Fox Dream Meaning and Interpretation


Fox Dream Symbol – To see a fox in your dream can symbolize shrewdness in your approach to challenges in your life. A fox can also symbolize an erratic behavior that cannot be predicted. This could either represent you or someone in your life who is going about in a very sneaky way.

To chase a fox in a dream can suggest that you or someone close to you may not be in tune with the reality of situations around you. If a woman dreams of a fox it can indicate someone who is being untruthful to you and telling you lies.

Fox DreamBecause foxes are often alone and isolated in the forest, these dreams may also indicate that you find yourself alone and not in the company of others. You may like being secluded from people around you and keep to yourself.

A dream about a fox can also indicate that you may need to start concealing some of your emotions and be more discrete in certain situations.

What Does the Fox Say Dream? – If you dream about a fox in relation to a modern-day song it can indicate that you have been watching too many viral videos. When you watch something over and over your subconscious mind will start to incorporate elements into your dreams.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Do the characteristics of a fox apply to you in any way? Is there someone who is shrewd and keeping their feelings hidden in your life?
  • Are there any aspects of a fox that are present in the people who are present in your life? Are there any lessons that a fox can teach you?

Additional Fox Dream Interpretations

Foxes are masters of survival in barren wastelands, and they sometimes find their way into the cities to survive. They are smart, mischievous, contradictory, and have the ability to move invisibly in any environment. Foxes are so adaptable they can lose sight of who they really are.

Maybe fox visits to show you that you have lost all sense of yourself. Are you always answering everyone’s call for help resulting in neglecting your own needs? Are you the one who always compromises even when you do not want to, but do not want to let others down? Do others come running when you need help?

When fox visits your dreams beware of illusions that surround you. Look closer. Look below the surface to see what is hidden. She may warn that you need to be more secretive with your thoughts about something. Is there someone in your life that is sneaky? Is someone trying to undercut you? Fox may bring warnings to stay alert to suspicious behavior or circumstances.

Dreaming of a tame fox may mean there are false friends around you. Foxes are not easily tamed. Someone may be purposely befriending you to sabotage your life. Be mistrustful of people who go out of their way to be friends with you. Dreaming of a fox hunt with horses and hounds that chase down the fox and kill it, it can mean you plan to outmaneuver those who try to harm you.

When a Fox crosses your Path

Fox is a nocturnal creature and comes from the shadows to warn you to watch, wait, and listen from the cover of darkness to learn the truth. Do not act with haste. Have patience. Success will come if you wait.

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  1. I dream last night that I was sleeping and when i woke up I saw up to 4 foxes on my room coming through the window brown and white coloured there’re cooked rice on the floor which they started eating and I was scared so I started kicking them out of my room. Anyone relate?can someone interpret please.

  2. Ive had the same dream about 6-7 times in the last year and remember it well, i am walking through a forest with my mum but neither of us say anything to each other its only when we reach the end of the forest where i can just see three fields which show a hill at the end of them. we just stand there for about 3 minutes before i look at my mum who looks terrified and tries to tell me to run before she starts running back through the forest, i look towards the hill in the distance and see two foxes looking at me before they start running down the hill and along these fields towards me, in the distance i can still hear my mum shouting at me to run but i cant move and im frozen in fear of whats going to happen, i watch the foxes get closer and closer until they are just about to jump at me but everytime i wake up just before they land on me. i have no idea what this dream means and i dont understand why my mum is in it as its always her never anyone else but i get on really well with her so surely she doesnt have much to do with the meaning of the dream? if someone could help me figure out this dream it would really help as i have no idea i know that i was going through a tough time with my ex at the times i had the dreams but this one dream is the only one i know i have. thank you

  3. My dreamfox was a young adault very red (almost as the fur was on fire). He had a thick beutiful fur and lively black eyes. He was playful and wanted to include me in his joyful jumping and running. It was on the lawn in the middle of my neigborhood. He was taking eyecontact and he had a heartwarming smile and stars in his eyes.. I Had my camera with me and I tried to take pictures if him. He made me smile.

  4. Had a dream that i killed seven white foxes, with the help or power from God, i only used a stick i raised it up and i cant understand how come when point to a fox it dies, very scared ooo

  5. I had a dream that i killed seven foxes,in front of my house, but too my suprise i killed them with the power from above, i recieved power from God

  6. My boyfriend just called me while he works out of town to tell me he has a dream that I was walking with another man and this man left but he can me 2 small baby white foxes….. can I get an interpretation of this dream pls

  7. DancesWithFerrets on

    In my dream I feel I was arguing with my spouse and then I was in the woods, but a spindly kind of woods. The part of the dream that was so vivid was a grey and white fox walking down a path with its back to me. It looked like a wolf with its coloring but I know it was a fox. I don’t know how I know, I just do. I feel the fox was a symbolism for my spouse turning his back on me in the myriad of lies he’s been telling me. Neglecting me, making up excuses why he can’t talk to me…while I sit around sick to my stomach with anxiety waiting for the maybe three texts I get a day from him. I give too much of myself and believe his lies even though I know their that, lies. In conclusion I think the fox was meant to help me in some way I’m not sure of yet.

    • Wow. I can relate so much to this. I’ve always called my boyfriend a “silver fox” and last night I dreamt of one. I can’t remember the dream fully, but I remember that fox. When I parked for work this morning, it was still dark out and there was a fox standing in the lot right in front of me.

      I haven’t heard from my boyfriend all day. Not even a text. I’ve been suspecting something for awhile, but I always give in to the excuses.

      I hope that we both find the resolve we deserve in our situations. I don’t have many friends, so it was nice to come across a relatable story.

      • hi I heard if you dream a fox it is a warning sign of someone who is dishonest and sneaky..I had this dream before and I took a closer look at someone close to me and he was seeing someone at his job and was hiding it.

  8. I’ve had the same dream for about a week now: a black and white fox is chasing me on a road surrounded by grass and trees. Then another person joins me and we get into a car and keep trying to escape this fox. We eventually crash into a firefighter garage and now the fox and police are chasing us. The police and our car crash and form a V basically blocking the rode. Then I step out of the car, grab the fox by its neck and just before I kill it, I wake up. And the worst part is is that when I wake up my hands feel as if they fell asleep for a good two minutes, matter what position I wake up in.

  9. I had a dream that a red Mother fox brought her black and red baby cub into my house and left it with me.

    • Also, I have had a dream where a tannish Fox came out of a door and jumped over me. I was laying on a bed like alter. It jumped from my feet clear over my head. Ran out one door to jump me then through another to leave after.

  10. I had a dream where I was walking up a mountain with some random people, and down in the field below there were a coyote and a red fox. The coyote and the fox started to walk after us to join us, and I think I picked up the fox because it said its legs were injured. Someone started yelling to everyone to run up the mountain, but then the coyote started chasing after me because I reminded him of prey running away and he was hungry. The coyote tried to bite me in the leg with a smirk on his face, but he never did and I don’t remember what happened to him. I didn’t see the coyote after that, and I continued walking up the mountain with the now seemingly fine fox in my arms.

    What could this mean? I’ve deconstructed it and all I’ve got is that I am overcoming a problem, and as I’m doing so I’m also taking care of a liar. The coyote.. I don’t know, maybe it could mean that someone I trust could try to backstab me for their own purposes, or it could be based on my own self?

    Right now in my life my little brother could be that fox because he a known notorious liar in my life, but other than that I don’t know.

  11. I had a dream that I was Walking in a Park, and A Fox was in the bushes watching me. Observing me.
    When I got close, it SLOWLY crept its way toward me and Jumped at me. I grabbed it by the jaw and started strangling it. Then I threw in the pond, but after 10 seconds or so, it jumped out of the water and Started running after me. It was catching up fast but i grabbed it again. Repeated the process of Shutting its jaw, Strangling it, then Throwing it in the water.
    Again it jumped out, ran toward me and attacked harder. This time a held it by the snout and snapped it jaw right off. And threw it in the center of the big pond.
    This time it got out of the water, ran up to me, then Bowed. In its eyes, I could see the Pain, the Suffering, and the Apology. It was Sorry. And it Walked away. Then I Woke Up.

    What could this mean?

  12. I was over my grandmothers and the dogs (charlie and nel) were out the back garden at night(around half 8pm) so I let them in but I as I tried to shut the door something else tried to get in. At first it looked like a fox so I was like, “bugger off ” and trying to hiss at it but then as I looked closer it had a dog tag! (Quite fancy looking one too, like silver looking) I was like, jesus! this fox looking thing is actually a dog or something (cross breed?)! When I let him in and had a better look, it was the best looking dog/fox I’ve seen in my life. Checked his name tag and address (birch something crescent,  North of portsmouth or something) so i was like, don’t worry buddy and I’m gona help you get to your home. but it was late at night so I let him stayed over and chilled with the dog(gave it a chicken ball and some water). When I found out where it lived I checked on maps and it looked like it’s lost from a posh family. So when I got there, turns out the owner was hunting in the area and lost the dog. She didn’t care one bit about her dogs if they go missing because she can easily replace them. so at this point I was furious. so I was like screw you I’m keeping this fox/dog and looking after it. I tell you what guys not bluffing you. This fox was beautiful. So vivid that dream was. I can remember petting it and it’s fur was like a labrador but with a foxes face and body like a colly. His name was something like tinx or something.
    Such a nice dream.

  13. Hi, I was recently recommended by a friend to read this in order to help me in my problem.

    You see, I’ve been dreaming for about 7 months about Winged foxes now. There are about 5-7 of them every night. Their colors are really dark and their eyes have smokey gas out of it. I also heard from my sisters that I sometimes yelp while i’m sleeping. Yelp like a fox, as they say. In most of my dreams, they either escort me or they let me ride them.

    I befriended most of them and the largest of them all communicates with me but most of it, wasn’t English, but a language I’ve never tried but spoke fluently.

    Sometimes even when i’m awake, I see them flying around me while in class. Though I can tell no one but I can see them, my seatmate sometimes elbows me saying something like “Dude, stop murmuring, what the heck are you saying?”

    I wanted to know why I’m like this, I did a bit of research but most of them indicate Japanese mythology, but I have no connections with being Japanese at all!

    Hopefully this comment gets your attention and help me out! Thank you for your time!

    • Don’t worry may be this means it brings something really great from your enemies to u.They enemy is very powerful and this time why he is helping u , let know and whom he is working for .

  14. I had a dream where at the end, I saw a fox in a forest and I was patting him. The fox said something, but I don’t remember what he said.

  15. There was a fox in the snowy forest at some distance who constantly had eye contact with me and moved in the same direction as that of mine (parallely)
    Why was it imitating meas I walked

  16. Cotey Dunlap on

    I had a dream were i was in the woods and 3 foxes come running by at the same time there was a red one a grey one and a red one in that order not long after another grey fox came running and fell in the fire it started burning and looked as if it had given up i quickley raced and grabed the fox from the fire its hair was singed i took it to safety were it became my best friend.

  17. I was in a weird petshop like place… And there were all these animals and creatures around. They were like pets. But more so like a spiritual connection when you found the right one. I was going through different aisles to choose one but none rang true to me so i asked a shopkeeper for help.

    The woman said she had just the thing and showed me down aisles that peeked my interest. She told me to wait where i was and proceeded to a back room.

    While i was alone i notice a rather large black and grey fox looking at me with a smile over its plastic box. I smiled back and felt a powerful connection between us that had the fox jumping out of its box and into my arms where i caught it and snuggled it.

    It wrapped itself around my neck when i gestured it to move aside as the lady came back. In her hands was a baby black bear with some kind of mange behind its ears. It looked happy and wanting to see me. The lady said the bear was perfect for me and that everyone who had tried to adopt it brought it back and that no one wanted it. It was lonely and couls be put down and my heart went out to it.

    The thing was, i knew that the bear wasnt my “connection”. There could only ever be the fox for me and i knew that, but i didnt have the heart to turn down the bear and so i accepted holding it in my arms. When i did so, my fox jumped off me and slinked away in the crowded room. I felt concerned and desolate it left and wanted nothing more than to chase after it but the bear cub in my arms prevented me from doin so. I looked up to tell the lady to hold the cub but she was with other costumers, so i put the cub in a plastic glass cage and went searching for my fox.

    I coudnt find the fox but knew it was around. I could feel it. But i also felt a hollowness in not being within arms distance of the fox and knew i needed it. I found its plastic cage again and noticed its price. It was expensive but i knew it was better price than alot of other creatures in the store and was set on paying it to have my fox back.

    When i told the lady i wanted the fox she insisted the bear was for me even though I KNEW it wasnt in my heart.

    Btw the fox was ALL black with some grey sprinkled in all over its fur and a greyish white ringed tail.

    The bear was all black with a small tan marking on its chest. What could this mean?

  18. The fox in my dream was green. It wanted to join the group of people with me. While in the backseat of the truck, sitting beside me it was an ambivalent girl (everyone else was related and known to me). She disappeared part way through the dream when we were caught up looking at a fire that had started in the rim of the spare tire in the box of the truck (more of a spirit fire).

  19. I dreamt about three white foxes, two of them were running away while the third one was lying on the floor injured, but still alive
    I saw myself taking action and going to rescue her, then I woke up…
    What the heck does this mean?
    I can’t stop to think about it, especially because lately it’s hard for me to remember dreams.

  20. I had a dream that a oddly colored fox was playing with me it was black brown and white it wanted me to pet it and play and was a little pushy about it for some reason this feels very important to me.

    • I had same dream..light brown coloured fox…remaining exactly same……so what was your interpretation on that

      • i had the same dream, but in my dream there was someone i do not remember who, and it would not let that person near me fearing i would leave with them.
        It was so weird, because right before falling asleep and dreaming that I woke up from another dream. I had a cat attached to me, id pull it off and it wouldnt let go at all! i wonder what it means, it’s bugging me.

  21. Nerj leveira on

    Can’t remember exactly wht it was.. But I had this dream where I was with my family, (dad was the one I remember highlighted there) ..then I was watching from somewhere two 3 feets above the ground.. Then came these Foxes, a vixen I guess ,bright red furred followed by about a dozen pups..
    Maybe in my dream I knew that those the fox or the vixen was once a tamed,more likely a caged one, of the family… kind of in a business manner..
    Many other animals were there in a distant place visible from where I was, but I couldn’t tell exactly what kinds they were of…
    this is the 1st day of the year and I’m kind of disturbed frm this..please sir, it would be a great help if you could interpret this ..

  22. In my dream I saw a baby fox sleeping and I picked it up and domesticated it. Later the fox ran away and I called for it to come home. When it finally did, I saw a bigger white fox, crouched and staring at me as I took the baby fox inside.

    I have recently began a new career and work with nothing but females. My husband and I had an interesting night last night where we confessed certain things about ourselves. When I look at him I don’t always believe what he says or trust him with my love. Could the dream be inreference to my new job? My husband? Or could I be just dreaming of a fox?

  23. I had 2 consecutive dreams that people were hunting a baby fox. In the first one I came up on the hunters just as the fox ran out the woods. It ran into my arms and I tried to shield it but I was about to get shot so I let it go and they shot it and I was really upset. The second dream in the same night another baby fox was running from hunters and dogs. It got into my arms and I ran away with it under my shirt. Dogs caught up to me and I tried to th triptough them off the trail but they weren’t convinced. I woke up before anything else happened.

  24. Daniel Samuel on

    I had a dream where I saw three running taps in my church premises. The water is very clean, people were rushing into the church premises to fetch from them. I was trying to drive them away,but our Pastor told me to leave them.
    What baffled me was that the three tapa were in a straight line and the middle one is taller than the other two.
    Pls interpret it for me sir.

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