Fruit Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Fruit Dream Symbol – Dreaming about fruit can mean many different things depending upon what kind of fruit and what condition it is in. In general, dreaming about rotten fruit or fruit that is infested with insects or worms is a very negative omen. If you dream about perfectly ripe fruit it means that something good is happening. One other interpretation of the fruit dream is to translate it into the readiness of the ventures you have recently started.

fruit-dreamsIf you dream about a ripe fruit it means that it is time to collect your reward while it is perfect. Unripe fruit means that it is not ready yet, while overripe fruit means that you have waited too long and should let it sit to see if a tree sprouts from it.

Dreaming of fruit can mean you are going to make positive changes sometime soon. But, if the fruit is rotten, this can mean you miss out on an opportunity. Seeing fruit, in general means good health, wellbeing, and abundance. It can also mean there are family disagreements; however, these will resolve quickly.

Planting fruit seeds can mean that your children mean everything to you. They are close friends as well as your children. You may share everything with them. Collecting fruit can indicate that people you do not warm to when you first meet, may become good friends when you get to know each other better. Falling fruit can mean you are currently unhappy. You can change this by choosing to take action.

Dreaming of washing fruit can mean you meet new people on your travels. This is a warning to be careful of taking them at face value. Slicing fruit means there may soon be trouble with your partner, but once you both clear the air you will move forward together. Peeling fruit symbolizes the possibility of an engagement in the near future. While eating fruit indicates you will have a fun, safe trip.

Dried Fruit

Eating dried fruit in a dream is symbolic of knowledge and money, and that soon you will be blessed with success. If someone is eating bad tasting fruit and it makes them sick in the dream, this can mean you will come by money illegally or you are going to get sick. Seeing your favorite dried fruit in a dream means you will you will profit from your hard work and the amount you earn is equal to the level of effort you put in.

Exotic Fruit

Dreaming of exotic fruit is a message that you have all you need to do whatever it is you want in your life. It can symbolize the rich pleasures of life along with rest and relaxation.


Dates growing on a tree is a symbol of joy and happiness. This is a time to enjoy some time out. Take some time for rest and relaxation. It can also be in reference to a calendar date, an appointment, or a romantic date. Eating dates are a sign you are unhappy. You may be materialistic and no matter how much you have; it never makes you happy.

Additional Fruit Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of fruit is a sign your actions in the immediate future will bring positive results. If the fruit is rotten, it is a warning you may have already missed an important opportunity. This will make you sad and cause future misunderstandings. Eating fruit that is distasteful represents a new project has not yet begun. You need to have patience.

When fruit is a highlight of your dream it can also mean, this is a time of growth. Check the descriptions for individual piece of fruit, as they all have different meanings. Fruit falling from a tree warns of misery while a tree full of fruit is a sign of good health and prosperity. Gathering fruit is a sign of abundance and happiness coming into your life.

Bitter fruits are a sign of disharmony in some area of your life. Sour fruits are a warning you may be affected by illness in the near future. Weighing fruit indicates you will get that change in career you desire. Buying fruit can mean someone is going to deliberately try to cheat you.

Fruit ice-cream is a warning you have a debt you need to pay. If you leave it any longer, you it could cost you dearly. Fruit with a bite out of it is a sign you have come to a realization too late. You have missed the opportunity presented to you. You may have to proceed with tact and diplomacy. Eating fruit is a message that abundance will soon be a part of your life.

Red fruit is a sign you will have good health and enjoy the pleasures of a luxurious life. Green fruits bring good luck, and are a sign that you have many, varied interests and passions you enjoy. You will live a long, happy life with much joyous success.

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  1. Your Comment I had a dream where I met ma sisters on a dinner table wit a bowl of”D_ball” as I was abt to take some, I was told it was for sale .They told me the price and I replied that it was too expensive so I didnt buy the fruit.

  2. In my dream I saw a ripe grape fruit while I was with some friends so I shouted that I have seen beautiful ripe grape fruit and they all run to plug some, in the course of that the fruit scattered on the floor so I had Few and upon eating it was sweet that I didn’t watch the inside of the fruit but immediately I watched the inside and the inside was rotten, please what does it mean

  3. What about tree bearing fruits of different tree ,for instance cashew tree bearing fruits of sweet Apple . ?

  4. I was slicing/cutting a fruit (it looked like kiwi or tomato) into half. Just as I was about to eat those I saw maggots, in one and then when I picked up the other half it had even more and bigger maggots. Whatever the fruit was, it looked greenish.

    • Good thing is coming your way which is the fruit, dividing it, is making inquiring and there’s two choices which you have to make one. But there is an obstacle which is Margot.

  5. I had a dream where I was eating the best green apple of my life ( I hate green apples) but for some reason it was in my childhood bedroom and I was watching Mulan 2 I saw the scene where the grandma gave them the yin and yang necklaces. Then I started focusing on the apple like it was the best apple in the world, just eating and enjoying it. Then when I was near finished I looked up and the TV was off, but I looked straight at my clock and it read 12:00 in bright red numbers and I woke up.

  6. Kristy Adams on

    I have had one dream that I had a cut on my leg and when it was opened, my leg was full of plastic fruit. I had the same dream a while back but instead of fruit, peas came spewing out of my body…. It was so bizarre… It has to mean something….

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