Fruit Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Fruit Dream Symbol – Dreaming about fruit can mean many different things depending upon what kind of fruit and what condition it is in. In general, dreaming about rotten fruit or fruit that is infested with insects or worms is a very negative omen. If you dream about perfectly ripe fruit it means that something good is happening. One other interpretation of the fruit dream is to translate it into the readiness of the ventures you have recently started.

fruit-dreamsIf you dream about a ripe fruit it means that it is time to collect your reward while it is perfect. Unripe fruit means that it is not ready yet, while overripe fruit means that you have waited too long and should let it sit to see if a tree sprouts from it.

Dreaming of fruit can mean you are going to make positive changes sometime soon. But, if the fruit is rotten, this can mean you miss out on an opportunity. Seeing fruit, in general means good health, wellbeing, and abundance. It can also mean there are family disagreements; however, these will resolve quickly.

Planting fruit seeds can mean that your children mean everything to you. They are close friends as well as your children. You may share everything with them. Collecting fruit can indicate that people you do not warm to when you first meet, may become good friends when you get to know each other better. Falling fruit can mean you are currently unhappy. You can change this by choosing to take action.

Dreaming of washing fruit can mean you meet new people on your travels. This is a warning to be careful of taking them at face value. Slicing fruit means there may soon be trouble with your partner, but once you both clear the air you will move forward together. Peeling fruit symbolizes the possibility of an engagement in the near future. While eating fruit indicates you will have a fun, safe trip.

Dried Fruit

Eating dried fruit in a dream is symbolic of knowledge and money, and that soon you will be blessed with success. If someone is eating bad tasting fruit and it makes them sick in the dream, this can mean you will come by money illegally or you are going to get sick. Seeing your favorite dried fruit in a dream means you will you will profit from your hard work and the amount you earn is equal to the level of effort you put in.

Exotic Fruit

Dreaming of exotic fruit is a message that you have all you need to do whatever it is you want in your life. It can symbolize the rich pleasures of life along with rest and relaxation.


Dates growing on a tree is a symbol of joy and happiness. This is a time to enjoy some time out. Take some time for rest and relaxation. It can also be in reference to a calendar date, an appointment, or a romantic date. Eating dates are a sign you are unhappy. You may be materialistic and no matter how much you have; it never makes you happy.

Additional Fruit Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of fruit is a sign your actions in the immediate future will bring positive results. If the fruit is rotten, it is a warning you may have already missed an important opportunity. This will make you sad and cause future misunderstandings. Eating fruit that is distasteful represents a new project has not yet begun. You need to have patience.

When fruit is a highlight of your dream it can also mean, this is a time of growth. Check the descriptions for individual piece of fruit, as they all have different meanings. Fruit falling from a tree warns of misery while a tree full of fruit is a sign of good health and prosperity. Gathering fruit is a sign of abundance and happiness coming into your life.

Bitter fruits are a sign of disharmony in some area of your life. Sour fruits are a warning you may be affected by illness in the near future. Weighing fruit indicates you will get that change in career you desire. Buying fruit can mean someone is going to deliberately try to cheat you.

Fruit ice-cream is a warning you have a debt you need to pay. If you leave it any longer, you it could cost you dearly. Fruit with a bite out of it is a sign you have come to a realization too late. You have missed the opportunity presented to you. You may have to proceed with tact and diplomacy. Eating fruit is a message that abundance will soon be a part of your life.

Red fruit is a sign you will have good health and enjoy the pleasures of a luxurious life. Green fruits bring good luck, and are a sign that you have many, varied interests and passions you enjoy. You will live a long, happy life with much joyous success.

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  1. I had a dream that i turned into grapes, like the giant grape guy that says “I’m gonna grape you in the mouth” or the grape guy from fruit of loom commercials. I’ve had 3 times and my sister each time turned into a different fruit. It was like picking a magic/ pokemon card and then transforming into it. But what we picked was always fruit. How do I interpret this?

  2. I had a dream a while ago before I woke up. There’s a two kind of fruit in my dream the first one is color green and the shape of that fruit is different from the others and the size of that fruit is bigger than a red cherry and it shape like a curve star its hard to explain the size but its very interesting and they are plenty I want to pick up some of that but the guard warned me that is not yet the time to pick it up so I didnt pick it up. And the second fruit in my dream it has two color the upper color of the fruit is color yellow and the lower part is green. Whats the meaning of that?

  3. Okay so ok dreamth i was eith my mom grocery shopping and i saw my boss she was kb a elctrc scooter of some sort she was pixking out jack fruit or durain fruit but thr small kind also i wanna to hold her baby . Im real life her sons 2 now but in the dreamnhes smalll like really relsly small i held him he started crying so o tried to put him back but didnt know how she wantedme to lay himso she dif it and i woke up. I didnt touch thr fruit nothing else. Anyome tell me what this dream means?

  4. Joe Alphonse on

    I got dream about buying all sort of goods fruits like apple, banana etc.. very less price and can’t believe that price in a big stalls. My basket is full of fruits. Please explain about this dream. Thank you.

  5. I dreamt of picking red wild cherries from a bush, i wanted to give it to this one guy who i guess i liked. I was eating the wild cherries as i was picking them and putting them into a basket. I woke up before i could give it to him.

    • I had a dreamt i Was in a room filled with fruits,i Was eating red wild berries and i offered some to a man but he refused and told he has a fare with someone else.

  6. I recently offered red apples in a temple during prayaer session. Last night i had a dream of cutting that same apple and it was infested with insects.

    • I dreamt of a garden that was planted by me, I didn’t even remember that I planted something in a garden as such I never did any work like weeding the garden but even at that those things I planted bear so much fruits without minding the grasses, some the fruits were pumpkin fruits, cucumbers etc. The cucumbers were so fresh and we’re the types I like most for eating., they weren’t ripe nor too young to harvest and I plucked so many in my hands that I couldn’t carry any more while there were still many on the sterm.
      My sisters, in-law, nieces were mentioning my name in that dream that even if I was to plant those things on rocky ground that they will still bear fruit for me that I am known for that.
      Please, can someone help me interpret that for me?

  7. Maduabuchi ujunwa on

    I dreamt where a big water melon fell from a tree and fell directly to my hand..please am in need of its meaning

    • It likely means a good opportunity that will favor you and from an unexpected source. Stay prayerful though.

  8. I dreamt of someone that I’ve had feelings for. They we’re standing outside of my window, looking in and smiling. They ended up climbing inside through the window, and they happily handed me two red and ripe apples. I don’t usually have dreams that seem too symbolic, or I forget them, so I have been curious about this one.

    • Rhoda Oyefemi on

      I believe this is a good one, not to throw away cautions though I but this person will likely do you good in life.

  9. I dreamt about blue ripe mangoes and someone asked a bite and i refused and i had all the mangoes and some other fruit i dont remember cut into pieces and stored in a a large box i also saw grapes of both tje colors

  10. As for I dreamt of many over-ripen indigenous bush fruits. Some were rotten while others were still fine and I picked one and ate it immediately. This fruit was so fulfilling and nice. And beside the fruits were big cabbages growing in a small garden. Don’t know what this could mean.

    • Molly suntheran on

      I dreamt of lots of different fruit on a huge tree all of them where green,lemons, lime, mangoes, bananas, but then I saw another tree with lots of ripe bananas ready to pluck.

  11. I dreamt taking an apple which has been bite,then started removing decayed layers on an apple then giving it to an old lady.

  12. My dream was so vivid…

    Average sized, it was the most green tree ever, bearing the most red apples I’ve ever seen. The backdrop to the scenery was breathtaking green garden. The brightest green leaves covered the tree intensely. Not one foul leave. The tree was full of red ripe big apples. The ground was neatly toiled and still a little wet from watering. The ground looked so fresh and I could smell gardening. Everything seemed so neat.

    I could feel happiness as I went to the tree I picked a ripe red apple straight from the tree. I picked two I think, maybe three. Then I went through a very green flowering garden the opposite way (looked like my home but it wasn’t) and started eating the red apple. It was so good. Had a joyous feeling… then

    Back at the tree I could again see the tree bearing red apples as well as green big pears, all from the same tree. I couldn’t stop looking at the marvelous tree. This time the leaves were less but the fruits were more. Apples & Pears from the same branches. I couldn’t stop staring.

    Finished the apple to the core. Was looking at it and thinking about seeds… Then, I saw small golden bees. A pair of three that looked back at me from the middle core of the red apple I just ate. I just laughed and they flew off.

    I wake-up thereafter.

    { Note: I could word this better but this is the sequence I remember. Thought I share this. }

  13. I had a dream that I was walking in a flea market with my mother and she grabbed a slice of fruit from a vendors blessing plate. His face was in shock and when she turned to put it back he shook his head to she walked off and ate it.

  14. I dreamt of myself making lord ganesha and Hanumanji out of apple and papaya and was appreciating my skill. Also there were many beautiful apples and Papaya on Floor waiting for me to be carved in Ganeshaji and Hanumanji.

  15. Hi,

    I had a dream that i was standing under a very big cherry tree, full of big and ripe and red cherry. I was surprised of this big tree full of fruit. What is the meaning of this dream?

  16. Dreams come from 3 places. Or in other words there are 3 types of dteams. Some come from God. Some come from Satan. And some come from a multitude of thoughts. In other words first thing to find out is do you think this is something you should concern yourself with? In other words is this a dream that comes from God/satan or did your mind just make up a dream by merging a lot of your thoughts together? The really wierd dreams are usualy just the mind merging thoughts together.

  17. So far what i experienced is that dreams carry different meaning for every individual. So please be patiance and observe carefully after you dream. Later you will slowly start to know the meaning of your dream yourself

  18. I was dreaming that there was a lot of red fruit lying on the floor but one green apple sat in the middle. As i went to reach the apple i suddenly noticed i was pregnant and so a guy cane and pickrd it up for me. So i thought it was a good dream haha.

    • It seems like its probly just a dream that comes from a multitude of thoughts. For example u could have talked about being prego or somebody mentioned it to u.

  19. I had dream I was at my mother’s house and suddenly there was this big trees of of fruits Oranges, apples and ovacados, the ovacados were ripe greenish yellowish like soft and big one was open and eaten by birds. Then a man came over and handed me a red apple. Please help translate

    • Really Giantmember on

      Sounds like something to do with GREAT PROVIDENCE associated with your mother – something to do with assistance or access being given by a male figure – an offer of great success with an immediate taste as incentive…? JUST GUESSING.

  20. I dreamt that my sons father was laying beside me with a bag of green apples, I also didn’t have any underwear on, but when he opened the apple it was rotten!

  21. Dreamt like plucking the fruit from the tree which had different fruit in one tree like banana,mango,gauva…also flower and giving to brother

    Plz reply

  22. Hey I had a dream that I had a unknown mass inside my stomach and I felt that it was a fruit similar to a grapefruit. Any insight would be much appreciated thanks.

  23. My dad told me he had a dream about fruits said they were the sweetest fruits he ever had and one tree had 6 diffrent fruit on it

  24. Amunigun Abibat on

    Dreamt a friend gave me a black nylon filled with different fruits like mango, cherry which are rotten. Need translation pls. Tanx
    Gud morning

    • I have order 1 nungu in dream but i receive only half,another half gave to some other person. What is the meaning for that please reply me

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