France Dream Meaning and Interpretations


France Dream Symbol –¬†Dreaming of France and the French is about your attitude towards integrity. You may be a stickler for following the rules when it comes to safety. But, you have your personal rules based on your beliefs. And, you try to act with integrity in all things.

Speaking with a French person can mean you are very demanding of perfection from everything you do and from those around you. Because you demand integrity from yourself, you expect it in others. This could be a time where you consider you need to stand up for yourself.

It may be a time where you are questioning the integrity of the situation before you do. You may fear that others see you as acting without integrity in some situation if you speak out with your truth.

Negatively, French people can represent an arrogant side of yourself that hides your mistakes and failures. You may only like to publicly admit to your successes. This can be a failure in itself. Do you consider keeping up appearances is more important than how others feel? Do you demand that you have the best for yourself?

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