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Freezer – Dreaming about a freezer is a symbol of cold and preservation. Depending on what you see in the freezer this could be a very good or a very bad omen. For example, if you see a dead body in a freezer it could be a portent of death in the near future, perhaps murder. If, on the other hand you see a great cache of food in a freezer it could mean that you will have cause for celebration to come.

Freezers are a modern technology and as such their meaning is vague. However, if you have a special meaning for freezers for yourself, you should take that meaning over any of the conventional meanings.

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  1. I had a strange dream where there was a dead man in a suit in my refrigerator. I apparently was storing money in his pockets. In the beginning I pulled him out of the freezer and took the money out of his pockets. I later came back to get more money but I had left him out and his body was unfrozen. This time when I went through his pockets the money heat turning to paper when I looked closely

  2. I dreamt that the freezer door on the refrigerator was open. On its shelf lay a huge chef’s knife with a wooden handle. The kitchen lights were on. It was not a butcher’s knife with a rectangular blade, but a long and wide triangular chef’s knife.

  3. Dear Stephen,
    I’d be grateful if you could help me with this dream.
    I was at home and had my colleague over with his wife and 2 daughters. We were having a good time and then for some reason I decided to fix myself the most amazing ice cream bowl with biscuits and nuts. I was enjoying it so much when I realised that my guests were eyeing me. I apologised and went to my freezer to make them similar bowls. My freezer was FULL of all kinds of baked goods AND a tub of ice cream. I was thrilled at the sight. What does this mean?

  4. Sheryl Bell on

    Dremt myself and my husband moved into an old house full of very nice antique furniture although the house was basically dilapidated. We weren’t allowed to use the nice things. I found an old freezer in an old storage area. I opened the freezer and immediately a body fell out onto the floor. It had been in the freezer for many years as the plastic wrap was tattered and the body was crumbling. I went outside and saw neighbors (who were my nurse aides at a nursing home I currently work at) walking by. I yelled at them that I had found a dead body. They told me to call the police which I did. When the police showed up they were dressed in very old uniforms as if they came from the 1920s. I own a pistol in real life. It’s a small purple gun. I dreamt there were two purple guns laying around in the house but the police weren’t interested in the guns and no one but me thought it was unusual that the body and police were obviously from a different time.
    A lot of people showed up at the house and began going through the antiques. Someone found a lot of gold coins and was trying to take it but I was trying to stop them because it belonged to the old people who rented the house to us. The owners of the house showed up and acted like we had done something wrong and that someone was trying to kill our son. Seems like someone was hiding in the crowd and we learned they were after us.
    Then I woke up.

  5. So last night I dreamt I found a dead woman named Amanda in a freezer. I woke really freaked out but went back to sleep. The next dream I was in the freezer but no one else was. Again, woken by the fright. I again fell asleep and was in this freezer box alone, cold and trapped. Upon waking from the dream, I felt cold breathe on me. I also felt something brush open my hand as if to get me to come with it. Never ever have I had these types of experiences. Today on checking the letterbox, there is a letter addressed to the last tenant who lived here 9 months ago with her son….the letter is addresses to Amanda. I’m am freaking out and want to leave this house. Help with your advice please!!!

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