Fossils Dream Symbol


Fossils – Fossils are representations of the ancient past. If you dream about fossils it could mean that you have a particular proclivity to archeology or paleontology. On the other hand, fossils could be symbols of your own ‘ancient’ past. Seeing them in dreams could be a sign that something from your past is about to be dug up or uncovered.

Depending on what the fossils in your dream are of, these historical artifacts could be good or bad. If you dream about seeing someone from an old relationship in fossil form, it could mean that feelings of them are going to arise soon.

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  1. Okay I had a really weird dream that started of. With me trying to steal weave I think and then I put it back and then something about drugs and then all of a sudden 2 people came and swirled together and then went into a circle in the ground and where quickly covered up by sedimentary rock and someone said these are ment to be buried into the earth and covered forever it was very vivid it felt like I was there but but it’s 5 o’clock and I’m having a hard time remembering it I want to know what this means

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