Fox Dream Meaning and Interpretation


Fox Dream Symbol – To see a fox in your dream can symbolize shrewdness in your approach to challenges in your life. A fox can also symbolize an erratic behavior that cannot be predicted. This could either represent you or someone in your life who is going about in a very sneaky way.

To chase a fox in a dream can suggest that you or someone close to you may not be in tune with the reality of situations around you. If a woman dreams of a fox it can indicate someone who is being untruthful to you and telling you lies.

Fox DreamBecause foxes are often alone and isolated in the forest, these dreams may also indicate that you find yourself alone and not in the company of others. You may like being secluded from people around you and keep to yourself.

A dream about a fox can also indicate that you may need to start concealing some of your emotions and be more discrete in certain situations.

What Does the Fox Say Dream? – If you dream about a fox in relation to a modern-day song it can indicate that you have been watching too many viral videos. When you watch something over and over your subconscious mind will start to incorporate elements into your dreams.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Do the characteristics of a fox apply to you in any way? Is there someone who is shrewd and keeping their feelings hidden in your life?
  • Are there any aspects of a fox that are present in the people who are present in your life? Are there any lessons that a fox can teach you?

Additional Fox Dream Interpretations

Foxes are masters of survival in barren wastelands, and they sometimes find their way into the cities to survive. They are smart, mischievous, contradictory, and have the ability to move invisibly in any environment. Foxes are so adaptable they can lose sight of who they really are.

Maybe fox visits to show you that you have lost all sense of yourself. Are you always answering everyone’s call for help resulting in neglecting your own needs? Are you the one who always compromises even when you do not want to, but do not want to let others down? Do others come running when you need help?

When fox visits your dreams beware of illusions that surround you. Look closer. Look below the surface to see what is hidden. She may warn that you need to be more secretive with your thoughts about something. Is there someone in your life that is sneaky? Is someone trying to undercut you? Fox may bring warnings to stay alert to suspicious behavior or circumstances.

Dreaming of a tame fox may mean there are false friends around you. Foxes are not easily tamed. Someone may be purposely befriending you to sabotage your life. Be mistrustful of people who go out of their way to be friends with you. Dreaming of a fox hunt with horses and hounds that chase down the fox and kill it, it can mean you plan to outmaneuver those who try to harm you.

When a Fox crosses your Path

Fox is a nocturnal creature and comes from the shadows to warn you to watch, wait, and listen from the cover of darkness to learn the truth. Do not act with haste. Have patience. Success will come if you wait.

Note: If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave a comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. Yesterday I had a dream of a fox. I was walking with someone(same gender as me girl) when I heard a cry of the fox running towards me. The fox jumped and cuddled me. The shocking part was that the fox was crying as it hugged me as if it was happy to see me. After a while two men came running. It seemed like the animal-keeper of the fox. They were surprised to see the fox friendly cuddling me as the fox was not friendly to strangers as they told me. As I petted the fox’s head, I woke up. What does it mean? And not to mention that the fox I vividly remember was the color white. Plz do tell me if it means anything…though I think it’s just a dream but I woke up feeling a bit I should be there with the fox more….

  2. Last night I dreamt of being in friends house who had 3 foxes all of them came to me and licked my face and my friend said shhh don’t scare them they have a baby…

  3. had a dream of a fox and i was feeding it, and after 5 min when i went away there was a fox/girl standing there after that i just woke up bcs my body was feeling rly hot so i couldnt sleep.

  4. I had a dream that I was at some friends house in their kitchen just standing around talking and this animal busts in the back door and runs around all crazy. But then it just cowers in the corner by the table, and I’m thinking it’s a dog the entire time. When I get over to it, I reach my hand out and kind of kneel down a little and the animal looks up at me in the eye and that is when I realize it is a Fox. And it looks at me, literally, eye to eye and has an auburn coat, auburn eyes, and an auburn nose. Then I grab it by the nape of it’s neck and lead it back outside. And my dream ends.

  5. Had a dream off a man on horse with dogs chasing a fox and I was telling the man off don’t know what it all means

  6. Been having dreams about frogs but I am scared of them and there was one in my house the other day. Last year I dreamed that I saw the shadow of a fox outside my house, it eventually sneaked inside my house, my cousin showed up and we ended up putting it in her car and taken it down on a dirt road and let it go.

  7. My husband and I were sat in a small open topped vehicle, maybe a wheel barrow. It was quite dark but over to our right there were a number of foxes, about 4 or 5, running around and leaping around. There didn’t seem to be any scenery or buildings and the foxes were normal colour. That dream ended and then I had another, not long after and almost the same , but one fox detached itself from the group and crossed over to our left, turned right slightly and then jumped over us. The dream ended there. I have never dreampt of foxes before and the dreams were very clear and concise.

  8. I had a dream that I had taken a walk and came across a den of foxes. A mother, a father and babies. I picked up one of the babies because I wanted one. I took it home to tame it, and on the way I checked its sex and it was a female. The mother pursued but I pushed her away and she went back to her den. As I walked home the baby pee’d and dedicated down my leg out of fear. I wanted to comfort the baby but I was in a hurry to get home with my new potential pet.

    • I had a similar dream! I dreamt of 2 maybe 3 baby foxes, they had this bright orange/redish color. They were the most beautiful thing I have seen in my dreams. Their color contrasted with the dark environment. I played with the puppies and grabbed one as part of my game with them. Then the mother came, she was large and she was not as bright as the puppues, she was darker and blent better with the environment. I was not afraid but I decided to lave the puppies alone and I stepped back. I told my wife it was time to get in teh house and at that moment the mother fox came after me and bit my hand. Her teeth were sharp but she was not trying to hurt me, she wouldn’t let me go but I knew she was just protecting her babies, I didn’t even fight back.

  9. I saw a nine tailed fox in my dream.
    It was as big as our house and it was chained to the neighbouring plot(land)
    I was frightened when I saw it and it responded by trying to break the chain and trying to run towards me. I remember running inside my house and saw 2 people (who I never knew in reality) and somehow it felt like they were my parents.They said to me that the nine tailed Fox is a harmless creature and to be not afraid of it.
    I don’t get it as I never had much creative or imagining capacity to make up a dream as complicated as this one

  10. I had a dream where I saw a nine tailed fox
    It was as big as our house and it was chained to the neighbouring plot(land)
    I was frightened when I saw it and it responded by trying to break the chain and trying to run towards me. I remember running inside my house and saw 2 people (who I never knew in reality) and somehow it felt like they were my parents.They said to me that the nine tailed Fox is a harmless creature and to be not afraid of it.
    I don’t get it as I never had much creative or imagining capacity to make up a dream as complicated as this one

  11. Tarelle moodley on

    I had a dream that I was going for my daily walking with my cousin whom I usually walk with on most days. The setting was in a similar place to where we walk every day. It’s an eco estate where we are surrounded by buck and monkeys. In the dream we saw some monkeys running past us and then a buck as well. At first we thought that they were chasing us but then realised that there was a fox chasing them. As we ran, my friend was injured by a fall and I ran calling out for my mother to help but my mother was not even with us. She lives far away in another province.

  12. I’ve had dreams where i’m the fox… I’m always walking through the forest or mountains or laying in a field. I had the dream again and I was being chased through the woods and that’s when I met a water fall and jumped.

  13. Richard Wright on

    I have no idea what the meaning was, but last night I had a dream where a playful fox visited my home (I used to have a real one would investigate my shop regularly years ago) The playful fox would play and yip at me and I’d yip back, he would get onto the swamp cooler where I could reach through the window and pet him and play with him. The next day, in the dream, he returned and I reached through the window again to play with him and he tried to bite me. I took steps back and looked at him and his eyes were red and he was growling very VERY angrily and he grew to the size of a wolf. He ran away and I began to hear sirens and I soon found myself at a mall that no longer exists but was real once. In the mall people were running terrified and I went to my favorite cutlery store to get a weapon and they kept trying to give me a toy sword, instead I settled for a black chrome tanto and ran towards the carnage. The fox was killing people and turned on me. He was charred black and eyes red and he attacked. He came so close to biting me I felt his teeth. I was able to defeat and kill the giant burnt fox (I wont say how because it was very graphic and realistic)
    Does anyone have any insight as to what this could possibly mean?

  14. I dreamt I was running with a pair of foxes,away from a horse and cart. The male Fox had cubs in its mouth and we all ran to safety to the top of a mountainous forest. I did not feel threatened but safe that we had all escaped. I felt like the Fox was protecting me.

  15. I had a dream about an orange fox but couldn’t remember most of it. It was calm and it stayed by my side for the rest of the dream. There were tunnels I think and a blue light along the tunnels. I held it up and underneath it’s arms and weirdly enough this liquid bubble substance came out from underneath its arms and it dripped unto my hands. Then I woke up. First fox dream I’ve ever had.

  16. My dream was so realistic, that i jumped out of my bed and my leg slipped and i hurted myself. I did that because in a dream fox(beautiful i think she was) jumped in my bed under blankets, and i was scared because you know she can bite, that’s why i jumped out. If for real i have no idea what does it mean, love, or maybe there is a enemy around me. But that was so realistic. And i trully believe, that fox is a nocturnal animal, and we people will see it only then, when she wants it, and i guess it’s some kind of warning, im not sure.

  17. So I dreamt that I was on a Greek street next to the Sea , walking along with a friend we saw a fox and it came up to me letting me stroke and cuddle it when the fox lept in to my arms and we cuddles for ages and I felt her beautiful fur , we had a real connection and Both hoping we could stay together or if I could take her home but we knew I couldn’t. I didn’t want to leave her so she walked with us for a while when we came to a road , she started crying and said she’s going to go in front of one of the cars because she knew we couldn’t be together and I was distraught begging her not to, then I woke

  18. I dreamt that there was this apocalypse happening and we were driving in the woods in the dark and there were these giant foxes on the road, I mean massive and they were calm and all, all we needed to do was pass them which we did, but I never dream of foxes which caused me to come to this website.

    • Sounds similar to my dream which I had last night, which got me researching dreams and bought me here..
      I was standing on the out skirts of a forest. In the forest I could hear howling and see trees moving. I knew I couldn’t walk beyond those trees as it was dangerous.
      Out of the shadows came this big beast of an animal. It felt very powerful in my dream. I could only see its eyes gleaming at me. As it approached closer to the light, I could clearly see it was a fox with red fur.
      I’ve been wondering what this means?!

  19. First fox dream ever – finding a seemingly dead fox (big, beautiful and brown) but soon realizing she still breathes and I start reviving her fast. She comes back to life and her eyes are two shining blue lights with stars inside them. I find it obscure but I take her with me – she starts licking my face (feeling her gratitude). I take her to a place where they cell food and I give her cheese and other snacks as I hold her in my arms.

    Reading this article I find a pretty strong answer in this moment of my life. I don’t usually dream animals (which I adore) so it seems significant to me. Moreover the person I am now compares with the person being always there for others and never hiding emotions (or not really trying to hide them). Also falling too fast in love, mostly with the wrong person. Of course this information can apply to almost everyone and we all have similar issues. But, as with astrology and numerology, it never fails to give me stunningly accurate descriptions in terms of personality and state of things. I can definitely say that what I just read found home in my mind. So, thanks and keep digging and sharing.! Our brain is just a brilliant thing…Messaging through dreams is one of the best parts it reveals its powers. And we know much more about ourselves and the Universe than we ever dare to think (or believe).

  20. SpookyKatie on

    I had a dream I was walking into a building and I see two white foxes. One approaches me and lets me pet it, and my dream self with elated with joy. But as soon as the fox came, it looked me in the eye and left. The second box keeps it’s distance and watches. I woke up soon after.

  21. I had a dream about being in Las Vegas, but to enter in a casino I had to go through a maze and that’s when I saw a fox. It didn’t attack or anything it just gave me a fist bump and went on his way. What is that suppose to mean?

  22. I had a dream where I was at my friend’s house and we did this ritual we heard about that would turn us into a fox. We tried it out ourselves for fun and it worked. Throughout the days my eyes were changing from brown to hazel. My friend’s eyes started changing 2 from hazel to gray. After, we decided to head out to a large squared field that were full of flowers and we were surrounded by trees. Then we transformed. I was a an artic fox and my friend was a red fox. We ran across the field having fun. Minutes later he told me “be careful” and that was it.

  23. I had a dream where i was in this caravan and i had a pet. The pet was a white fox with brown raccoon markings. In the dream my fox pet was protecting me from this girl. My fox would be walking beside me and lead me to a safe place away from the girl.

    (The girl was my friend but she was tring to take me places i diddnt want to go and we fellout)

  24. Had a dream last night i was in a field and i walked upon 2 foxes. The one on the right immediately started to attack my right hand. I remember shaking my arm with the whole fox attached to me trying to get it off of me. Got it off and had three large bloody cuts along my 2nd 3rd and 4th finger. Then the fox on the left grabbed hold of my left hand and bit my 2nd and 3rd finger. It was easier to shake him off. Then they both ran away. First fox dream ever. Is everyone having marital/relationship issues?

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