Frog Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Frog Dream Symbol – Frogs normally visit the dreams of women. They symbolize rejuvenation with their transition from a tadpole into a frog. This brings transformation to your heart and mind. You have a pure soul in a sometimes ugly world. It lives both in water and on land. This can represent your ability to transform your life when you need to.

frog-dreamsFrogs are spontaneous. They symbolize joy and happiness when they jump around. When they appear it is a sign you can achieve whatever your heart desires at this time. It can also mean you fritter away your money. Are you expecting money to be left to you? Dreaming of frogs can mean the money you expected never arrives.

Dreaming of a frog at your door means there are children who make you happy. You will feel much pride. A frog sitting in the grass can indicate your inability to take action in a relationship. This could be because you cannot express your emotions. What do you fear? What do you hide from? This is a time to reveal more to the world.

Seeing a frog turn into a prince means someone will ask you for a loan. You may also have family financial problems. Hearing the song of a frog means there are great things coming into your life. This can be money, or simply a better way of life. A frog in water is a sign of a desire for adventure. Frogs on a pond indicate someone will pay you a surprise visit. Dreaming of playing with a frog is a sign someone needs your support. Stepping on a frog could mean you need financial assistance.

Eating frogs is a message your life is long-lived and healthy. You will be satisfied with your accomplishments in life. It is a time you can start a new project, which will be successful if you put the effort into its success. Killing a frog means you remove any enemies or toxic people from your life. Stepping on a frog indicates your desire to step on others. To have power over them. Eating frog’s legs can mean you need to continually let others know you have power over them. This will make you unpopular.

Alternative Frog Dream Interpretations

When frog leaps into your dreams it can mean you will receive a surprise or changes are coming. Frog is a symbol of transformation and rebirth so you may be coming to the end of a phase and frog promises you new opportunities. Be open to new things and people that come your way.

Frogs can also visit to warn you are lacking commitment and will fail if you do not change your ways. Do you start a lot of things you never finish? Do you talk about what you want to achieve but do little to take action? Now is the time to leap into action.

Catching or chasing a frog can mean you are resisting the rapid changes in your life. Look at what is happening around you. You have the ability to use it to your advantage.

Dreaming about a frog could mean many different things. If you dream about being turned into a frog it could be a reference to a childhood story that you read or listened to as a child. In this case, the reference would be to the frog prince.

This could mean that you should start looking for gifts and boons in otherwise ordinary things and people. The best things are going to come from those things that you think are not special at all. Pay close attention to the ordinary things in life and try to get as much out of it as possible.

When Frog crosses your path

Frog hops in to remind you to listen to your intuition. Take heed and listen. Discard all fear and doubt and walk your path fearlessly.

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  1. Hi! I had a dream last night that a huge frog, maybe a bullfrog was eating another smaller but still big frog. It grabbed it by the leg and started to pull it into it’s tunnel which looked like a drain pipe. I saw it swallow it’s leg but then it disappeared into the tunnel to eat the rest. I haven’t found what frog eating another frog means in dreams.. Can you help? Thanks!

  2. Fallon Singletary on

    I don’t recall what I was dreaming about but all of the sudden a big green frog appeared and was following me or chasing me then it somehow sat on my hand.

  3. I got dream that green frog seen in plastic wrap ,I tried to remove wrap er immediately from eyes lighten like headlight And frog hold my fingers tightly when I tried to escape my fingers ,I also tried to crush him.finally he ran away .I searched but he can’t seen I woke.

  4. I had a dream about a light colored frog last night. This came two nights after I found out that one of my best friends from childhood passed away while I was in Florida last week, and they buried her the same week so I missed her funeral as well. She loved frogs, and the frog wanted me to follow it. But I remember thinking to myself (in my dream) that the frog was my friend. I think she was showing me that she was ok. ? I dont know. Someone with insight, please help. 😉
    .Thank you,


  5. So I dreamt of a giant frog eating someone else like it would eat/catch any other insect.
    Can’t find the meaning of it anywhere.
    It was a green frog.

  6. In my dream,I saw giant frog and his wife and their kids in my childhood room under the furniture where they made big hole like they making their home and I got so scared ,and asked for help to get out them with my other family member ..

  7. I had a dream of an almost transparent frog that I played with, and pretend to make him disappear in front of family and friends. While I’m showing him off to them up close, he pees on my hand a lot! What does that mean?

  8. I can’t find what it means to dream of having a frog sat in the pot of a favoured houseplant and offering it a drink of water on a pebble. I was pouring water on the pebble quite frequently in the dream because I knew the frog was thirsty.
    I assume it represents I am quenching the thirst of my spiritual side to prepare for transition…? (essentially what I’m currently focused on in waking life).

  9. Had a dream last night of a green frog eating four other gray frogs. I then took the green frog home after swimming through a lake to a place near home or work where there was an outside mini pond with cave and rocks. a safe place for him to live. weird.

  10. All I can remember is seeing a frog, quite big..well, it was about the size of my foot and I wear a size 9 (womens) but it was still the width and “look” of a “regular” size Anyway! As far as the color goes, I can see in my minds eye a darkish green perhaps. I don’t know if i’m 100% on this, but I also see in my minds eye me holding it. It was wearing a crown..the crown was a small one. I remember it being gold. Then I just remember looking and I don’t know where this was at but it was like a wall and in it was a bunch of just sitting there you could see their bodies but the were not moving or anything. It seems to me that in my dream, this was supposed to be my house and these frogs were in the wall of it in this particular part. Also, I was standing outside, not inside my house. Anyway! That’s all I can describe even though there was a lot more to the dream. lol…dreams are weird like that.

  11. I have a dream of a frog sitting over my uncles head but we could reach it when trying to remove it. Then i got married to my cousin the next day.

  12. So my dream was not ordinary just don’t know exactly what it meant I dreamt that two frogs were coming out of two black holes in my stomach I squeezed them and two frogs jumped out. Wish I knew what it is telling me. Then they just left.

  13. I have a dream that my mother was lighting a from on fire. Then I was looking at him on the floor piping red hot but still alive and I had the feeling of excitement and disbelief that it was still alive and panic and sadness both at the same time. I tried to catch the from to soothe him. Then it appeared as if the frog was angry and yelling with no noise coming out from him. Just the motion of an angry yelling person. The end

  14. So in my dream I had 3 guys I have been talking to I’m a single woman completely single. So I was at home and one was already at mine he is a old school friend but recently been flirty I looked down and see 2 baby frogs. Then a new guy I went on a date with a few nights ago and haven’t heard from since was there he come upto me said something I can’t remember what then the other guy also a long time friend come out of nowhere to see if I was oki all of a sudden had all 3 guys there and I was explaining how I was single and wasn’t doing anything wrong i then looked back down again and see a big green road with a few little baby frogs then a guy I have known for 3 years and really close to turned up and I told them allto go away if I had to choose anyone it would be him and they all disappeared. I would never tell him this and we have only ever been friends. No kiss has ever happened or anything. But confused to what it might mean. Help me

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