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Free Stuff – Receiving free stuff in a dream is a sign of good fortune and gifts coming your way. While this may seem an obvious meaning to this dream, remember that not all free stuff is desirable. In fact, almost all free things either have strings attached or are not worth having. It is possible that receiving free things is worse than receiving nothing at all.

In fact, many people will give away large quantities of things and leave you to figuring out how to get rid of them. If you dream about giving away free things in your dream, it may mean that you should clear away some of the clutter in your life. Try to get rid of the things that have value and start a cycle of good deeds.

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  1. I had a mixed up dream yesterday that involved leaving home, kids out of school, gang activity everywhere, seeing relatives, seeing old acquaintances, and being given a TV.

    For some reason, I was on my own in a town I use to live in with a backpack and other things. It is sunny, kids and gang activity everywhere I turned or looked. A gang of guys confronted me and they looked ready to jump me. Without a pointless struggle, I prepared to give them all my stuff in exchange for safe passage.

    Everything was given, besides my shoes and clothes on my back. Some of the faces I recognized, but I did not pay much attention. They let me go down a street, which was very close to a neighborhood I use to live in.

    Somehow I visited my cousin’s house, went in, and something happened that got his mom to come and help me. I did not see my cousin, but I have not seen either of them in a long time. Then one of the previous gang members I recognized handed me a big flat screen TV to hold as a gift or something.

    I had nothing, so why give me a TV? The neighborhood up the street had kids or gang members fighting each other on the side of the housing building, so I chose not to go that way. One street could safely lead me back home or from all the negative, but still not 100% sure. I asked some kids on the corner, which did not know either. Started my way down the road and the dream ended.

    I just wanted to share my story and search for a meaning to the parts too. Thank you for your insight.

  2. I had a dream that I was going back and forth to these places and all throughout this dream I kept hearing the word free and then at the end of my dream I found a really nice camera right by my car

  3. Hi Stephen,

    I dreamt that I was in an incredible lolly and candy shop that I had never seen before, and was admiring it. I have a lot of recurring dreams about elaborate candy shops, rows upon rows of sugar, tables heaped with sweets. I left the store and then later on I was told that I had a short time to go back and get anything I wanted for free. I decided it would be great to get as much as possible and have a party to share everything with my family. I enlisted the help of some friends and we methodically started going through the shop, taking bits and pieces of everything, and while I moved through the store I kept running into different people from my waking life. At some point the candy became sentient and was begging me to take them, but that might just be my reading too many fantasy novels. Thoughts? I’d greatly appreciate your views.

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