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Friend Dream Symbol – First of all, dreams involving your friends are very common and can be interpreted in many ways. They could symbolize emotions and fears you have about that person in the waking hours or they may also be your mind projecting parts of yourself onto an image of your friend so you have an easier time dealing with a problem.

In other words, your dream friend may represent your alter ego or the part of yourself that you keep hidden in your waking life. Ask yourself, what is your friend doing in your dream that you may be repressing in life?

Dreaming about a friend is a very positive omen. If, of course, that friend meets misfortune in your dream, then you should warn them in real life so to watch out for such things. Friends are our greatest and most loyal supporters. They are not always who we think of as friends.

In fact, our best friends might be those who we wouldn’t normally associate with. Because of this, you should be very careful with this particular dream, because it might mean something different than you would have originally thought. If you dream of a pleasant situation with one of your friends it is a sure sign that you should spend time with them soon.

Additional Friend Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of friends can mean you may struggle spiritually, and be experiencing grief and deep sadness. This sort of dream can predict an argument with a friend in your dream. Seeing friends in a dream can warn you are drifting apart. You may need to strengthen your connection. If you know the person in your dream, this indicates you need to find ways to improve your relationship. Have you noticed distance growing between you lately? Dreaming of being a child playing with childhood friends can mean you may question who you are. Are you questioning your core beliefs? Are you looking deeper into who you really are?

Friends in dreams can mean you are in for guests and fun times catching up. Dreaming of friends, in general, is a good omen for your future. Traveling with a friend can mean there may be a break in your friendship sometime in the future. You may be receiving good news and a gain of some sort soon when you dream of hugging and fun times with friends.

Lying to friends indicates you have underlying hate or grievance with someone. When you recognize a friend, you may realize you have made a mistake. This may be something you need to fix straight away. Dreaming of being proud of a friend can mean you may get what you hoped to achieve. But, it ay tur out to be disappointing. Visiting a friend reminds you to need to exercise patience while waiting to advance your career or to be promoted at work.

Negatively, dreaming of a friend can reflect your sadness or anger at someone or a situation. Dreaming of a friend you have not seen for a while can mean that person is ill or needs your help. But, if this person is calm in your dream, this signifies good news from someone in your waking life. Seeing a friend upset can mean turmoil and stress soon will soon cross your path.

A friend that turns into an animal signifies that your enemies will successfully cause rifts between you and those close to you. A friend wearing red can mean there will soon be trouble in your extended family. Possibly among your relatives. Seeing a friend on top of a mountain can mean you feel you have to prove yourself to be right. Seeing friends at the bottom of a mountain indicates your neglect of family and friends. Are you too busy elsewhere?

Leaving a friend’s house can mean you may kiss and make up after an argument. Dreaming of shaking hands can mean you lose that friendship or you will lose an important relationship. Spending time with friends in a dream indicates this a time of good financial growth and you enjoy good health. Dreaming of a sick friend is a sign you will avoid the danger others are putting you in. You are surrounded by love and support.

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  1. Seeing a companion on top of a mountain can mean you believe you need to demonstrate yourself to be right.I dream about it, is this the chance to fucos on what i’ve at the present time?

  2. Paola Mundo on

    I had a dream of my 2nd grade best friend. We’re the same age right now but in this dream I was the same age I am right now- and she was in the form of a 2nd grader- like she was just a little girl. I was walking this path/sidewalk and then i see her and then I walk up to her and I instantly take her hand and feel the need to protect/take care of her- I dunno what this means I just found it a bit odd…

  3. Samuel u madu on

    I dreamt when i and my friend were in church laying down on the floor chatting and later i was making him to laugh

  4. My mother had a dream that she sat at the front house,then a car drove in, and it was I and a guy(male)..then I asked him if he would eat rice,then he said he would eat pounded yam,then I tried to change the topic of pounded yam,then she(my mother)she said to him that why cant he follow me to the market to get the yam ,then ge said that’s what he would do… meanwhile in the waking hours I dont know him and she doesnt know too..then she woke up…pls what does it mean

  5. I keep having dreams that make no sense, why they would happen in real life, but they could. They keep coming along with one guy in my class. Last night, I had a dream he and someone else from my class were trying to jokingly touch my butt. One of them said as I was pushing him arm away that I don’t look strong but I am. I eventually get to my house (the dream started just outside my house on the road) and I opened the door, there my family was, my mom told me to be quiet, and the two guys were gone from my steps. I said “sAvE mE” in that tone waving my arms in the air, then woke up. Still confused.

  6. Rebeka Stephen Samuel on

    I had a dream about I am going in car with someone (male person) who dropped me and the car in the middle of the place and one of my male best friend who is far away from me now made me sit in that same car and drove the car and dropped me in a house.

    • I keep having dreams involving a friend of mine. She is always off in the distance, or there’s things in the way, and I keep trying to reach her, but something always happens before I do, like the dream changes or I wake up. What does this mean?

  7. I had a dream I was sitting in my friends bedroom and I was naked talking to his sister about how life was since I had left and then I was getting intimate with her and then there was a feeling of pain that took over me and I ran away and then I woke up what does this mean

  8. Last night I dram of my female friend I work with. She is married and so am I. I am friends with her husband also. This is not the first time I dreamed about her. The first time I dreamed about her we were laying naked two months later she told me she was pregnant. I was dreaming of her last night again this time she was sitting between my legs. I guess my mind must be goin wild in my dreams. I can say I remember everything I dream about when it’s about her. We text every day.

  9. Last night I dram of my female friend I work with. She is married and so am I. I am friends with her husband also. This is not the first time I dreamed about her. The first time I dreamed about her we were laying naked two months later she told me she was pregnant. I was dreaming of her last night again this time she was sitting between my legs. I guess my mind must be goin wild in my dreams. I can say I remember everything I dream about when it’s about her.

  10. Ashok Chetia on

    Last night I dreamt that I had been conversing with a woman (honestly speaking I came across her some eighteen or nineteen years ago;or it must have been more than eighteen years since I last saw her) and her mother sitting near her in the dream; our conversation was in a very good way and she was bowing down her head while conversing.Her mother also joined our talk.
    Now, what does it mean.Please clarify !

  11. A childhood friend has appeared in a couple of dreams. We haven’t seen each other for over 40 years. I don’t have a clue what it means

  12. I had two dreams about a childhood friend that I saw him last over 40 years. We stopped communicating. What does it mean?

  13. I had a dream that I had a best friend that I’ve never met before. Her name was Lola and she moved away when we were younger but then came back. At first I didn’t recognise her and she didn’t recognise me but when we did I ran away. She chased after me and then my current best friend in real life appeared in the dream and told me I’m “acting hard” around her and I responded “how am I, this is my best friend that I haven’t seen in a long time” what does all of this mean?

  14. I saw a dream in which my best friend was scolding me alot and she was breaking up with me and she has another best friend to whom she was supporting I was weeping alot
    what does it mean pls tell me

    • I had a dream where my friend appeared while I was having a conversation with someone. I gave her a pair of High heels (even though she doesn’t where heels) and then she was gone.

  15. I haven’t dreamed of my best friend for a while. We had an argument 4months ago. In this dream I am either a producer or know the TV crew. I was talking to them while watching the screen. I had mentioned the name of my best friend and said she would like the program. In that instant she shows up to talk with the TV crew asking questions. At the point I tell the camera man that’s my friend I was talking about. The cameraman goes to her and says your friend is watching you do you want to say something? She looks surprised and sad, she then talks to the cameramen headphones and says my name with the following: how can you say we are friends when we are distant and walk away.

  16. I’ve had three dreams in the last week and am feeling uneasy as I’ve never dreamt about friends before and all three dreams involve the same collective group of friends. The first dream showed me that a friend had lied to me about her whereabout, but I’ve seen her since and got no sense of hostility, the second dream the friend was shouting at me, then she said sorry as I’d done nothing wrong (in the dream, I’d thrown a ball for her dog and it had come back covered in mud and she’s blamed me!). Then last night, in the same dream but with all the people in, and more (basically a wider group who hang out togther), I’d walked into a restaurant to see them all dining and remember feeling awkward that my husband and I weren’t invited. Instead of walking out and being nice, I recall snatching my coat off a chair and being clearly angry. Something is going on for me to have three dreams in a week and I feel very uneasy…can you please please?

  17. I dreamed just now about my girl bestfriend being a half zombie, she is a zombie physically but she is mentally okay then someone wants to kill her then when her dad already hid her, i locked the other door and tried to be calm but the person who wants to kill my friend which is my former biology teacher opened the door and came in but i cant see her but i can hear her voice. What does it mean?

  18. Erik Lopez on

    Well I dreamed of my best friend which is a girl and she was having a good time with her new girlfriend while her xgirlfriend looked at them and got mad and argued with my friend about her new girl. After that I had some kind of trouble with some people and my cell phone broker and I couldn’t contact my best friend because she was waiting for me so we can leave that place where we where it was like a cofeteria to a church…after that I did find her but I awoke.

  19. I had already 2 dreams of my ex best friend, I actually don’t know if we could be friends again but there’s no fighting we just didn’t tak to each other then i had a dream of spending good times with her and travelling does this mean something? Is there hope that I could still be friends with her again?

    • I have a friend who was my best friend for years. Savannah. Beautiful girl, sweet, fun, awesome. I treated her like a sister. She was everything to me. When we started middle school, she completely cut me of. Recently I’ve seen her in the halls a lot and dream about her almost every night. I cry myself to sleep and then dream about the last thing she said to me before she cut me off…”Sorry, I’m too busy.” Does this mean anything? I’m crying in my bed right now just begging myself not to go to sleep for fear I’ll dream about her again.

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