or communicative obstacle in your life. If you dream that you are about to gag, it means that you will soon have a breakdown of effective communication in the near future. If you dream that you are actively gagging in  your dream it means that there is something that is bothering you that you want to get out, but are having trouble doing.

If someone else is gagging in your cream, it means that they feel an inhibition communicating with you or others in their life. This dream comes up when the subject that is not being communicated is very important to you and needs to be brought up. Usually it deals with something is morally or ethically in a gray area, but that people take very defensive stances about. Dreaming about gagging is a message that you should try to communicate your feelings in a passive way. Try to hold down as much as possible. Make an effort to gradually desensitize your loved ones to the idea that is bothering you. Letting it all out at once will create confusion, disgust and embarrassment.

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  1. Very interesting. I have recently had dreams where in the dream I become nauseous in the dream for different reasons and then I will physically gag which subsequently wakes me up. When I awake I truly feel nauseated…

  2. I had a dream I was passionately kissing my partner and gagged and was sick as I was being sick white fluid almost like milk was coming up. Then I pulled the stuff from my throat and threw it on the floor then all of sudden I was choking and the white stuff kept coming out my throat and eventually pulled it out and threw the last bit on the floor with it looked like a clog of hair covered in the white stuff with a nut like thing in the middle of it. In my dream I new it wasn’t my fault so I opened my partners mouth like it must be from inside there he didn’t seem bothered by what happened I was disgusted. Al that was on him was the white stuff around his mouth nothing inside or down his throat. Please help what the meaning of this dream could be? So confused!!!

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