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Friend Dream Symbol – First of all, dreams involving your friends are very common and can be interpreted many ways. They could symbolize emotions and fears you have about that person in the waking hours or they may also be your mind projecting parts of yourself onto an image of your friend so you have an easier time dealing with a problem.

In other words, your dream friend may represent your alter ego, or the part of yourself that you keep hidden in your waking life. Ask yourself, what is your friend doing in your dream that you may be repressing in life?

Dreaming about a friend is a very positive omen. If, of course, that friend meets misfortune in your dream, then you should warn them in real life so to watch out for such things. Friends are our greatest and most loyal supporters. They are not always who we think of as friends.

In fact, our best friends might be those who we wouldn’t normally associate with. Because of this you should be very careful with this particular dream, because it might mean something different than you would have originally thought. If you dream of a pleasant situation with one of your friends it is a sure sign that you should spend time with them soon.

Additional Friend Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of friends can mean you may struggle spiritually, and be experiencing grief and a deep sadness. This sort of dream can predict an argument with the friend in your dream. Seeing friends in a dream can warn you are drifting apart. You may need to strengthen your connection. If you know the person in your dream, this indicates you need to find ways to improve your relationship. Have you noticed distance growing between you lately? Dreaming of being a child playing with childhood friends can mean you may questioning who you are. Are you questioning your core beliefs? Are you looking deeper into who you really are?

Friends in dreams can mean you are in for guests and fun times catching up. Dreaming of friends in general is a good omen for your future. Traveling with a friend can mean there may be a break in your friendship sometime in the future. You may be receiving good news and a gain of some sort soon when you dream of hugging and fun times with friends.

Lying to friends indicates you have an underlying hate or grievance with someone. When you recognize a friend, you may realize you have made a mistake. This may be something you need to fix straight away. Dreaming of being proud of a friend can mean you may get what you hoped to achieve. But, it ay tur out to be disappointing. Visiting a friend reminds you need to exercise patience while waiting to advance your career or to be promoted at work.

Negatively, dreaming of a friend can reflect your sadness or anger at someone or a situation. Dreaming of a friend you have not seen for a while can mean that person is ill or needs your help. But, if this person is calm in your dream, this signifies good news from someone in your waking life. Seeing a friend upset can mean turmoil and stress soon will soon cross your path.

A friend that turns into animal signifies that your enemies will successfully cause rifts between you and those close to you. A friend wearing red can mean there will soon be trouble in your extended family. Possibly among your relatives. Seeing a friend on top of a mountain can mean you feel you have to prove yourself to be right. Seeing friends at the bottom of a mountain indicates your neglect of family and friends. Are you too busy elsewhere?

Leaving a friend’s house can mean you may kiss and make up after an argument. Dreaming of shaking hands can mean you lose that friendship or you will lose an important relationship. Spending time with friends in a dream indicates this a time of good financial growth and you enjoy good health. Dreaming of a sick friend is a sign you will avoid the danger others are putting you in. You are surrounded with love and support.

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  1. Matthew Jones on

    I keep having a dream about my best friend daughter, that she is pregnant and we get married. The child not mine, but it does start a whole bunch of problems for us with the ex’s. I’m sort of scared of this. I just hoping it would pass but they are getting worse.

  2. What about if you dream about you helping your teacher and two friends who all look like models to decorate a birthday for someone. Side note I really wanna be a model when I am older.

  3. Marie Portia on

    I had this dream where i travelled back im time to a old house where i didn’t recognise but my dream self did kind of? and there were pictures of me and family but i think that i may have been another person, and that that time and place were on a continuous loop, like they were reliving that day over and over and they couldnt leave the property, it was weird cause im another part of that dream I travelled to a friends old house and her mom recognised me and then it all turns fuzzy after that

  4. i’ve been dreaming of my best friend and I just hanging out and texting each other like normal. It confuses me when I wake up because I think it’s real, so I check through my texts and see nothing of what I text dream. it seems so real. why?

  5. Shreya Shrivastava on

    Please help me in decoding this dream-
    I am at a new place- new people, new friends, new relatives. I even attend a marriage function. Then I see my father (who loves me very much both in dream n real), my aunt & my cousin- who almost caught some secret of mine in the dream, but i took care of.
    Then I see 6-7 friends with whom I spend lot of time, do lots of fun. One of them even has huge crush on me. Then all of a sudden because of something, which I don’t know, they start hating me. I try talking to them but they refuse. Then I also saw few distant relatives making fun of me and referring me as a negative character.

  6. And today at school she gave me her nasty ear waxy earbuds AND IT GOT ON MY FINGERS I CAN NOT TAKE HER ANYMORE

    • clearly you just don’t wanna be her friend /: you’re kind of being an ass about it just tell her you don’t feel like you guys should be friends. that simple.

  7. I keep having nightmares about a friend who has a crush on me and its driving me crazy I don’t swing that way…I want to cut her off but I don’t know if that will be mean but ITS DRIVING ME INSANE SHE JUST KEEPS HUGGING ME AND I TRY TO CURVE HER HUGS AND STUFF BUT IT DOESNT WORK…..I am way to nice which is bad…that’s why its still going on since the beginning of the year HELP PLEASE

  8. hey guys my friend is schizophrenic and I dreamt that she was very healthy and I called her mom Nd her mom was also in disbelief of how healthy she looks. could this mean that she is dying? because in my dream she kept saying that she wants to go home.

  9. What does it mean? We have been friends for almost 2years now she married a while ago and im in a great relationship but i dreamt that we were an item and her husband went furious but nothing changed. It ended up in a brawl. First time i dreamt this i never even thought of my friend in that way nor do i see myself ever having an afair. Completely out of character for me and her. What vould this mean?

  10. Ashen Green on

    I had a dream that my two best friends and I were hanging out ….. & then something happened (I can’t remember).. anyways one of my best friends started being mean to me, just talking down , every time I said something she would come back rude asf. My other bestfriend Was there she just didn’t notice it at all….. she was acting natural as in when we talked she didn’t hear us arguin but she was talking tht there …

  11. I had a dream about my guy friend and i cuddling and i was confused with what was happening but i just stayed there. What does that mean?

  12. I had a dream that 2 of my current boyfriend’s friend shot me 8 times in the neck and the back they thought i was laying dead in the parking lot. My ex came around the corner and shot back trying to defend me. I survived but it would take 8-10 months to recover. This dream was so far fetch can anyone help me try to figure this out please. There was several numbers i remember from the dream as well… 8,8,10,6,1500 in that order

  13. Jessica German on

    I’ve been dreaming that my friend and I have a child together. He tells me that he thinks he loves me and kisses me. Then I look at him and tell him that do love him then wake up.

  14. Natalia Jmaya on

    i had a dream that one of my close guy friends asked me out. like we were at a feildtrip, and i thought i had feelings for him, so i asked him out, then instantly regreted it because when i said it out loud i realized i didn’t have feelings, so i said just kidding. then i laughed, and walked away. later in the dream, he hands me a note. in the note it says, ” I’m asking you out lol ” and he was standing in front of me. looking scared. i said i needed to think about it. i walked away. suddenly, we were in this room where there was a cave that you can go in, and climb on top of. in the top of the cave, there was this hole where you can see whats going on, so i peeked inside and saw him. so i said ” hey Moises, I’ve got an answer for you question. ” he says, ” What ? ” and i say, ” I’ve decided, okay. ” with a smile. he replied with ” ok. ” and he looked shy. so i said, ” why are you so shy ? ” and he didn’t respond. so i was like wtf then i woke up.

  15. I had a dream of a recent friend just meat but seem like forever. The dream was he an i was at a apartment or a house and he kept going into a particular room. So i was constantly going to that room also the thing a female i went to school with showed up which havent seen her in five years. So it appeared that sone kind of sexual thing between them mind you these two dont know each other in real life. Tried putting it together is it a female me an him hang with is beging replaced by her. Crazy thing check social media the same girl i havent seen in so long appeared as got on it.

  16. what does it mean when i a dream about a high school friend who i known for 3 yrs but we only started being close friends this year, next year im not sure if still see him again cause looking he’s for a new school.

    so the weird dream i had was, it started at school i was leaving school because class was over (but the weird thing is that it was still morning considering my classes end around 6 pm in the evening) but back to my dream, i was leaving my school ,i just went out the school , then i heard him calling my name , then he said he wanted to come to my house , i agreed then we both went to my house , on the way to my house we had had so much fun talking then we came to my house , then we went inside then he said “lets play like always” then i suddenly said “we can’t maybe another day” then he’s expression turn from being happy to being sad then the ends there.

    A few months later i had another dream

    i was in a school bus but its looks different , there were other students that look new to me (cant see there faces for some reason but they look like there in senior high or college) then the school bus stop because it was picking up another student , but the student looks familiar he went inside and sat next to me, he’s face is only one i see can clearly, then i realize he’s face looks similar to my friend in my first dream but he looks older and mature in this dream he was just staring at with a blank expression saying nothing i was about to ask his name to know if it was him but before i can ask his name the dream ends.

  17. I had a dream of my best friend saying bad things to me and leaving me with another person that i was friends with

  18. I keep having these dreams I’m on a family vacation with my childhood friends I haven’t seen in about 20 years. They are always extravagant (like on a cruise or really nice resort). Also I know it could never happen these days. Am I jealous of them cause of the way my life turned out or what? It’s always the same person who I never consciously think about.What dose this mean?

  19. Hi there,
    Thank you for giving me answers about this type of dream but I’m still not sure of how to interprete it…
    I just woke up crying ! :'( I wouldn’t stop. This is the first time it ever happened to me!
    About my dream: for some reason I was at uni (i was at uni 5 years ago) and I was late for my class. I walked in with my best friend (it was an animal looked like a dog and I could communicate with it) my teacher straight away pushed us out of the class cause someone was allergic to dogs. And by closing the door my friends neck got stuck in the door. I screamed open the door! And when it did I talked to my friend and asked if it was ok? But shaked its head to say no and collapsed then I threw water. It woke but then collapsed again so I screamed help. The teacher came out the genator too and I said call someone I don’t know a veterinary but nobody cared they wouldn’t care and I was trying to google veterinary as its life was slipping away. I screamed please help she’s my best friend! I woke up in shock bursting in tears as if I had really lost my best friend… N.b: I do not own a dog but my best friend does.
    How can I translate this dream? Please help. I’ve never felt so sad waking up and worried too…

  20. Garvey Johnson on

    I had to dreams in 2 days. In the first one ny friend was in a car accident and died and i couldnt even control my sadness. In the second one they were sick, in the hospital, and i was in the same position. Whats this mean? Coukd they be in danger

  21. I dream about a friend I haven’t seen in awhile, but in really bad conditions, drunk and sick! it was awful!

  22. What does it mean if i meet a girl i havent seen in a year
    . She came to my city and when she saw me she comes and hug and cry all over me?

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