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Fortune Telling – Dreaming about fortune telling is a very strong, very powerful dream. You should pay close attention to the telling of fortune in dreams because unlike fortune tellers in the waking world, these are never, ever wrong. Be wary, though, even though the telling may be true, it does not mean that it will be clear.

Take the same precautions that you would for a fortune telling in the waking world. If the fortune telling in your dream is a positive experience, it means that you will experience good things. The opposite is also true. If your fortune telling was negative, so will it also be.

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  1. In the dream i was with my white rabbit where i meeting a woman and a young man. In the dream this woman knows me and the young man was a fortune teller. The woman asked him to check my future, all 3 of us standing the young man started to talk and said to me that I will have a baby. The young fortune teller was not comfortable continuing checking while standing, but the lady said that we will see him later.

  2. Hi
    I saw a dream where we’re are few friends going for a treep and in between I just go out to buy something there a magician comes to me who was very famous who’s show I saw while I’m in 7th grade near about 12 years ago…
    He get some cards and trying to look my future it’s like that problems in life but all will get soon he tried two three times I also tried his card and found the similar result… Problems but soon they are going to be finish

  3. hello, in my dream I met someone who told me that he could make me think of a girl i loved. he even told me the name of the girl. but then i tried to regain the picture of my current lover, but i couldnt. i could only see my former lover, even though the name he mentioned to me was that of my current lover. what does this mean??

  4. Hi

    I had dreamt that a psychic had asked my partner or son (I can’t remember which one)
    to choose cards from a psychic reading or he could choose a card from a number under his foot that the psychic had written, my partner / son choose the one written under his foot, so he picked it and the psychic gave his card and my partner read it and told me it was for me. So he showed the psychic , the psychic then tells me it was for me. He tells me that I’m going to have a baby. Then shows me card.

    Could you please help me i can’t stop thinking of it.

  5. Hi I dreamt about a fortune telling machine that was working well until I went and it broke down. What does this mean please?

  6. I saw my future husband in dream, someone telling me, do you interestin ,who is your fiture husband? I said: yes , she , show me men and then telling me , he is your future, he smile me and I too ❤❤❤ please help me ,thnx

  7. Had a dream where this person holds my heart reading 3 cards asks me a question on first one. Only 2 options to chose from i answer. He reads the other 2 in a language i dont know look at him at the end turns to a monster and i wake up sweating. Help

  8. What does it mean when I have a dream of my husband with a fortune teller sitting beside her and my husband flipping uno cards ?????? Yes the Game uno can someone HELP me

  9. Hi,
    I had a dream about my crush that he moved his old furnitures out side and he bought new furnitures these furnitures were really big and he was sitting on a bench with a girl. I hope u could tell me what is it mean. It’s so important to me:(

  10. I had a dream of an old lady fortune teller. (I’m gonna enlist in the army and gonna do infantry FYI) I asked her if I was going to die in the war, she responded with “no… but a big change is coming” maybe I’ll get injured? So confusing

  11. My dream was about a fortune/future teller
    An old woman told me that I have a husband already but I’m going to get married again(like I’m going to have another husband or have two) then I asked her if he’s a good looking man, she said yes,good looking,tall and rich,I kinda look around and had a vision of two men but my memory of the last man who’s real handsome and was wearing a business suit was the clearer, when I look back to the old woman to ask something she’s no longer where she was… The two husband thing confused me since I’m 23 already but never had a boyfriend!can someone help me with the possible meaning of this dream?

  12. I have had a dream about every job and relationship i have had one to two years before they happened, and even communicated them with friends. You can tell the difference between these expeirences and dreams by the gravity of of emotion and the prospective viewed. you will not understand anything but what you see and feel.

  13. I saw in that a gypsy women came near to me and asked me to tell her my name….but i did not told my real name……then she told me that “my future is black”…pls wht does tht means?

  14. Gary Highley on

    I had a dream as a small child that has never left my memory….a gypsy fortune lady was sitting on the other side of a crystal ball looking over it into my eyes….then she gave a snarl and pinched my hurt…and I woke out of the dream with a bloody nose.

  15. I had a dream that started with me asking a man (I saw a black blob that in my head I knew was a man but because the “background” which wasn’t a room/building but just a space was completely black so I couldn’t see anything about his appearance.)
    I asked the man a few questions, but since this was about 2/3 weeks ago the only question I remember was very random, i asked if “Britney”(not her real name) was happy. At first he wouldn’t answer but after asking again and again he finally said no. Then I woke up. What does this mean?

  16. I dreamed that someone told my fortune through palm reading. He said that I gonna be a President. I also saw a some golds on my hand.

  17. I had a dream yesterday … my step mother was predicting for her own she said in the dream that twice she will get more money… because of this i asked her if she can predict for me as well… she was using playing cards.. and 1st 3 cards appear was swords and she said… these one are blacks… let me change. for the second time: she said wow… this is interesting …she gave me a happy face. to be honest all i remember is that the card i saw for the second time is not even in the playing card and very colourful. i try to ask my step mom what it is… but unfortunately my father gets in the room.. and after all in my dream all i remember is is that i was holding the card with my left hand. any idea what this dream could be about?

  18. Hello,

    I had a strange dream, where a fortune teller predicts reading my father’s hand that ‘a big luck is near’. And I asked about my palm reading, whether who I’ll be in the future, and she spoke with a weird different language, and I look myself in to the mirror. And I was shining perhaps, I had that peacock feather of Lord Krishna on the top of my head, in which I resembled like him. I looked surprised!
    Later on, we were walking in the street, and then she said “You’ll definitely be one of the 9 beauties in the world”.
    It was such a creepy dream, and there were also some dogs there. One keep following us, because my mom had a bag of food. Thus, I gave it the food to eat.

    Could you please predict what this dream is about?

    Thank you very much…

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