Fountain Dream Symbol


Fountain – Fountains are symbols of wealth and plenty. If you dream about a fountain it means that you are in a place of wealth and good fortune. If you dream about drinking from a fountain it means that good things are coming your way and that these things will help to prepare you for any dangers that are coming your way.

If you dream about resting by a fountain it means that you are at peace spiritually. Fountains are always a sign of plentitude, but depending on the other aspects of your dream a fountain could represent something different. For example, if you dream about a black fountain or a fountain of blood it could represent a wellspring of evil and torment in your life.

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  1. Ok. So I work in a school, and happen to have a class of kids from difficult neighborhoods and issues that repeat themselves in their daytime at school. Yesterday I had to confront a student for lying about what I had told him to do, as he refused to work on his own homework instead of creating a social hour with the students around him. Later, I learned he had gone and told another teacher that I made him take his desk and belongings outside in the hallway, which was a complete utter lie, and it was pouring so hard we had a lake outside almost. In any case, these kids are capable of great things but that potential gets wound up in petty incidents between them, but yesterday, it was in my class. So last night, I had a dream where I was in our elementary school gym. From way up high on the ceiling was pouring water as from a gushing hose like a fountain. I could only see the water. After a moment, the water turned into a gushing of red blood.

    I was calm, and so were the people around me, whom I am assuming were also teachers as am I.

    I have been racking my brain to figure this out. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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